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Eye for an Eye

"Eye for an Eye" (1983)

1. Tell Me
2. Minds Are Controlled
3. Indifferent
4. Broken Will
5. Rabid Dogs
6. L.S.
7. Rednekkk
8. Coexist
9. Excluded
10. Dark Thoughts
11. Poision Planet
12. What?
13. Negative Outlook
14. Positive Outlook
15. No Drunk
16. College Town
17. Not Safe
18. Eye for an Eye
19. Nothing's Gonna Change

1. Tell Me

Not so long ago.
The children laughed and played.
Now they're just charred corpses
Annihilated they play no more.

When everything is contaminated
Tell me what is gained.
Tell me who has won when nothing remains?

Burned limless victims of power's abuses
The poison countryside is the result
of a short fuse.

2. Minds Are Controlled

Television mass mind control
Through cathode rays beliefs
are sold.
Examples of what is correct
and what is not.
Opinions are presented as fact.

Minds are controlled

Death and war are portrayed
As not to raise objection to
patriotic slaughter.
If they show realistic gore,
the public will ignore it.

3. Indifferent

Frightened by decisions
Escape within your mind
Soon all the decisions are
made for you
And there's no turning back

There's no hope for you
It's just dope for you
Think you're in control
But you know it isn't true

Indifferent indifferent

4. Broken Will

Your mind is controlled
You're a puppet on a string
Their flag you'll wave
Their anthem you'll sing
Your will is broken
Where it once was strong
You've got no choice
But to go along

So come along quietly
We'd like to hear your views
If they're not ours
We'll just turn some screws

There's no use resisting
So don't you try
You'll be a good citizen
Or you'll die
We've got big plans
For someone like you
So come along we'll brainwash you

No voice. No choice. Obey or die.
No voice. No choice. Obey or die.

5. Rabid Dogs

Rabid dogs. Eating flesh.
Rabid dogs. Rabid dogs.

6. L.S.

Hate, with no direction
Love, with no affection
Fear, without a cause
Death, without a loss

Living a life pain and
Waiting for death where
no one will weep

7. Rednekkk

Chew tobacco, spit it out.
Find some punks, fight it out.
Buy a jeep, buy a truck.
Find a girl, get her drunk.

RednecKKK rednecKKK

8. Coexist

By my looks, by me behavior
Try to classify me, find a label
You judge me as I judge you
Won't live up to your stereotype
Won't live up to your image
You judge me as I judge you
Preconcieved picture of someone like me
You think you know my type
Preconcieved picture of someone like you
Why can't we just give it a chance?

Hate at first sight. You're not alright

I don't care about you laws.
You don't care about my cause.

9. Excluded

What right do you have to
exclude us.
Going out of your way to make

You live in a time warp where
everything is fine.
Anything you can't control you deny.

We can't play your clubs because
of your restrictions.
Dress codes, rules, and age limits.

10. Dark Thoughts

Today I woke up happy.
There was something in the back
of my mind.
Creeping depression, manic and black.
No way to get my happiness back.

Dark Thoughts Misery
Dark Thoughts Self pity
Dark Thoughts There are no words
Dark Thoughts There are no words

No energy for suicide.
I'm not that far gone.
I'm caught in between.
No solutions present themselves.
Can't accept reality.
I'm caught in between.

Dull lingering feeling.
Starting at the ceiling.
Hum increases in my brain.
Ringing in my ears
Driving me

11. Poision Planet

Because you're old and rich
You don't care about this earth
Only about your filthy profits

Poisoned Planet nuclear war
It's not you're problem anymore

The problems belong to your
The consequences to mine
You've spoiled my chances and
robbed me of my time

Bodies piled in rotting heaps
Mass-destruction empty streets

Martial law declared nothing
left to rule
Death will soon come to the
surviving few

Why should we pay the consequences?

12. What?

Deafness, silence wait for me.
Like it loud, wide open loud.
Won't turn it down for anything

Never learn, let it burn
Burn my hearing, jar my brain
Never learn, let it burn
Beyond the threshold of pain

Say, I'm on the brink
Can't even think
What you say I'm unaware?
What you say I don't care.

Too loud is an idea
I can't comprehend
What you say I'm unware?
Whay you say I don't care.

13. Negative Outlook

No dreams = No dreams crushed
No hope = No hope is false
No expectations = No disappointment
No reason to go on

Brooding and suicidal
Looking for a new outlook
Always wanted to make a difference
Better take another look.

14. Positive Outlook

I've got a positive outlook
Won't get stuck
Drowning in my surroundings
Never give in never give up
Don't let them scare you no
matter what
Where are you putting your
So much hate and jealousy
All hope is caving in
Patience is growing thin

Got to put it in perspective
Got to see your objective
Isn't it what you expected
From something so long neglected
Be calm, be brave
Got to keep yourself alive

As pressure turns to rage
You solder your own cage
That's not for me
Not how I want to be

15. No Drunk

Need to drink to fucking think
If you'd think you wouldn't drink
Takes a man to drink so much
A real man doesn't need a crutch
Everybody tells me that it's cool
But I'll just let them play the fool
Drinking a fifth make you brave
It only takes you to an early grave
So go ahead and call me dumb
At least my fucking brains not numb
You can drink yourself to death
I'll keep the liquor off my breath

16. College Town

So much to do. We're gonna
have fun.
College town, life on the run
Just go, go, go. So much
to do.
Living the fast life, like
living in a fucking zoo.

College town
Life fast paced
College town
Fucked up place

17. Not Safe

Your number's come up
Too bad you're fucked
In the wrong place
At the wrong time
Minding your own business
You put up no resistance
Now you lay bleeding
There was no feeling
You handed over the wallet
They just let you have it
On the quiet street
A block from your home
You were stalked
As you walked alone
Sensless death
There's no escape
Even in suburbia
You're not safe

18. Eye for an Eye

Hung on the cross to die
Crucified for your crimes
Spikes in your limbs
To pay for your sins

An eye for an eye
An eye for an eye
An eye for an eye
Will justify murder by the state.

19. Nothing's Gonna Change

Every lyric you disect
What the fuck do you expect
We're just a fucking band
Aren't we generally correct?
Rebellion's not the clothes you
Or the way you style you hair
Or any pitiful design
We don't souls, we need minds

Nothing's gonna change
Because your prophets shout
Nothing's gonna change
Because you thrash about
Nothing's gonna change
Because your music's fast
And nothing's gonna change
While you're sitting on you ass


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