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Liquid Monster

"Liquid Monster" (2005)

1. Worlds are Comin' Through
2. Inside the Monster
3. All Those Words
4. Lifeline
5. Invisible Enemy
6. Heavenly
7. Painside
8. Despair to Drown
9. Mask of Life
10. Even Higher
11. Burns My Soul

1. Worlds are Comin' Through

Can you Ever Release me or do you Fear the Pain
You're the Better Part of me and it Doesn't Matter where you've been
'cause I'm Counting Broken Pieces and I'm Taking Over to the Light
I fall Asleep to Meet you where all my Fears and Dreams Unite
Wherever you are I'm Hiding Myself Behind
But the Sadness in your Eyes Makes me Hold you Tight
I Never Meant to Lie; This is the Last Goodbye
There's Nothing Else to Do when Worlds are Coming through
Almost Read my Mind, Afraid of what I'll Find
I'm Coming Closer to you when Worlds are Coming through
Why couldn't you Tell me about the Perfection of Pain?
Now you're Coming over from Breaking all the Boundaries of Shame
But Every Time you Think of me I'm Coming Through Walls
And Picking up the Pieces Right Before the Darkness Falls
There's no More Laughter There's Nothing Left Undone
I'm Leaving this Insanity and I'm Leaving on my Own

2. Inside the Monster

All the Words you Said to me, are Bleeding me Dry
All those Colours you've Shown me are Fading Away and I Ask Myself why
Through the Looking Glass, I'm too Blinded to See
You Shall not Fall, Neither Shall I Despair
In Some Way You'll Remember me
You're Blessed by the Fate and it Runs Through my Veins
Your Mind's Gone Astray and you don't Know my Name
Inside the Monster I'm Alone
The Nightmare Continues and I'm on my own
Inside the Monster I Can See the Force
I'm Hunting my Fears; I'm Inside a War, Inside the Steam
The Candles are Burning out, Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained
You Never Know Where Life Will Take Us, But I hope to Breathe Again
Am I Wasting my Time, am I Losing my Pride
Sift through the Darkness, all I Hope to Find are the Things that you Hide
Escape from those Things you Put me through
I'll Surrender but Now I've Failed you
You're Blessed by the Fate and it Runs through my Veins
But Now I'm Free of the Fear that you Obtain

3. All Those Words

All those words you hide inside won't last forever but they'll come true
I'm lost in the cold where rain turns to snow
I'm losing my mind there're no highs only lows
And you see my tears freeze on my skin
Confused by the dreams and illusions inside
The memories you fear are the shades of your pride
Whatever remains, it won't be the same
You're screaming out my name when the snow melts around me
But I can't take back those woeds I said, much to my regret
All those words you hide inside won't last forever but they'll come true
I'm on the edge of dark and light and something more than what I knew
Reflections in my mind of something I once knew
Time drifted away but your day came true
One second to leave's like nothing for you
You're nowhere to be found as I've looked around
I'm here to bleed, my world's standing still
The haze inside my brain, I can't get my fill
Whether sorrow or pain, all looks the same
Am i supposed to be the one to set the snow on fire?
It will begin to burn within that's for your desire

4. Lifeline

We're breaking through and now I'm here
You'd better listen to things and show no tears
On the line, awake to see
Again you've got to capture me to set me free
All the laughter in my brain
All the memories drive me insane
Time to change my thoughts for you
I feel your breath but what can I do?
I stared you right between the eyes
And lay your body next to mine
Through temptations all around
I make the tears come out of you and let them drop down
You're the victim to stir my pride
I'll try again to find a passage out before I lose my mind
That's all I'll do, that's all you need
Unfinished business, I'll make it complete
You can't take it, it's so unreal
What you deserve and how I feel
Your desperate tears you cried in vain
Don't fool my friends it's treated all the same
That's what I do, that's what you need
Unfinished business, now made it complete

5. Invisible Enemy

In the absence of light, all my voice I've been giving
It turned me around and got me believing
You're watching my world but I don't mind
My soul begins to scream, it's a matter of pride
Soon my dreams will disappear
Caught somewhere between my fears
A poisoned mind conspiracy
It calls y name, the inivisble enemy
I came across all those things I'd never have seen
Long after dark I try to fall asleep
My tongue betrays my fears and mind
Who I once was has slowly died

6. Heavenly

Here I am, never found the words to ask you why
I've seen you laughing and seen you cry as you walk by
You've been to where I'm from but my dreams will take you there
It's all in your hands, don't wake me up and meet me there
And you wonder how I ever could have been so blind
I believe in you, you've never been on my mind
Heavenly home of my dreams
Too close to see, you captured my heart
Heavenly home of my dreams
Colour my tears, where dreams fall apart
So if you're going to save my words all the words I tried to say
And I guess all my fears are just a breath away
Maybe I'll find a way, but I don't need another chance to be sure
You send a smile to my skin, like you ever did before
Can you really show me how you feel inside?
As for the first time I'm looking in your eyes
But it's bending my mind again and all that it's supposed to be
You were always there but you better get your hands off me

7. Painside

Through the eyes of a man, to his soul deep inside
Illusions appear as the morning will rise
It makes no sense to me, oh father can't you see
My desperate need to be together
Now I'm leaving my fears to hold on to never
There's no one beside me, the answer to the mystery
Away from the dark and the night, I'm away from the years
I'll never leave the pain inside and hide myself in tears
All I hear now, these words you say
All my thoughts drive me hopelessly insane
All I see now as I lie awake
Sell your soul, never to return to life again
I'll take a look at the sky where the night turns to day
My depression descends now it's time to pray
It's no more what it seems like in your wasted dreams
Swallow my fears and illusions of lies
The truth always hurts, so you're telling me lies
Your words in mind I lie awake, wondering how much I can take
Tearing up the place as I wait for this to pass
When my heart begins to race all I hear is the sound of falling glass

8. Despair to Drown

I'm trying to forgive you
I'm trying to forget you
I'm trying to believe the words you said
I'm trying to regret it's in your heat but now...
I hate the way you talk to me
I hate the things you'd like to see
I hate the words that come out of you
It's more the fear to love to hate you
Despair to drown
Every moment that goes by the future disappears
As I'm running out of time my world dissolves in tears
I can't believe what I've seen, I can't belief it's not a dream
I can't believe it anymore that my belief is like a whore
They pull the strings and lift you up to end your life or interrupt
They pull the trigger in the name of god
They pull the thanks a lot

9. Mask of Life

The smile in your face hits the dark light, another day passes you by
Try to escape from within to the outside but something tells me to stay
I'll open my eyes and I'm losing it all and the pain slips away
There's nowhere to hide but it seems like you ask yourself
Why do you fear the day?
You're in my dreams and now I'll focus my attention
As I'm drowning in lies I'm close to the edge, there's so much fear deep inside
So far away, I fear your sorrow; we all go blind if there's no tomorrow
So far away, I call it hollow; the mask of life brings no tomorrow
So far away, I need to breath; the mask of life shows my believe
I'll pace the rage and escape from within; I'm crawling out the walls where you locked me in, those acts of sin made me your slave
Trapped inside my world, where nothing is save
You hear me whisper when I try to speak, a waste of time cause you make me sick, with no redemption my soul will be burnt
You try to teach me what you've never learned
You'll escape from within; with all your thoughts you make it fade
The darkness is coming in while I'm breaking up but for you it's too late

10. Even Higher

I can't believe...
For a moment in time I got rid of myself and acted like a clown
For what crumbles and burns but still I'm around
Now I'm losing my faith
I'm ready to speak while all the lying is making me weak
As this is not what I seek
But do I deserve to walk away; I've tried to make it through
Seems there's no place to stay as long as I don't know what went on with oyu
I should have known, right from the start and turn my back away from the dark
Now I'm on my knees or walk the wire don't hang me high, even higher
Oh, I'm not like you at all...
But your words will keep me awake at night
Still in my ears and all in the mind so I turned on the light
But now I'm on my way...
There are things in life I cannot choose
I was trying to trace your path but there's nothing to lose
Remember these words I've never said
That's why I would never let it go
But I didn't really feel the cold at all
As long as there's no one to hold

11. Burns My Soul

You're trying to take what's in my mind
For all the pain that I shared with you
I'm losing my faith, from one direction into another
No faith, but I know where you're going to
Within your need, you're here alone
These empty rooms you call your home
Someone's around you and someone will care
It burns my soul and you'll be awake
That someone will die for and someone will cry
It burns my soul and clears my mind
Look at the passed time, my reason to live
Your hate inside will get you nowhere
But don't touch my mind, don't try to make me afraid
Now I'll surrender but it seems that no one cares
The stench of my sin is surrounding me
Through your disguise I brought you to your knees


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