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Breakage Rising - Demo 2004

"Breakage Rising - Demo 2004" (2004 Demo)

1. Host
2. Necessary Evil
3. The Only Thing

1. Host

Fear - the unknown force that drives men insane.
Shock - that life is taken as quick as gave.
Depraved - a killer sick and twisted living hell.
Gave - a life he takes is now a life he saves.

The miracle of science takes a turn for the worst
As the miracle of life now becomes your curse.
Life! Your life is no longer yours.
Life! Your life is now mine!

Hell - live in Hell, cursed to live two lives.
Spirit - infecting you like cancer inside.
Hide - from the force within, the ghosts move.
Host - you are my host, and now you’re fucking mine!

2. Necessary Evil

Hate is not to be expressed, but also not repressed.
Necessary evil in a world of necessity.
Hatred for the world that has always done you wrong;
Internalized within yourself, this hate you've held so long.
No one expresses hate so much as hate expresses you.
Limited to emotions that conceal the wicked truth.

Close your eyes, close your mind, close your hand and make a fist.
Close your eyes, close your mind, make a fist and hit yourself.

Vex me not lest you be next; the motto of the time.
A false eye cast that brings about your hatred to a crime.
Blindly think that violence can save your wicked pride,
But your hatred only brings about a turning of the tide.
In due time you'll get yours, a well tied fucking noose!
For all your useless fucking hatred, what's the fucking use?

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Violence is the only truth.
Words lose their meaning when fools lose their temper.

Strike a man for speaking his mind, but never stop to think for yourself.
Your words solve nothing; your fist is the design of your downfall.
Do what feels right; feel justified in your actions,
But an unused weapon is useless, so hit your fucking self.

3. The Only Thing


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