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Nitko Nas Ne Vidi... Ali Mi Ipak Postojimo

Album: ''Nitko Nas Ne Vidi... Ali Mi Ipak Postojimo'' (2006)
1. 2,000,000 grinja spava sa vama
2. Crvenilo i parfem
3. Èuvaj zdravlje
4. Poludjeli psihijatar
5. Savršen dan za samoubojstvo
6. Supernova budala
7. Melem za uši
8. Uvijek problemi
9. Idemo na papu
10. Nesavršen svijet (jebiga)
11. Lauf
12. Produkt progresa
13. Biraj: budala, debil, kreten ili imbecil?
14. Gusti sloj septièke
15. Zbog love
16. Sam protiv sebe
17. Exploziv (akustik)

Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda

Album: ''Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda'' (2006)
1. Život, rad, užas
2. T-pušiona
3. Proljev
4. Kodine-trokuti
5. Uvijek ista prièa
6. Pobuna g. è.
7. 1dan
8. Usamljena udovica
9. Error
10. Jebemise
11. Pluèa puna cinka
12. Nerv
13. Pjevaè u Paragvaju
14. Van iz depresije
15. Grinje odlaze

bolesno grinje


Bolesno Grinje are a grindcore band from Pula, Croatia.
In the beginning of year 2000 Hoc-bass guitar player (ex Anti Otpad) and Rio-drummer (Desinence Mortification) have decided to make a band that will play something new in the Croatian extreme music scene, so they made some combination of hard core crust with some grind parts.
In a short time Mrki-guitar player (Screaming Vagina) and Angeri-vocal (ex S.M.C.) have joined band, and that was Bolesno Grinje crew till the beginning of year 2002 than Mrki decided to quit and new member has joined Bolesno Grinje this was Jule-guitar player (ex Anti Otpad) and this is final crew of Bolesno Grinje, and it is like this nowadays too.
First stuff that they decided to record was an 18 songs album called "Pobjeda je nasa" (Victory is ours) and it was in the beginning of year 2001 in the studio "Ja sam glup" (I'm stupid).
This stuff was released by Endless Brutality of Man records (Mexico) in the July / 2005.
Some songs from "Pobjeda je nasa" in combination with some other songs that we have recorded in the same time were released on the split LP with Slovenian band Sodn' Dan by Humanita Nova / D.I.Y. in year 2002.
Their second full length album was released by the same label E.B.M records (Mexico) in March / 2006 it is called "Od nesvijesti do grinda" (From unconsciousness to the grind) and it was recorded in the same studio in the year 2003.
Nowadays they have signed up for Deathbag records (USA) and they will release their last stuff that we recorded in the studio "Ja sam gluh" (I'm deaf) in the year 2005. and it's called "Nitko nas ne vidi... ali mi ipak postojimo" (Nobody sees us... but we do exist).
The EP "-1 mozak" (minus one brain) was released on The Monteparadiso Netlabel. You can download all the songs in uncompressed format (but also mp3 and ogg) under a Creative Commons license from here.
Their official web site can be found here.
You can find them on Myspace.

Death Metal/Grindcore

Croatia (Pula), formed in 2000

Endless Brutality Of Men Recs.


Angeri - Vocals
Jule - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Hoc - Bass/Backing Vocals
Rio - Drums/Backing Vocals


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