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March for Glory and Revenge

"March for Glory and Revenge" (2007)

1. Intro - Reconquering The Carpathians
2. The Call Of The Heathen Horns
3. From The Blackness Of Aeons
4. Mournful Hymns
5. Where The Light Was Born (Thule Ultima A Sole Nomen Habens)
6. Light Burst Into Flames On The Horns Of Baphomet
7. Towering Clouds Over The Fields Of Carnuntum
8. The Spear Of Longinus
9. Dreams Of Ages

1. Intro - Reconquering The Carpathians

2. The Call Of The Heathen Horns

See the lights around
Warriors in shining armour
Marching through the path of the elder
Clouds rise on the mountain’s high

Oh, cold carpathian wind,
Clean, as our virgin’s blood
Listen to the roars of battles
See awakening forgotten wrath

Oh, cold and mysterious night
Idolised, graceful empires
Halberds are shining bright
The armies of Heathens rise

Oh, cold carpathian wind
I hear your call, bringer of storms
The stars shining above the mountains
Like lights above the graves

Father, take my soul
To the halls of eternal glory
Father, raise my sword
To unleash my raging fury

I hear the sounds of battle drums
I hear the call of the heathen horns
A call for war

3. From The Blackness Of Aeons

Rise from the greatest kingdom,
Walk on the ancient path
That once kings walked and only
From the cleanest blood

Halls of an elder wisdom
Dark of the yawning graves
Prayers from eternal empires
Howling from the skies

Hail, kings, hail
Open the gates of wrath
Awaking hate
The chosen ones will drown in blood

Courageous warriors,
glorious, mighty kings
Fall into the caves of sadness
With honour in heart

The fear crawls through the halls of wisdom
The pagan realm was left it’s crown
Bring the flag of hate, and remember
Forever mourn

Our body'll be fed with your soul,
Our spirit will haunting your night
We'll raise from the blackness of aeons,
We'll show you the eternal light

4. Mournful Hymns

Fading shadow of time
We will gather again
Die with hope in the heart
Deathwish, thirst for pain

Clouds rise above the land
Proud Wind, blow with rage
The world is under my will
Will to rule, will to conquer

Hear the lamentation of kings
Once they were great,
Once they were ruled
From dismal caves of glorious spells
The worms of time ‘re eating their flesh

Ashes of thrones cover the land
Ruins of empires, fallen realms
Crying souls break the silence
Mournful hymns through the autumn sky

Faded armor, rusty blades
Once they were knights,
Once they fought
A sound reflecting throughout the graves
Heroes of honour singing

Dark, mournful hymns

5. Where The Light Was Born (Thule Ultima A Sole Nomen Habens)

Great shining lights of the sky,
Bring our Gods back to the world
Burning light cathedrals
Raise my soul to the land of Thule

Half of a year...daylight
Half of a endless nightfall

Nine nights long
Wounded by spear
Consecrated to Odin

Ultima Thule...where the light was born
Land beyond the freezing winds

Sons of the Northstar
On snow-covered path they walk
Light of the Northstar
The crown of the kingdom of gods

Axis Mundi...Blessed be your kingdom
Axis Mundi...Lost aryan wisdom

The Arcturus
The broken cross
A legend
A wheel of Sun
Thule arise

Know how to carve, know how to read,
know how to stain, know how to understand,
know how to ask, know how to offer,
know how to evoke, know how to sacrifice.

6. Light Burst Into Flames On The Horns Of Baphomet

The time passed by
When we met in the light
In the light that He brought
Light without shadow

We’re waiting for the sign,
To show the way again,
Idols in the black halls
The halls, where His soul shines

We are our own god,
We have our own god within

Cold was the night when we are gathered
Around the the ancient altars
But my heart was burning temple
My soul was the only God

We felt the power of Thee
His soul shone through ours
Show me the way to the stars,
Let me tear down my flesh

We are the true God,
We are the light
We are our own God
We burn

The time is coming,
I saw in my dreams
We will meet in the light again,
That burst into flames on the horns of Baphomet

I came to this world to slay
the Gods of weakness,
Murder the servants of compassion,
and tear down the walls of the
forsaken heaven

Save me

7. Towering Clouds Over The Fields Of Carnuntum

Blood flows from the throat of the mountains,
Black rain falls to the legion’s trail
Mist covers the path of our fathers
The path, on we march

The gods are watching me
They are the gods of will
Proud men, proud gods

The world is changing,
Our world is eternal...
I saw the legions of Varus,
Oh, gods, eat their flesh

Tormented for knowledge
Wotan...nine nights
Donar, with pride we walk,
As wolves among sheep

We are the clouds over the fields
We march through our ancient’s forests
Allvater, see the trail of the warriors,
Sons of Mannus we are

The twilight has come...the fall of Rome
Black clouds towering over Carnuntum

8. The Spear Of Longinus

The pain of flesh will squeeze you
The torment of soul will put you to death
Rome will rise, Rome is eternal
Obey our Gods, bastards of Jahve

Longinus...Your spear will raise the wrath
Longinus...Weapon of raging force

We feel the anger the voice of our blood
We see the future, of an empire to rise
Mighty gates of an eternal kingdom
Built from honour, fire and pride

Hold the spear, that stroke through his flesh
Hold it before us, that drank from his blood
Symbol of force, oh Spear Of Destiny
Guardian of blood, bearer of empires

Longinus...Your spear will raise again
Longinus...Your spear will rule the men
Longinus...We hold the Spear
We are...The Men over men

9. Dreams Of Ages


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