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Birth of Virgin Feelings

Album: ''Birth of Virgin Feelings'' (2004)
1. The Light Of Lost Souls
2. Guimplen
3. Impat
4. Volt
5. Funeral Of Vait
6. Silent Loneless
7. Fataly



The sombre entity that is Dictator passed away some time in mid-2005. Dictator ended his own life and thus began his dark journey through death as a Dark Ambient/Noise project - an exploration of the decadence of existence and the chaos of the human psyche - which had one release see the dark of night after months of endless torture in the dungeon also known as Necrosadistic Studios.
The "Fog of Death" EP was released for free download on the internet, demonstrating a dark, chaotic and unique, tormented style of Ambient noise.

However, Dictator soon discovered a more fitting style of decadence to further express his disgust, hate and grief; thus undergoing a transformation into a far more menacing and ghastly being. The result was a perverted and disturbed misinterpretation of what could be described as dark, decrepit Funeral Doom Metal fused with cold, macabre Black Metal, taking elements and influences from early-mid 90s somber Funeral Doom, notorious old-school Black Metal and fusing them with a strong concept and depraved aesthetic style, Dictator then spent three cold months locked away in the subterranean Necrosadistic Studios writing and recording material for a debut EP entitled "The Pain Sessions". This desolate masterpiece contains two unholy hymns in the style of dismal, melancholic Suicidal Black Funereal Doom Metal, released in only 33 hand-numbered, hand-signed copies in a unique, professional packaging and is now sold out. Subsequently, The Pain Sessions was re-released by Dictator on special edition tape and limited to only eight hand-numbered copies complete with brand new artwork and individually wrapped in barbed wire. It was also re-released on CD with new blood-splattered artwork in another 33 copies.

Currently, Dictator is already preparing his next release, a full-length one-hour long masterpiece; a grim magnum opus continuing where The Pain Sessions left off but taking Dictator's unique style of Suicidal Black Funereal Doom Metal to a whole new level of depravity, darkness and depression altogether...

You are still nothing but flesh!

Black Metal

Darkness, evil

Russia (Penza), formed in 2003



Mysterious - bass
Misanthropic Poetry - vocals, guitars
Storm - drums


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