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Last Temptation

Album: ''Last Temptation'' (2000)
1. Revelation of a Sinner
2. Plenitude Is a Perfect Vacancy
3. The Last Temptation
4. Dajmonian
5. Time of Revenge
6. Farewell
7. Sator
8. Eyes That Last I Saw In Tears
9. The Shapes and Shadows
10. The Lamentable Monument of Stone

The Fading Tale

Album: ''The Fading Tale'' (2001)
1. The Fading Tale
2. Nymphaea
3. Carving the Way
4. The Gates of the Green
5. Backwards
6. Careless Whisper
7. Orchard
8. Great Words On the Altars
9. Sombre Wine


Album: ''Eternity'' (2002)
1. The Hand
2. Stained Glass
3. Requiem
4. Spring Day
5. Whale's Lungs
6. I Promise
7. The Sun
8. Outhereness
9. Wieczny Final

The Last Tale of Eternity

Album: ''The Last Tale of Eternity'' (2003 DVD)
1. The Hand
2. The Fading Tale
3. Spring Day
4. Last Temptation
5. Carving the Way
6. Stained Glass
7. Whale's Lungs
8. Backwards
9. Nymphea
10. The Sun
11. Sombre Wine
12. Careless Whisper
13. Wieczny Final
14. I Promise
15. The Hand
16. Spring Day
17. The Fading Tale
18. Stained Glass
19. Carving the Way
20. Stained Glass

Od Nowa

Album: ''Od Nowa'' (2004)
1. Od nowa
2. Za ma³o
3. Miêdzy nami
4. Wypowiem Twoje imiê
5. Uwolnij mnie
6. Mam dośæ
7. Zmowa milczenia
8. To jest we mnie
9. O Tobie
10. Mój B³êkit
11. Sen (instrumental)

Breaking Ground

Album: ''Breaking Ground'' (2007)
1. Divided
2. Sleep With The Light On
3. In Too Deep
4. Reasons
5. Fire
6. Every Time
7. Emotune
8. More
9. Juliet
10. All Alone
11. Your Name
12. Bare Tree



Delight is a Polish music band playing modern rock with elements of electronic. The are publishing their albums in Roadrunner Records.

The band was formed under the name SATOR in 1998 in Skawina, a small town near Cracow, Poland. The first line-up was: Paulina Maslanka - vocals, Jaroslaw Baran - drums & guitar, Sebastian Wojtowicz - guitar, Piotr Szymanski - bass and Tomasz Polczyk - keyboards. After a few-months' work the band recorded their first demo tape "...And Remember", released by the underground label Eternal Blackness (as a split record with AT DOMINE). Soon after the demo had been prepared, Daniel Kaczmarczyk joined the band on drums. In the renewed line-up the band worked on and recorded new material for a full-length album. After a year of preparation, the band was able to get 10 songs ready. These songs were to be included In the first LP by the re-named band, DELIGHT. Unlike with the first demo, the new songs were entirely composed, produced and recorded at a home studio by Jaroslaw Baran.

more at

Gothic Metal

Sin, Darkness, Lies

Poland (Skawina), formed in 2000

Roadrunner Records


Paulina Maślanka - Vocals (Sator)
Jarek Baran - Lead Guitar (Sator)
Marek Tkocz - Bass (The Legacy)
Ziemowit "Ziemo" Rybarkiewicz - Drums
Jakub "Cube" Kubica - Keyboards (Thy Disease, ex-In Coma)
Grzegorz Gustof - Guitar (ex- Middle Finger)

Piotr Szymañski - Bass (Sator)
Tomasz Polczyk - Keyboards (left Nov 2000) (ex-Tromsnar,Sator)
Daniel Kaczmarczyk - Drums (left Nov 2000)(Sator)
Tomasz Baran - Drums
Basia Lasek - Keyboards
Sebastian Wójtowicz - Rhythm Guitar (Sator)
Piotr Wójcik - Drums


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