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The 5th Season

Album: ''The 5th Season'' (1994 Demo)
1. Liar's Edge
2. Live in Shame
3. Kamikaze
4. Up from the Ashes
5. Blind
6. Reach for the Sky

Album: ''Promotape '96'' (1996 Demo)
1. The Other Side
2. Suck My Energy


Album: ''Hungry'' (1997)
1. Nails in My Hands
2. King of Fools
3. Innocent Until Caught
4. The Other Side
5. Tomorrow Never Comes
6. Liar's Edge
7. Tell-Tale Heart
8. Welcome to the Darkside
9. Bring You Down
10. Deep Down into Passion
11. Mr. Know-It-All (duet with Ralph Scheepers)


Album: ''Unholy'' (1998)
2. Holy War
3. Here Comes the Pain
4. Voices
5. The Healer
6. Don't Stop Believing
7. Heart of Hate
8. Rebellion
9. For the Love of Money
10. Love is a Lie
11. Into the Fire
12. Dog Days Coming Down
13. Up from the Ashes (Japanese bonus track)


Album: ''Ambiguity'' (2000)
1. Crush Depth
2. Tear Down the Walls
3. Beyond My Destiny
4. Arena
5. Coming Closer
6. Darkest Silence
7. Maharaja Palace
8. Far Away
9. Demonsion
10. Revenant (bonus track)
11. Lost Unseen
12. Perception of Life

Metus Mortis

Album: ''Metus Mortis'' (2001)
1. Metus Mortis
2. Blind Suffering
3. Shadowland
4. Checkmate in Red
5. Hollow Hideaway
6. Weakness Sows Its Seed
7. Into the Never
8. Under Lights
9. Cycles
10. Behind
11. Meet Me in the Dark
12. Face Down (digipak bonus track)
13. Strength of Will
14. Don't Wait for Me (hidden bonus track on digipack version)

Soul Temptation

Album: ''Soul Temptation'' (2003)
1. Highs Without Lows
2. Doorway to Survive
3. The Leading
4. Nunca nos Rendimos
5. Fading
6. Shiva's Tears
7. Fornever
8. Soul Temptation
9. Dying Outside
10. To the Head
11. Rising

Liquid Monster

Album: ''Liquid Monster'' (2005)
1. Worlds are Comin' Through
2. Inside the Monster
3. All Those Words
4. Lifeline
5. Invisible Enemy
6. Heavenly
7. Painside
8. Despair to Drown
9. Mask of Life
10. Even Higher
11. Burns My Soul

All Those Words

Album: ''All Those Words'' (2005 Single)
1. All Those Words (album version)
2. Before the Dawn (Judas Priest cover) [exclusive non-album track]
3. Shades and Shadows [exclusive non-album track]
4. (E.O.C.) Cross Gods Face [previously unreleased]
5. All Those Words [single edit]
6. Doorway to Survive (videoclip) [bonus track]

Honey from the B

Album: ''Honey from the B's (Beasting Around the Bush)'' (2007 DVD)
1. Intro / Worlds Are Coming Through
2. Blind Suffering
3. The Leading
4. Voices
5. Highs Without Lows
6. Medley: Lifeline / Shadowland / Tear Down The Walls
7. Inside A Monster
8. Trinity of Lust: Shiva's Tears
9. Fornever
10. Soul Temptation
11. All Those Words
12. Hollow Hideaway
13. Burns My Soul
14. Doorway To Survive
15. Under Lights
16. Shiva's Tears
17. Blind Suffering
18. Doorway To Survive
19. Voices
20. Fornever
21. The Leading
22. Highs Without Lows
23. Under Lights
24. Brainstorm Bandhistory 1987 - 2007
25. Highs Without Lows
26. Doorway To Survive
27. All Those Words



There are several Bands with the name 'Brainstorm':

1.Brainstorm is a power/thrash metal band from Germany, formed in 1989. The band features American born lead singer Andy B. Franck, who is also famous for his other band, Symphorce. They are known to play a somewhat darker style of music than most power metal groups.

Formed in 1989 by Torsten Ihlenfeld and Milan Loncaric on guitars and Dieter Bernert on drums, Brainstorm released their first demo "Hand Of Doom" after one year of existence. Following shows with Stormwitch, Exciter and Rage, the tracks "Kings, Queens and Sins" and "Law" appeared on a compilation LP. After completing their line-up with bassist Andreas Mailänder, the band released the second demo "Heart Of Hate" in 1992, which quickly gained cult status in the local metal scene.
Initially unable to find a suitable singer, the band solved the problem when Marcus Jürgens joined the band, being named "Newcomers of the Month" by the German Rock Hard magazine with their third demo "The Fifth Season", released in 1994. After releasing yet another demo and single tracks on compilations, the band signed their first recording contract in 1997.

The self-produced debut album "Hungry" was an immediate winner with fans and journalists alike, enabling Brainstorm to tour with Morgana Lefay, Solitude Aeturnus, Skyclad, and Maraya. In 1998 the band hired the illustrious producer team of Dirk Schlächter (Gamma Ray), Harald Sprengler (Stormwitch) and Charlie Bauerfeind (Blind Guardian) to guarantee a perfect production for their sophomore effort "Unholy". The following tour of Europe alongside Iced Earth and Sentenced totally fulfilled the high expectations created by an already overwhelming reaction from the metal press.

In 1999 the vocalist position became vacant again, but the band managed to fill it with one of the best metal frontmen worldwide, Andy B. Franck (also in Symphorce). Finally everything was falling into place, and only two months after Franck joining, the band signed a contract with Metal Blade Records. The long awaited third album "Ambiguity" was recorded at House of Music Studio with Dirk Schlächter and Sascha Paeth (Rhapsody) producing, and was received with euphoric reviews everywhere. Successful tours with Armored Saint and King Diamond as well as various celebrated festival appearances further cemented the band's popularity, making the "Swabian Five" one of the hottest live bands around.

In October 2001 the band released "Metus Mortis", a high-energy metal classic produced by Achim Köhler, which became Album of the Month in several metal magazines, paving the way for a successful tour with Grave Digger and Tierra Santa.

More festival gigs across Europe and single shows with Saxon followed, gradually getting Brainstorm the recognition they deserved.

In March 2003 the band returned to the studio (House of Music, as well as the band's own Storm Your Brain Studios) with Achim Köhler to record "Soul Temptation", already the fifth album in their career. What followed the release can only be described as a triumph for the band: a massive tour with Edguy and festival shows the world over resulted in the band's definitive incorporation to the World's Champions League of Metal. Brainstorm had finally arrived where they belong - at the top!

But whoever thought the group would now take a break and rest upon their laurels would be taught better soon enough. With the incredible energy and atmosphere from their live shows still fresh in their minds, the band began writing new material in their rehearsal studio in September 2004. From November on, the band started recording their new album with Achim Köhler in their usual working environment, fully conscious this might be the decisive album for their career. Now it's done - "Liquid Monster" has been completed, showcasing the enormous progress the band has gone through, surpassing even the most optimistic of predictions. The single "All Those Words" will be released on March 7, meant as an appetizer for the fans before the full album is released on April 4. On top of that, the limited first edition of "Liquid Monster" will include a bonus DVD chock full of video footage shot by the band on their last tour and an extra bonus audio track.

The band has already booked and confirmed a headlining tour which will take them all around the globe. So now beware… because the MONSTER is going to rise!

Current Line Up:
* Andy B. Franck – vocals
* Torsten Ihlenfeld – guitars, backing vocals
* Milan Loncaric – guitars, backing vocals
* Andreas Mailänder - bass
* Dieter Bernert – drums

2. Latvian pop-rock band Prāta vētra

Power Metal

Dark Themes, Mind/Spirit, Death, Power, etc.

Germany (Heidenheim, Bayern), formed in 1989

Metal Blade Records


Andy B. Franck - Vocals (Symphorce, ex-Ivanhoe (Ger))
Torsten Ihlenfeld - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Milan Loncaric - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dieter Bernert - Drums (Tarot's Myst)

Marcus Jürgens - Vocals (on first 2 albums)
Henning Basse - Vocals (Metalium (Ger), Errantry)
Stefan Fronk - Vocals
Peter Waldstätter - Bass
Andreas Mailänder - Bass (ex-Toxic Shock (Ger))


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