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The Garden of Dark Delights

Album: ''The Garden of Dark Delights'' (2001 Demo)
1. The Garden Of Dark Delights (Intro)
2. Of Ruins & Shameful Supremacy
3. When Night Falls Forever
4. A Serpent's Kiss
5. Martyr & Magick
6. A Prophecy Fortold
7. To Be One With Storm (Tears Of Fire)
8. Within The Kingdoms Of Dark Obscurity
9. Breaking The Law (Judas Priest Cover)

Into the Black Forest of Witchery

Album: ''Into the Black Forest of Witchery'' (2002)
1. Darkness & War
2. Into the Black Forest of Witchery
3. Come Unto Fire
4. Heaven Falls Upon My Wings (Instrumental)
5. Frostseasongoddess
6. Valley of Snakes
7. Lunacy Becomes Us (Instrumental)
8. Beast in Black
9. The Ghost of Alice

The Chaos Chapter

Album: ''The Chaos Chapter'' (2002 Demo)
1. Come Forth... Damnation
2. The Chaos Chapter
3. ...And All Was Dying...
4. When Wolves Desire
5. A Serpent's Kiss (Live)

Fullmoon Passions

Album: ''Fullmoon Passions'' (2002 EP)
1. Fullmoon Passions
2. Beast In Black
3. Hymn Of The Wolf (Instrumental)
4. When Wolves Desire
5. Lycanthropy (Six Feet Under Cover)

Midnight Deathcult Phenomena

Album: ''Midnight Deathcult Phenomena'' (2003)
1. Midnight Deathcult Phenomena
2. The Fall Of Man
3. My Kingdom Of Cold Sorrows
4. The Miracle Of Bleeding
5. March Of The Tyrants (Instrumental)
6. Creatures Of Another Light
7. In My Madness Mystique
8. Servants To The Throne Of Stone
9. Unleashed Hordes Of Fire & Steel
10. Alas, The Withering One
11. Death Garden Waltz (Instrumental)
12. Night Of The Graveless Souls (Emperor Cover)
13. The Gate Of Nanna (Beherit Cover)

Universal Funeral March

Album: ''Universal Funeral March'' (2003)
1. Universal Funeral March
2. Bringer Of Plague
3. When The Saints Bleed
4. Our Journey Through Forever
5. Apparitions To Become
6. Apocalyptic Paranoia Dementia (Instrumental)
7. Black Spell Of Destruction (Burzum Cover)
8. Manitou (Venom Cover)
9. Valley Of Snakes (2003)
10. The Coming Of Dawn We Fear (2003)

The Extermination Process

Album: ''The Extermination Process'' (2003 Demo)
1. Universal Funeral March
2. Midnight Deathcult Phenomena
3. The Fall Of Man

Immortal Black Art

Album: ''Immortal Black Art'' (2005)
1. Come Forth....Damnation
2. Desecration of Grace
3. Immortal Black Art
4. Human Slave Infantry
5. Of Warriors Who Gather
6. Reborn Through The Bestial Flame
7. The Miracle of Bleeding
8. Propagating The Witch
9. Transilvanian Hunger(Darkthone Cover)
10. Post Storm Silence

Barbaric is the Beast

Album: ''Barbaric is the Beast'' (2006)
1. Barbaric Is The Beast
2. Death Worship Propaganda
3. World Unsanctification
4. Our Journey Through Forever
5. The Fall Of Man
6. From Men To Dust
7. Prophets Of The Profane
8. I; A Thousand Fires
9. Speak In Tongues
10. When Wolves Desire
11. Sweet Misery I Forsee
12. I Am The Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)

ceremonial castings


Ceremonial Castings hails from a church in the Battle Grounds of Washington State. Playing a unique breed of Black Metal combining a mix of Symphonic, Death, & Thrash, CC describes their sound as American Deathphonic Black Metal. Ceremonial Castings one day plans to dominate the northwest with their high intensity & cold apocalypse driven modulations. "All Hail The Bringer Of Death."

Summer 1996, Jake (Lord Serpent) and (Old)Nick started practicing and writing songs on a daily basis. At the time Jake was in a band called Crimson Death, which quickly diminished and left all focus upon this new project. The band wanted to take up a name that in a way symbolized the music and lyrical content. Within a few days the band came to terms with the title "Ceremonial Castings". Ceremonial Castings released their first demo tape back in 1996. The tape consisted of four songs: Eternal Dying Dawn, Unholy Communion, Witchcraft, In velvet darkness.

In the early months of 2004 Ceremonial Castings finally found a live drummer (Bloodhammer), now the band consists of three.
Here and now in 2005 Ceremonial Castings will be releasing their first professional pressed release "Immortal Black Art".
2006 will bring our next full length "Barbaric is the beast" featuring the first album with our drummer Bloodhammer.

Black Metal

Evil, Darkness, Satan

United States of America (Battle Ground, WA), formed in 1996

Dark Forest Productions


The Serpent (Jake Superchi) - Vocals/Guitars (Serpent Lord, The Dead (US))
OldNick (Nick Superchi) - Keys/Synths/ Pianos (Hellchasm, The Dead (US), Mysticism Black)
Blood Hammer (Matt Mattern) - Drums


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