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Awakening of the Ancient Ones

Album: ''Awakening of the Ancient Ones'' (2001 Demo)
1. Preludium (Awakening Of The Ancient Ones) / Cry, Raven, Cry
2. Awaking The Centuries
3. Just The Demons Fly
4. Transylvania (Iron Maiden cover)
5. Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Carl Orff cover)

...On the Way of the Hunting Moon

Album: ''...On the Way of the Hunting Moon'' (2003)
1. Nortwind
2. ...On The Way Of The Hunting Moon
3. Hymn To The Forgotten Pagan Gods
4. Acheron
5. The Age Of Death, Blood And Iron
6. Orlog (The Norn's Chant)

March for Glory and Revenge

Album: ''March for Glory and Revenge'' (2007)
1. Intro - Reconquering The Carpathians
2. The Call Of The Heathen Horns
3. From The Blackness Of Aeons
4. Mournful Hymns
5. Where The Light Was Born (Thule Ultima A Sole Nomen Habens)
6. Light Burst Into Flames On The Horns Of Baphomet
7. Towering Clouds Over The Fields Of Carnuntum
8. The Spear Of Longinus
9. Dreams Of Ages



Bornholm is a four piece black metal act from Hungary. The band was founded in 2000. In June 2001 Bornholm recorded their first demo, "Awakening of the Ancient Ones". After the recordings, Astaroth and Vlad started working on "...On The Way of the Hunting Moon", their first full length album. All the guitars and basses played by Astaroth, the keyboards by a session musician, Robert Kasza. After a few months, the band found Melancholia Records from France, and the album was released in official form. In the summer of 2004 they recorded their first video for the song "Acheron" with a hungarian film maker group. In september they played a gig with Arcturus, and after the show the drummer and the second guitarist left the band. In the winter of '06 a permanent bass player (Saterion) joined the band, along with a keyboard player (Immoralist), and the original drummer (Melkor) returned to the band. Their second full length album "March for Glory and Revenge" is due for release in early '07.

Current line-up:
Vlad - vocals
Astaroth (Sallai Péter) - guitars
Saterion (Kosovics István) - bass
Immoralist - keyboards

Black Metal

paganism, heathen themes

Hungary (Szerencs), formed in 2000

Melancholia Records


Thorgor - vocals
Astaroth (Sallai Péter) - guitars (Invictus (Hun))
Vozargh (Vigh Zoltán) - guitars
Saterion (Kosovics István) - bass (Formorket, ex-Ancient Cult of Pandemonium, Sorrow and Tears, Dark Period)
Immoralist (formerly Belial) - keyboards (ex-Ancient Cult of Pandemonium, Sorrow and Tears)
Juhász Dávid - session drums (Sin of Kain)

Ferenc Gyöngyösi - drums (2002-2004)
Melkor (Deák Tamás) - drums (Carcharoth (Hun), Frost (Hun))
Barocsi Róbert - keyboards
Kasza Róbert - session keyboards (on "On The Way Of The Hunting Moon")
Mordran (Horváth István) - bass (Carcharoth (Hun), Overload (Hun))
Horánszky Zoltán - guitars
Gazdag Péter - guitars
Sadogoat (Klein Péter) - session guitars (Dead Monuments, Mogorva, ex-Frost (Hun), ex-Neural Booster, ex-Disorder, ex-Whaka Danger, The Quintessence, Darktempered)
Olajos Ferenc - vocals (left before "Awakening Of The Ancient Ones")
Vlad - vocals


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