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Start Human Slaughter

Album: ''Start Human Slaughter'' (1992 Demo)
1. Start Human Slaughter
2. In The Grey Memory
3. Dead Again
4. Tribe Of The Glutinous Tissue
5. World Full Of Remains
6. Rip It
7. In The Name Of Gore
8. Torsions
9. Peritonitis

Surgical Disembowlment

Album: ''Surgical Disembowlment'' (1993)
1. Maggots In Your Flesh
2. Pathological View On The Alimentary Canal
3. Torsions
4. Undergo An Operation
5. After Accident
6. Xenomorph
7. Let Me Vomit
8. Spattered Birth
9. Start Human Slaughter
10. Deformed Creature

World Full of Remains

Album: ''World Full of Remains'' (1993 Demo)
1. Intro
2. Pulsating Gore
3. Day Of Decay
4. Intestines Change Into Carrion
5. A Wild Stench
6. Maggots In Your Flesh
7. Let Me Vomit
8. Fermentation
9. Gangrene Of Skin
10. Haemorrhage Of Uterus

A Chapter of Accidents

Album: ''A Chapter of Accidents'' (1995)
1. From the Anatomical Deeps
2. Autophagia
3. The End of Love
4. Hospital
5. Incident at Corsica
6. Airplane's Catastrophe
7. Little John's Story
8. Her Heart in your Hands
9. Ambulance
10. Colitis Ulcerosa
11. Life of a Surgeon
12. Fire in the Forest
13. Damaged Elevator
14. The Firing Ground
15. Tragedy at the Railway Station
16. Don't Turn his Crushed Face on Me
17. Torn by the Lion Apart
18. The Merry-Go-Round

Human Slaughter.. till Remains

Album: ''Human Slaughter.. till Remains'' (1997 Best of/Compilation)
1. Start Human Slaughter
2. In The Grey Memory
3. Dead Again
4. Tribe Of The Glutinous Tissue
5. World Full Of Remains
6. Rip It
7. In The Name Of Gore
8. Torsions
9. Peritonitis
10. Intro
11. Pulsating Gore
12. Day Of Decay
13. Intestines Change Into Carrion
14. A Wild Stench
15. Maggots In Your Flesh
16. Let Me Vomit
17. Fermentation
18. Gangrene Of Skin
19. Haemorrhage Of Uterus

The Greatest Shits

Album: ''The Greatest Shits'' (1998 EP)
1. Psalms About Computers
2. Total dismemberment Of A Female Corpse (Regurgitate cover)
3. Raping The Earth (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
4. D.I.
5. Clean The Scene (Agathocles cover)
6. Slithering Maceration of ulcerous facial tissue (General Surgery cover)
7. Stayin' Alive (Bee Gees cover)
8. Consequence (Ulcerous Phlegm cover)
9. Owce
10. Prison Without Walls (Napalm Death cover)
11. Pungent Excruciation (Carcass cover)
12. Psalms About Storage Battery

No Pate, No Mind/Rock Stars - Money Wars

Album: ''No Pate, No Mind/Rock Stars - Money Wars'' (1998 Split)
1. You Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley cover)
2. No Pate, No Mind
3. He Makes Shit Who Makes Shit Last
4. Death by the Master-Key
5. We Are All Polish
6. Where Is the General
7. Uncontrollable Flatulence
8. Nature Warning/Human Extinction
9. This Filth Stinks
10. Lay Off Me (Agathocles cover)
11. Government Shitheads
12. Hope against a System
13. Mendacious T-levision
14. Violence against Fascistic Cunts

The Lethal Collection

Album: ''The Lethal Collection'' (2003 Best of/Compilation)
1. Poppy-Seed Cake
2. Mysterious Wine
3. Flying Shit In The Outer Space
4. Gas From Ass
5. After Accident (Part II)
6. No Pate, No Mind
7. He Makes Shit Who Makes Shit Last
8. Death By The Master-Key
9. We Are All Polish
10. Where Is General?
11. Uncontrollable Flatulence
12. From The Anatomical Deeps
13. Life of A Surgeon
14. Her Heart In Your Hands
15. The Firing Ground
16. Total Dismemberment of A Female Corpse (Regurgitate cover)
17. Raping The Earth (Extreme Noise Terror cover)
18. D.I.
19. Clean The Scene (Agathocles cover)
20. Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery cover)
21. Stayin` Alive (Bee Gees cover)
22. Consequence (Ulcerous Phlegm cover)
23. Owce
24. Prison Without Walls (Napalm Death cover)
25. Pungent Excruciation (Carcass cover)
26. Consequence (Live)
27. Uncontrollable Flatulence (Live)
28. Merry-Go-Round (Live)
29. Fire In The Forest (Live)
30. Tragedy At The Railway Station (Live)

dead infection


DEAD INFECTION was formed in January 1990 by Cyjan-dr. and Domin-g.,voc. /-ex members of grindcore band FRONT TERROR/. A few months later guitarplayer Jackson is involved. The band starts to play first shows. In the meantime, Cyjan meets Kelner-g. and Maly-g. and supports them in their deathmetal project called TERMINATOR. After short cooperation Jackson leaves DEAD INFECTION. Because TERMINATOR gets some line-up problems as well, Kelner and Maly decide to break up their band and at Cyjan's request they join DEAD INFECTION. When the line-up seems to be stabilized, Domin suddenly leaves the band. But soon, bassplayer Golab /-ex D.O.C./ is involved and Kelener takes vocal parts. The band starts workin' on a first demo tape.
In summer '91 "World full of remains" tape is released. This work gets a lot of good reviews and the band playes shows across Poland. On autumn, because of personal matters, Kelner leaves the band. Then guitarplayer Tocha is involved pretty soon and Golab takes vocal parts. The band prepares songs for a second demo tape.
In spring '92 "Start human slaughter" tape is released. In summer, the band takes a part on a biggest polish festivals like "Jarocin", "Shark attack", "Strashydlo", playing along with bands like: VADER, DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, MORGOTH, SAMAEL, EXCULCERATION. Second tape makes the band famous abroad where it gets very good reviews. In autumn, because of internal misunderstandings, Golab is removed from DEAD INFECTION and his place is taken by Kelner again. In December, the band playes the first show abroad, in St. Petersburg /Russia/.
In spring '93, the band gets offer from german label "Morbid rec." for releasing a full length album. In summer '93, "Surgical disembowelment" LP/CD is released. The band keeps playing a lot of shows in Poland and on autumn goes out to Germany for mini tour along with PROTECTOR. In spring '94, Kelner finally leaves the band. Not much longer new singer Jaro is involved.
In May '94, "Party's over" split 'EP with BLOOD is released and the band plays more shows abroad. In early '95, the band gets another offer for releasing second full lenght album.
In summer '95 "A chapter of accidents" CD is released. On this release, the band returned to the roots of grindcore. The band still plays a lot of shows in Europe including great mini tour with REGURGITATE. Year '96 brings a big European tour called "Grind over Europe". DEAD INFECTION plays as a headliner and is supported by HAEMORRHAGE and C.S.S.O. Also other bands like INHUME, AGATHOCLES, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, MUCOPURULENT appear on individual shows of this tour.
In the year '97 old demos are released in CD format with common title "Human slaughter...till remains". The band plays shows in Netherlands and Belgium along with INHUME and LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY.
Year '98 brings another three releases: "Poppy seed cake" split 'EP with C.S.S.O. , "No pate, no mind" split 'EP with MALIGNANT TUMOUR and "The greatest shits" MCD including cover-songs from cult bands like: CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH, GENERAL SURGERY, REGURGITATE and... BEE GEES.
In January '99, the band plays his last show in Paris. Soon Cyjan decides to disband DEAD INFECTION. In the year '00 Cyjan formes his own project SPINELESS, and Tocha and Jaro form COFFEE GRINDERS. In the year '01 DEAD INFECTION take his part on "Requiem of revulsion" CD /CARCASS tribute/. The band plays a song "Pungent excruciation".
Towards the end of the year '02, Cyjan decides to bring DEAD INFECTION back to life. Reunion line-up is: Cyjan, Jaro and Tocha. Towards the end of '04, "Brain corrosion" CD is released. In the meantime, the band plays shows and tours around the world including all Europe and Japan.
In spring '05, bassplayer Pierscien (INCARNATED) is involved. In spring '06 Tocha leaves the band, and Pierscien takes guitar parts. New bassplayer is Hal (HERMH, ABUSED MAJESTY). In autumn, Jaro leaves the band.
"World full of remains" demo and "Brain corrosion" album are released in LP format.
Now the band is engaged on a new album which is out on 2007.


Gore, Road Casualty, Fatal Accidents, Putrefaction

Poland (Bia³ystok), formed in 1990

Obliteration Records


Cyjan - Drums (Spineless, ex-Front Terror)
Pierscieñ - Guitars, Vocals (Bass) (ex-Squash Bowels, ex-Neuropathia, Incarnated (Pol), ex-Recrimination)
Hal - Vocals, Bass (Hermh, ex-Via Mistica, Stygmat, Abused Majesty)

Camel - Bass
Ma³y - Guitar
Husar - Guitar
Kelner - Guitar (ex-Incarnated (Pol)) as guest on Bass (Terminator(Pol))
Domin - Guitar, Vocals (ex-Front Terror)
Go³¹b (bass and vocals on "Start Human Slaughter"), (bass on "World Full of Remains") (Incarnated (Pol), Terminator(Pol), D.O.C.)
Jaro - Vocals (Coffee Grinders)
Tocha - Guitar and Bass (D.O.C., Coffee Grinders)


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