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Menstrual Soup

Album: ''Menstrual Soup'' (1992 Demo)
1. Knee Deep in Menstrual Blood
2. Ted
3. Dr. Artery
4. Dirty Platter
5. Swine in Shit

Fisting The Dead

Album: ''Fisting The Dead'' (1993 EP)
1. Intro
2. Vulgar Taste (Of A Rotten Cunt)
3. Kill Kill Kill
4. Bitch
5. Intro
6. Mortician
7. Sadomasifuck
8. Rectal Spawn
9. Intro
10. Grossman the Meatman
11. Blood Fart
12. Knee Deep In Menstrual Blood (The Bleeding Bitch Returns)
13. Intro
14. Chunky Bit
15. Intro
16. Simultaneous Pleasure Pinch
17. Intro
18. Theatre of the Macabre
19. Gimme Some Lovin
20. Raping the Elderly
21. Intro
22. Anal Feast
23. Fisting the Dead
24. Intro
25. Derek


Album: ''Yeest'' (1996 EP)
1. Albert
2. Northcoat
3. Motherfuckin'
4. Chuck
5. Showered With Affection, Part 2
6. Strop
7. Nasty Chicks (With Big Ol' Tits)

Str8 Outta Northcote

Album: ''Str8 Outta Northcote'' (1998)
1. Givin' Stiff To The Stiff
2. Hippie Kill Team
3. Metal As Fuck
4. I Hate Girls And Crusty Punx
5. Chop-Chop
6. Tittie
7. Mother Load
8. The Meat Song (Stiffy In McDonalds)
9. Death Squad
10. Instrumental 1
11. The Simple Life
12. Where Does All The Money Go When Releasing A Full Length Album?
13. It's Just Not Metal
14. Celebrating 35% Pig Fat
15. F.S.S.
16. Ohh Ahh
17. Derek 2
18. Roll Call
19. Shoved Up Your Pisshole
20. Ballad Of Hoyt
21. Pure Digital Silence


Album: ''Cunt'' (2001)
1. We Are The Word Police
2. Big Fat Arse
3. Another Slack Arsed Aussie Band
4. Porn Store Stiffi
5. Pissing Contest
6. I Just Finished Sucking Off Metalheads In The Mens Urinals
7. Hoochie Mumma
8. I Love It When Joe Pesci Swears
9. Stock Takin'
10. Lets All Fuck
11. A Track Suit Is Not Appropriate Metal Apparel
12. The Corpse Song
13. Fuck You Scene Boy
14. Is Killing Clones Illegal
15. Don't Call Me Homeboy Ya' Cunt
16. Spefeven
17. The Object Is To Shift Some Units
18. Sweet Meat
19. Dis-Organ-Ized (Impetigo cover)


Album: ''D.F.F.'' (2002 EP)
1. The Spirit of Sore Throat has Long Since Died
2. Ornery Hornery
3. D.F.F.
4. 66.6 On Your Fm Dial
5. Ticket to Ride
6. Let's Fuck (The Dwarves Cover)

Blood Duster

Album: ''Blood Duster'' (2003)
1. For Those About To Fuck
2. Idi
3. SixSixSixteen
4. Cock Junkie
5. Sellout
6. I Wanna Do It With A Donna
7. Fruity Relationships
8. Heroin Punk
9. Sk8er Grrl
10. Bad Habits
11. On The Stage
12. Vegan Feast
13. Drink Fight Fuck
14. Tony Goes To Court (Skit)
15. On The Hunt
16. Current Trends
17. Underground
18. Drug Fiend
19. Achin' For An 'A' Cup
20. Dahmer The Embalmer
21. She's A Junkie
22. NuCorporate


Album: ''Sixsixsixteen'' (2004 Single)
1. Intro - Pledge Of Allegiance
2. SixSixSixteen
3. Intro
4. LovePiss
5. It's A MANS World
6. I Wanna Be Your Pimp
7. Intro
8. Bonus Track

Lyden Na (The Now Sound)

Album: ''Lyden Na (The Now Sound)'' (2007)
1. Intro
2. ThreeOhSevenOhh
3. PissStomper
4. TheKidsCanGetFucked
5. RockNRollJihad
6. BrokeAssBitch
7. MyspaceYourFace
8. AngryDragon
9. ILoveThePills
10. DusterDuster
11. TheNightTheyBurnedOldEmoDown
12. RapedWithATyreIron
13. ISawYourDadSuckingOffAnotherDudesDad
14. OrgansForAProfit
15. StrungUpWithCockInHand
16. BalladOfHenryAndotis

blood duster


Blood Duster are a five piece grind/death/rock band from Melbourne, Australia, known for their fast and heavy musical style. The band are currently enjoying some semi-mainstream success after their self-titled Blood Duster album and an appearance at the annual Big Day Out festival.

The band's first offering, Yeest, was a straightforward grindcore album. The follow up album, Str8 Outta Northcote was a southern-flavored stoner rock album. The band's third album, Cunt was a more intense and true-to-its-roots offering, with rhythmic bluesy metal guitars and heavy drumwork.

Blood Duster toured across Europe and Japan in mid 2005 to promote the release of their first DVD, tentatively titled "The Shape of Death to Come" as well as a re-release of their first EP, "Fisting the Dead".

Band Members

* Jason P.C. - Bass, Vocals
* Tony Lee Roth - Vocals
* M Lo - Guitar
* Matt Rizzo - Drums
* Belt Thrower - Guitar

Death Metal/Grind

Death, Rape, Gore, Humor

Australia (Melbourne, Victoria), formed in 1991

Season of Mist


Jason P.C. (Jason Fuller) - Bass, Vocals (Dern Rutlidge, Clit Sac)
Tony Lee Roth (Tony Forde) - Vocals (The Day Everything Became Nothing, Entasis, The Kill (Aus))
Matt Collins aka 'Lowpantz' - Guitar (2000-)
Belt Thrower - Guitar (Mindsnare (Aus))
David Haley - Drums (Ruins (Aus), The Amenta, Nervecell, ex-Disseminate, ex-Aborted, Psycroptic)

Fin Allman aka 'Fin McCarthy' - Guitar (1995-2000)
Josh Nixon aka 'JJ LaWhore'- Guitar (Pod People, Mightyfew)
Brad Johnston - Guitar (1994) (Abyssic Hate, Hecatomb (Aus))
Anthony - Guitar
Troy - Guitar & Vocals (Portrayal)

Euan Heriot - Drums (1995-1999) (Abramelin (Aus), Long Voyage Back, Fracture (Aus))
Shane Rout - Drums (1994) (1999) (Abyssic Hate, Deströyer 666, Hecatomb (Aus))
Brick - Drums & Vocals

Callum Wilson - Bass (Portrayal)

Dave Evans - Vocals (guest) (AC/DC)


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