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Greetings of Death

Album: ''Greetings of Death'' (1985 Demo)
1. Victory
2. Greetings of Death
3. No Time
4. J.I.G.
5. Speckled Bird
6. Awake


Album: ''Deliverance'' (1989)
1. Victory
2. No Time
3. Deliverance
4. If You Will
5. The Call
6. No Love
7. Blood of the Covenant
8. Jehovah Jireh
9. Temporary Insanity
10. Awake

Weapons of Our Warfare

Album: ''Weapons of Our Warfare'' (1990)
1. Supplication
2. This Present Darkness
3. Weapons of Our Warfare
4. Solitude
5. Flesh and Blood
6. Bought by Blood
7. 23
8. Slay the Wicked
9. Greetings of Death
10. If We Faint Not

What a Joke

Album: ''What a Joke'' (1991)
1. Intro
2. Prophet of Idiocy
3. Pseudo Intellectual
4. Cheeseburger Maker Du
5. What A Joke
6. Chipped Beef
7. After Forever
8. It's the Beat
9. A Product of Society
10. Happy Star
11. J.P.D.
12. Pray
13. Silent Night
14. J.I.G.
15. Purgatory Sandwich with Mustard
16. Attack

Stay of Execution

Album: ''Stay of Execution'' (1992)
1. Stay of Execution
2. Windows of the Soul
3. Words to the...
4. From Once Was
5. Self-Monger
6. Horrendous Disc
7. Lord of Dreams
8. Ramming Speed
9. Entombed
10. Weapons of Our Warfare (Remix)

Deliverance: Intense Live Series Vol.1

Album: ''Deliverance: Intense Live Series Vol.1'' (1992 Live album)
1. (in studio)
2. Surrender (Stryper cover)
3. No Love
4. (in studio)
5. This Present Darkness
6. (in studio)
7. Stay of Execution
8. (in studio)
9. The Call
10. (in studio)
11. No Time


Album: ''Learn'' (1993)
1. Time
2. 1990
3. Learn
4. Who Am I
5. Renew
6. The Rain
7. Reflection
8. In The Will
9. Desperate Cries
10. Sanctuary

Camelot in Smithereens

Album: ''Camelot in Smithereens'' (1995)
1. Somber Theme (Where Are You)
2. Lindsey
3. Not Too Good 4 Me
4. Anymore
5. Book Ends
6. Beauty & the Beast
7. Make My Bed in Hell
8. The Red Roof
9. In-U



A few bands called Deliverance:

1) Deliverance is a band from Los Angeles, CA, USA. One of the more prolific christian bands in the metal world, Deliverance spent their early days playing speed metal/thrash metal, quite similar to then-labelmates Vengeance Rising, before moving on to a more melodic/progressive metal style around the time of 1994's River Disturbance. They broke up in 1995, reformed in 2000, and after a few releases, broke up again in September of 2002. Deliverance recently reformed with a and is currently looking for a drummer to complete the lineup for an upcoming album and tour dates to commence in 2007.

2) A heavy metal band with an old school black metal touch, formed in '86, UK
Devils Meat 1987
Metalworks Personal Sampler 1988
Evil Friendship 1989
The Book Of Lies 1989
Ultimate Revenge 1993

speed/thrash, industrial


United States of America (Los Angeles, CA), formed in 1985



Jimmy P. Brown II - Vocals, Guitar (as Simon Dawg in Vengeance Rising)
Mike Phillips - Lead and Rhythm Guitar (1991-1993, 2006-) (Fasedown)
Tim Kronyak - Bass Guitar
Mike Reed - Drums

Larry Farkas (Vengeance Rising, Die Happy, Sircle of Silence, Once Dead) 1985-1987
Glenn Rogers (Vengeance Rising, Once Dead, Steel Vengeance and Hirax) 1987-1989
George Ochoa (Recon, ex-Mortification (Aus)) 1989-1991
Marcus Colon 1987-1988 / 1995-1996

Brian Khairullah 1986-1992 (Vengeance Rising)
Mike Grato 1991-1992 (Recon)
Manny Morales

Chris Hyde (Vengeance Rising) 1985-1990
Kevin Lee 1991-1993
Jon Knox 1993-1994
Jeff Mason 1993-1996
Jim Chaffin 1991 / 1993
Jesse Rivera (Darkness Falls (US), R.I.P. 1970 - 2006)

Jonathan Maddux 1993-1995
David Gilbreath


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