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Barbaric is the Beast

"Barbaric is the Beast" (2006)

1. Barbaric Is The Beast
2. Death Worship Propaganda
3. World Unsanctification
4. Our Journey Through Forever
5. The Fall Of Man
6. From Men To Dust
7. Prophets Of The Profane
8. I; A Thousand Fires
9. Speak In Tongues
10. When Wolves Desire
11. Sweet Misery I Forsee
12. I Am The Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)

1. Barbaric Is The Beast

Rise Oh Great One, Indulge In The Womb Of Virgins' Blood
Desire The Hunt, The Hunt That Draws The Flesh Of Reconciliation

Awake From Your Slumber, The Time Has Come To Regain The Throne.
Rise Within The Shadows, Strike Upon The Breast Of Hope

Barbaric Is The Beast

Conjured Is The Day Of Reckoning
Blessed We Stand In The Shadows
The Dawn Of Solitude Is Upon Us
...The Birth Of The Beast...

Repaint The Throne With Sacred Crimson
Eclipse The Heart Of Hope
Sear The Earth With Beastiality
Upon This Torso Of Land...To Tear The Throat

Stain The Soil With The Blood Of The Lamb
We Are Wolves Among The Sheep
Riddance To The Race Of Pity
Blinded By The Faith They Seek

We Stand Before Your Kin
Shadows Of The Past Conceiled In Sin
Our Poison Spreads Within The Roots
Injection Of Our Seed & Force Fed The Fruits
Retribution In The Sign Of Horns
Infiltrate The Womb, A New Breed Is Born
Pillage The Land From The West To The East
Dimished Is The Realm, Barbaric Is The Beast

2. Death Worship Propaganda

I See Not Why We Follow Lies & Try With Great Persistance
When The Fruits Of Life WIll Be Denied At The End Of Our Existence

(Ave Mortis, Ave Timor Mortis)
Depart, Surrender: No Lord Shall Save Thee
Resign, Bow Out: No Lord Shall Save Thee
Vacate, Withdraw: No Lord Shall Save Thee
Decease, Desist: No Lord Shall Save Thee

I See Not Why We Cradle Life & Long To Be Complete
When All Is Temporarily Satisfied & Again The Strong Become The Weak

We All Succumb To The Bearer Of The Black
Our Toll Is The Giving Of Our Lives
No One Shall Escape Realizarion;
Eradication, Extermination, Obliteration

3. World Unsanctification

All To The World Is Unsacred, Unpure & Forsaken

Betrayed By The Book Of Lies, Blessed Be The Free

All Take Faith In What They Cannot See
& Blind Themselves With Their Beliefs

All Take Faith In The Decieving Cult-Creeds
But The Revelation Speaks; The Unconfined Are Free

4. Our Journey Through Forever

Become A Prophet Of The Shadows
Become An Oracle Of Thyself

Through Forever

We Have Withstood The Sands Of Endless Time
The Coldest Winds Of Nothing & The Moon That Never Shines
The Darkest Sun That Has Hardly Come To Rise
& The Births Of Tragedy That Enhance Our Sensless Cries

We Will Journey To The Highest Of The Lands
The Deepest Of The Oceans and The Farthest Of The Sands
Throughout The Day, Into The Night Upon The Cold
Outlasting The Flame Which Burns Within The Soul
We Will Travel Far Beyond Eternity
Under The Moon, Under The Stars, Searching For Our Destiny
We Will Run Without A Trace, Without A Breath
Our Journey Through Forever Is Our Journey After Death

We Have Withstood The Winter's Dire Cold
The Summer's Heat & The Autumn's Wind So Bold
Spring Brought Forth The Rain Which Dampened All The Earth
& Now A New Season Will Lift Us Of Life's Curse

We Thee Deceased Are Thee That Shall Not Die
We Thee Deceased Are Thee Who Art Alve

Hear The Last Wish Of The Dying
Hear The First Wish Of The Dead

Become A Prophet Of The Shadows
Becmome An Oracle Of Thyself

We Have Withstood The Searching Scythe Of Death
The Jaws Of Carrion & Winter's Chilling Breath
Immortality Is The Path Which Lies Ahead
The Journey Through Forever Is The Journey Of The Dead

5. The Fall Of Man

On Our Darkest Hour, We Shall Fall
....From Greed
As Our Time Fades, We Will Disperse
....From Selfishness

On The Night Of The Darkest Of Eves
When Man Forever Falls
The Human Race Will Escape
From The World We Call Our Own
And Through Our Greed,
Our Own Decieved
The Pain Of All Shall End
Life To Halt, For Our Own Faults
Into Our Curse We Decend

Upon Temptation Of The Worlds Termination
The Domination Of All Revelations
The Levitation Of One's Desolation
Will Lead The Nation...Into Devastation

6. From Men To Dust

7. Prophets Of The Profane

In The Age Of Subversion I Shall Be The Visionary Of The Impending
We Are Seers Of Lifes Conclusion
Oracles Of The Dire Passing

In The Age Of Supression I Shall Be Bring The Words Of Calamity
We Are The Seers Of Lifes Conclusion
Oracles Of The Dire Passing

Observe The Declaration Of Bereaverment
Divine & Eminent In It's Lucid Truth

8. I; A Thousand Fires

I; A Thousand Fires But Made From Flesh Of One
A Searing Self-Sacrificing Pyre
To Rise From The Ashes Of The Sun

I: A Thousand Fires Coruscating Before You I Stand
Embrace Me With Your Deepest Devotion
Adhereing The Fire Inside My Hand

Concern Not For The Pain Shall Not Embrace You
Let Our Sheath Ignite The Skies
Encircled In Our Own Infernal Chasm
Cleansed In Our Ashes; Of New Flesh We Rise

Behold New Life As We Walk With Fire
& Dance Inside The Flames
Behold This Night Conscripted Through The Ember's Eyes
Awake & Abolish Thy Shame

I Am Of Fire, We Are Of Fire, Fire Eternal, Fire Is Death

9. Speak In Tongues

Est Dues In Nobis...Omnibus
Deus Absconditus
Dominus Vobiscum
Eo Domine Diabolus

We Speak In Tongues, For We Are Legion
We Speak In Tongues, In Nomine Patris

Stultior Stulto Fuisti
Qui Tabellis Crederes
Stultorum Infinitus
Est Numerous

10. When Wolves Desire

She The Shadow Brought To Me, A Graveyard Gift In Secrecy
As She Weeps; Skin Embraced By Teeth

Her Blood Filthy Breasts, Evokes My Dreams To Flesh
In Night's Passionate Flame, I Am The Pleasure That Brings Her Pain

I See Her Eyes Glow With Fear
Under The Night Sky
I See A Grin Blessed With Tears
Embraced In Lust's Surprise

Angels Weep For They Are Decieved
Forever Cursed Immortality
Tonight We Breath A Desiring Feast
To Shed Her Of Her Curiosity
To Walk Forever In Secrecy
Flesh Driven Pleasures In Beastiality
And As Her Heart Opens To Me
I Welcome Her To The Land Of Lycanthropy

She Walks With Me....In Darkness
She Took My Hand....For Her Last Caress

11. Sweet Misery I Forsee

Amidst The Vast Oceans Of Sadness
Obscure Is The Season Of Woe
Weakened I Suffer So Significantly
'Tis Emptiness Of Which My River Flows

I Can See The Sky Is Falling
I Can Feel The Earth Move Round
I Can Hear My Death Is Calling
Secluded From Life I Am Crowned
I Can See That Time Is Fading
I Can Feel My Life Unbound
I Can Hear Suicide Is Calling
From The Other Side; Profound

Imprisioned By The Ail Of My Affection
Forgotten: My Memories Deceased
Battered, Benumbed, Bleak & Broken
Eternal Shall Be The Existence Of Grief

Unanimated & Subsisting To Wither
Fading I Perish...Abandoned In My Wretchedness

Sweet Misery I Forsee

12. I Am The Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)

Mightiest am I, but I am not alone in this cosmos of mine
For the black hills consists of black souls, souls that already died one
thousand deaths
Behind the stone walls of centuries they breed their
black art
Boiling their spells in cauldrons of black gold
Far up in the mountains, where the rain fall not far, yet the sun cannot reach
The wizards, my servants, summon the souls of macrocosm
No age will escape my wrath
I travel through time and I return to the future
I gather wisdom now lost
I visit again the eternally ancient caves
before a mighty Emperor thereupon came Watching the mortals "discovering" my chronicles
guarded by the old demons, even unknown
to me
Once destroyed their souls are being summoned to my timeless prison of hate
It is delightful to feast upon the screaming souls
that was destroyed in my future
How many wizards that serve me with evil I know not
My empires has no limits
From the never ending
mountains black, to the bottomless lakes
I am the ruler and has been for eternity's long
My wizards are many, but their essence is
Forever there are in the hills in their stone homes of
Because I am the spirit of their existence
I am them.


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