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Breakage Rising - Demo 2004

Album: ''Breakage Rising - Demo 2004'' (2004 Demo)
1. Host
2. Necessary Evil
3. The Only Thing

Live at Wildwood Bowl 98.5

Album: ''Live at Wildwood Bowl 98.5'' (2005 EP)
1. Death of a Caveman (Intro)
2. Exit the Dreamscape
3. First Stone
4. Seed of Ruin
5. The Black Halo Effect
6. Seconds to Kill

The Black Halo Effect

Album: ''The Black Halo Effect'' (2006 EP)
1. Exit the Dreamscape
2. Odin
3. Welcome to Hell
4. At a Lose for Words
5. The Black Halo Effect


Breakage Rising is a metal band that has not forgotten the true origins of what heavy metal music should sound like and what bands made it a household name. In a day and age when people label bands like Atreyu and Godsmack as metal, Breakage Rising are poised to shatter the misconceptions of the title and remind people that it was bands like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Megadeth and Metallica that helped shape heavy metal. Their music and their lyrics reflect the golden days of heavy metal in all of its glory while giving it a fresh new update. Vocalist and guitarist James King, lead guitarist Sonny Angell, Bassist Chris D'Alessio and drummer Chris Meehan all shared a common love of classic Metallica while each having their own individual backgrounds, and this metal melting pot is a true amalgamation of all things heavy. Meehan is fond of classic rock, Angell prefers technical 80’s metal and King is drawn to Swedish metal, yet when all their stylistic influences are drawn upon the result is Breakage Rising, and like their name implies they are coming up to show the world what metal should sound like.
After forming in 2003 with original guitarist Adam Glass they donned the moniker ‘Atavus’ and wrote songs at a breakneck pace. Not long after they played their first backyard show, however, personal tension between the band came to a head and Glass left them. On the same day he took his gear, and the name ‘Atavus,’ King made a desperate phone call to Angell, who had responded to an ad online. Within 3 months they had changed their name, recorded their first demo and started booking shows. After winning 1st place in a Battle of the Bands and kicking serious ass at every show they played they began to realize the true power of their music. In the first week of January 2006 King made a phone call to D'Alessio for a bass audition. D'Alessio's musical knowledge and overall technique impressed the band greatly, along with D'Alessio's magnetic personality, he became a member almost the same day. Their goal, ultimately, is to bring back the halcyon days of metal, when it was cool to play solos and speed and technical profiency were rampant, while also giving the old style an infusion of newer, more extreme sounds and ideas imported from Europe.

Don’t be fooled by imitators or hardcore bands who sing once in a while and mislabel themselves. In Breakage Rising, it’s all here – thrashy speed, intense grooves, thought-provoking lyrics and solos galore. Welcome to the world of Breakage Rising.

Thrash Metal

United States of America (Long Island, NY), formed in 2003



James King - lead vocals / rhythm- & lead guitars
Sonny Angell - lead - & rhythm guitars / backing vocals
Christopher D'Alessio - bass
Chris Meehan - drums

Adam Glass - guitars (at "Atavus" Phase)


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