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Eye for an Eye

Album: ''Eye for an Eye'' (1983)
1. Tell Me
2. Minds Are Controlled
3. Indifferent
4. Broken Will
5. Rabid Dogs
6. L.S.
7. Rednekkk
8. Coexist
9. Excluded
10. Dark Thoughts
11. Poision Planet
12. What?
13. Negative Outlook
14. Positive Outlook
15. No Drunk
16. College Town
17. Not Safe
18. Eye for an Eye
19. Nothing's Gonna Change


Album: ''Demo '84'' (1984 Demo)
1. Pray For Power
2. Animosity
3. Badge # 666
4. Intervention
5. Hungry Child


Album: ''Animosity'' (1985)
1. Loss of Words
2. Mad World
3. Consumed
4. Holier
5. Positive Outlook
6. Prayer
7. Intervention
8. Kiss of Death
9. Hungry Child
10. Animosity


Album: ''Technocracy'' (1987 EP)
1. Technocracy


Album: ''Technocracy'' (1987 EP)
1. Technocracy
2. Hungry Child
3. Happily Ever After
4. Crawling
5. Ahh Blugh (Milking The Sick Farce)

Six Songs with Mike Singing

Album: ''Six Songs with Mike Singing'' (1989 EP)
1. Eye For An Eye
2. Center Of The World
3. Citizen
4. Not for Me
5. What (?)
6. Negative Outlook


Album: ''Demo '91'' (1991 Demo)
1. Damned For All Time
2. Dance of the Dead
3. Days of Rage (Hard Reign)
4. Future Now


Album: ''Blind'' (1992)
1. These Shrouded Temples...
2. Damned for All Time
3. Dance of the Dead
4. Buried
5. Break the Circle
6. Painted Smiling Face
7. Mine are the Eyes of God
8. Shallow Ground
9. Vote with a Bullet
10. Great Purification
11. White Noise
12. Echoes in the Well
13. ...Remain

Vote With a Bullet

Album: ''Vote With a Bullet'' (1992 Single)
1. Vote With A Bullet
2. Condition A/Condition B (live)
3. Future/Now (Demo)
4. Break The Circle
5. Jim Beam And The Coon Ass

Vote With a Bullet - The Consolidated Re-mix Version

Album: ''Vote With a Bullet - The Consolidated Re-mix Version'' (1993 EP)
1. Vote With A Bullet (Re-mixed Edit)
2. Vote With A Bullet (Re-mixed Extended)
3. Vote With A Bullet (Album Version)
4. Damned For All Time (Demo Version)


Album: ''Deliverance'' (1994)
1. Heaven's not Overflowing
2. Albatross
3. Clean my Wounds
4. Without Wings
5. Broken Man
6. Senor Limpio
7. Mano de Mono
8. Seven Days
9. #2121313
10. My Grain
11. Deliverance
12. Shake like You
13. Shelter
14. Pearls before Swine


Album: ''Albatross'' (1994 Single)
1. Albatross (Edit)
2. Shake Like You (Bulldozer Mix)
3. Fuel (Jam-Box Tape)

Clean My Wounds

Album: ''Clean My Wounds'' (1994 Single)
1. Clean My Wounds
2. Lord Of This World
3. Big Problems

Seven Days

Album: ''Seven Days'' (1995 Single)
1. Seven Days (edit)
2. Seven Days
3. Fuel (Jam box version)


Album: ''Wiseblood'' (1996)
1. King of the Rotten
2. Long Whip/Big America
3. Wiseblood
4. Goodbye Windows
5. Born Again for the Last Time
6. Drowning in a Daydream
7. The Snake Has No Head
8. The Door
9. Man or Ash
10. Redemption City
11. Wishbone (Some Tomorrow)
12. Fuel
13. Bottom Feeder (El Que Come Abajo)

Drowning in a Daydream

Album: ''Drowning in a Daydream'' (1996 Single)
1. Drowning In A Daydream
2. Bottom Feeder
3. The Land Of Free Disease
4. Fortunate Son

King Of The Rotten

Album: ''King Of The Rotten'' (1996 Single)
1. King Of The Rotten
2. Drowning In A Daydream
3. The Door
4. Man Or Ash

Pighead Shaped Picture Disc

Album: ''Pighead Shaped Picture Disc'' (1996 Single)
1. Fuel (Jam-Box Tape)
2. I've Heard It Before
3. King Of The Rotten


Album: ''America's Volume Dealer'' (2000)
1. Over Me
2. Congratulations Song
3. Stare Too Long
4. Diablo Blvd.
5. Doublewide
6. Zippo
7. Who's Got the Fire
8. Sleeping Martyr
9. Take What You Want
10. 13 Angels
11. Gittin' It On

Live Volume: The Movie

Album: ''Live Volume: The Movie'' (2001 DVD)
1. These Shrouded Temples
2. Diablo Blvd.
3. Senor Limpio
4. King Of The Rotten
5. Wiseblood
6. Who's Got The Fire
7. Albatross
8. My Grain
9. Congratulations Song
10. 13 Angels/7 Days
11. Vote With A Bullet
12. Zippo
13. Long Whip/Big America
14. Shelter
15. Clean My Wounds

Live Volume

Album: ''Live Volume'' (2001 Live album)
1. These Shrouded Temples
2. Diablo Blvd.
3. Senor Limpio
4. King of the Rotten
5. Wiseblood
6. Who's got the Fire
7. Albatross
8. My Grain
9. Congratulations Song
10. 13 Angels / 7 Days
11. Vote With a Bullet
12. Zippo
13. Long Whip / Big America
14. Shelter
15. Clean My Wounds

In The Arms of God

Album: ''In The Arms of God'' (2005)
1. Stonebreaker
2. Paranoid Opioid
3. It's That Way
4. Dirty Hands Empty Pockets/Already Gone
5. Rise River Rise
6. Never Turns to More
7. Infinite War
8. So Much Left Behind
9. Backslider
10. World on Fire
11. Crown of Thorns
12. In the Arms of God


Album: ''Stonebreaker'' (2005 Single)
1. Stonebreaker
2. Paranoid Opioid
3. In The Arms Of God

corrosion of conformity


Corrosion of Conformity (COC) were pioneers of the crossover thrash genre in the 1980s. COC started as a hardcore punk band in 1982 in Raleigh, North Carolina, with original members Reed Mullin on drums, Woody Weatherman on guitar and Mike Dean on bass and vocals.

The seeds for Corrosion of Conformity were planted when a 15-year-old Woody Weatherman was taken by his father to a Black Flag concert. Inspired by the gig, he took up guitar after his father gave him an acoustic a few days later. Not being able to make enough noise with it, he traded it in immediately for a Gibson electric. A little while later, Woody met up with high school friend Reed Mullin (who had coincidentally just bought a drum kit) in the sixth grade. They formed a band called No Labels, later changing it to Corrosion of Conformity. In 1982 they started out as a hardcore punk band that played fast aggressive music with political messages. The were all heavily influenced by bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag, Bad Brains, Discharge and Black Sabbath. The band has received acclaim for being--along with Suicidal Tendencies, D.R.I. and Cryptic Slaughter--one of the first to merge hardcore and metal where previously in the US, punkers and metalheads were notoriously archrivals.

COC recruited Mike Dean on bass and Eric Eycke on vocals and recorded 1983’s ‘Eye for an Eye’. Not long after, Eric Eycke left the band and COC continued on as a trio. Around 1985 they released the ‘Six Songs with Mike Singing’ LP and ‘Animosity’ with Mike Dean on vocals. In 1985, Simon Bob was recruited in to take over vocals and the band put out ‘Technocracy’. In late 1987 their band manager at the timehad a falling out with the record company and booking agent, which resulted in Mike Dean and Simon Bob leaving, with the band taking some time out. "I left COC over a small quibbling about a tour that was poorly booked and whether we should honour our commitments to do it or to cut our losses and start over” - Mike Dean. He later joined a band called Ninefinger.

In the in-between period when there was no COC, Mike and Woody appeared in a band, Snake Nation with drummer Brian Walsby and released one self-titled album on Caroline Records.

The band resurfaced with three new members and headed in a metal direction for the next album, 1991’s ‘Blind’. Pepper Keenan came in on second guitar, Karl Agell on vocals, and Phil Swisher on bass. Pepper had previously been in a band called Graveyard Rodeo which had opened for COC before. He had also played guitar with a band called “Cry of Love”. ‘Blind’ included vocals by Pepper on the successful single track ‘Vote with a Bullet’. After touring for Blind the band ran into more label troubles during sessions for the next album. Vocalist Karl Agell left the band and he was followed by bassist Phil Swisher. They later went on to form Leadfoot.

Sessions were underway for the next album which saw the band head in a stoner rock, Black Sabbath inspired musical direction. While looking for a new bassist, the band ran into previous member Mike Dean. He heard a tape of the material they were working on, dug it and sarcastically suggested he rejoin the band. It made sense, Mike headed back to North Carolina to join the band. Several new vocalists were auditioned, with none fitting what the band were looking for. Luckily it was decided that Pepper would take care of all vocals and the band recorded 1994’s ‘Deliverance’ and signed to the major label Sony/Columbia. Video clips were filmed for ‘Albatross’ and ‘Clean my Wounds’, gaining some rotation on MTV.

‘Wiseblood’ was released in 1996 and followed the same formula as “Deliverance”. It was also the first time the same line-up had recorded two albums in a row. It also featured guest vocals on the track ‘Man or Ash’ by Metallica’s James Hetfield, a huge fan of the band. The track ‘Drowning in a Daydream’ was nominated for a Grammy award in 1997 for best metal performance. Unfortunately they lost out to Tool. Metallica invited the band to be the opener for a huge 9 month world tour, which saw the band play to the biggest audiences of their career.

After the Metallica tour, record label troubles again plagued COC with Columbia giving the band virtually no promotion whatsoever despite the 9 month tour with Metallica and a Grammy nomination. The band and label agreed to part ways and luckily COC were able to split amicably with rights to all their music.

4 years after ‘Wiseblood’, COC released their next album, ‘America’s Volume Dealer’ in 2000 after signing to Sanctuary Records. AVD had more a laid back, southern rock style, but still branded with the COC trademark sound. Warren Haynes of the The Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule played slide guitar on "Stare Too Long".

A back injury early in touring for AVD saw Reed Mullin share drumming duties with friend of the band Jimmy Bower. Later Reed left the band citing his back injury, but it was speculated he fell out with the other members of the band. Jimmy Bower took over drumming duties for the rest of the tour. Reed went on to form the band Brown and later The Shining Path on guitar/vocals.

2001 saw the band release their first live album and DVD, ‘Live Volume’, recorded at Harpo’s concert theatre in Detroit. After touring for AVD, the band went into hiatus with Pepper recording and touring another Down album, Mike and Woody working on a project called Let’ Lones, and Pepper doing some production work.

In 2004 COC returned from hibernation to start working on a new album. A version of Is It That Way was released on a High Volume compilation by HighTimes. Mike Dean also contributed vocals to the track Access Babylon for dave Grohl's Probot project.

Prior to Corrosion of Conformity's 2005 release, In the Arms of God, many fans wondered if the group was over. During this extended break, singer/guitarist Pepper Keenan did double duty in Down (2002's Down II: A Bustle in Your Hedgerow), and of course, had a much publicized tryout for the vacated bass position in Metallica (as seen in their Some Kind of Monster documentary).

Finally April 2005 saw the release of the bands latest album, the politically charged In the Arms of God to widespread critical acclaim. Longtime friend of Keenan and Galactic drummer Stanton Moore joined on drums for the recording of the album.

Crossover, Sludge, Progressive Heavy Metal

Society, Politics, People

United States of America (Raleigh, North Carolina), formed in 1982

Sanctuary Records


Mike Dean - Bass, Vocals (Snake Nation)
Pepper Keenan - Vocals, Guitar (Down, Graveyard Rodeo)
Woody Weatherman - Guitar, Vocals (Snake Nation)
Jason Paterson - Drums

Garrick Francis (1982)
Benji Shelton (1982 - 1983)
Eric Eycke (1983)
Robert Taylor
Simon Bob Sinister (1986 - 1990)
Karl Agell (1991) (School of Violence, Leadfoot)

Reed Mullin (1983-2001)
Jimmy Bower (2001-2002) (Down, Superjoint Ritual, Crowbar, Sourvein, Debris Inc., Drip, The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight, EyeHateGod)
Merrit Partridge (2002 - 2003)
Stanton Moore - (2005) (Galactic)

Phil Swisher - Bass (1987) (Leadfoot)


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