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Album: ''Promo' 98'' (1998 Demo)
1. Return from Lilith's Cunt
2. Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero
3. Obey Baphomet

Saturn Sector

Album: ''Saturn Sector'' (2001)
1. Nayward Of Python's Silence
2. Return From Lilith's Cunt
3. Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero
4. The Metal Flowers
5. Annihilate Thy Forest
6. Saturn Sector
7. Erection of Seven Towers of Satan
8. Confession
9. The Apocalyptic Sacrifice
10. Obey Baphomet
11. Rising of the Cold Killer
12. A Masque of the Black Death*
13. The Number*

Grave of the Light

Album: ''Grave of the Light'' (2001 EP)
1. Return From Lilith's Cunt
2. Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero
3. Obey Baphomet

Fucking Fullmoon Foundation

Album: ''Fucking Fullmoon Foundation'' (2002)
1. Das Kriechende Chaos
2. Unholy Church
3. Dei Carnifex (Funeral March I)
4. The Hunger Of Possession
5. In Erwartung Des Blutes
6. Blind Messiah
7. Northward Of The North
8. Unter Den Toten (Trauermarsch II)
9. Dance Macabre

Bottomless Armageddon

Album: ''Bottomless Armageddon'' (2003)
1. Baphomet
2. Under The Spell Of Black Moors
3. The Falling Of Gold Jerusalem
4. Dominus' Dusk Hammer
5. The Black Snow / Dance Of The Red Donkey
6. Seven Towers Of Satan
7. Apocalyptic Dream

Satan macht frei

Album: ''Satan macht frei'' (2004)
1. Satan macht mich frei
2. Unter der Schwarzsonne
3. Der Flug des Nukleardrachen
4. Licht ist dein Tod
5. Satanische Endlösung
6. Schmerzenssehnsucht
7. Die Stahltränen

Portrait in Scars

Album: ''Portrait in Scars'' (2005 Split)
1. Wenn der vierte Mond F�llt
2. Der absolute B�se
3. Blut und Asche
4. The Raised
5. Corpse Glide (Beneath Great Dragon)
6. Mine Portrait in Scars
7. The Wither Season
8. Derision


Album: ''Fanatical'' (2006 EP)
1. Fanatical
2. Die bleierne Asche
3. Der kalte Heiligenschein
4. Die Brucke Uber Den Styx
5. Ritual On The Plateau Of Leng
6. Transsilvanischer Hunger
7. Inferno



BLACKDEATH began with their early sound as BLACK DRAUGWATH. BLACKDEATH is a pure black metal band from Russia with a distinctly primitive, militant and raw sound with a bestial and howling vocal delivery which provides an intensity lacking elsewhere in music of any kind! BLACKDEATH is Abysslooker - guitar and vocals, and Para Bellum - bass

They have the following releases:

Dwellers of the Cursed Forest Demo 1995 Hungry AK-47 Productions (Clip 01)

Apocalyptic Songs Reh-demo 1996 Hungry AK-47 Productions (Clip 02)

The Bottomless Armageddon Split with Celestia (Fr) MC 1998 Hungry AK-47 Productions (Clip 666)

Promo MC 1998 Sombre Records

Grave of the Light 7" EP 2001 Sombre Records

Saturn Sector LP 2001 Sombre Records (lp 10)

Saturn Sector CD 2002 ISO666 Releases (IS 09)

Fucking Fullmoon Foundation CD 2002 ISO666 Releases (IS 12)

Fucking Fullmoon Foundation LP 2003 Sombre Records

Dwellers of the Cursed Forest CD 2004 Blutreinheit Productions / Antihumanism Records (Blut 15 / AH-02)

Apocalyptic Songs CD 2004 Blutreinheit Productions / Antihumanism Records (Blut 22 / AH-10)

Grave of the Light MC 2004 Blutreinheit Productions (Blut 13)

Bottomless Armageddon CD 2004 ISO666 Releases (IS 18)

Bottomless Armageddon LP 2004 Faustian Distro / Northern Heritage

Total 7" Split with Bloodhammer (Fin) EP 2004 Breath of Pestilence Productions (BOP012)

Totentanz Split with Mortifera (Fr) CD 2004 Niessedrion Records (N.D.006)

Satan Macht Frei CD 2004 Drakkar Productions (DK CD 034)

Totentanz Split with Mortifera (Fr) LP 2005 Niessedrion Records (N.D.006)

Unkeusche Träume 7" Split with Horna (Fin) EP 2005 From Beyond Productions (FBP-051)

Dwellers of the Cursed Forest LP 2005 Cathedral Ruins (HYMN 003)

Totentanz II Split with Leviathan (US) CD 2005 ISO666 Releases (IS 30)

Totentanz II Split with Leviathan (US) picture-LP 2005 Niessedrion Records (N.D.009)

Fucking Fullmoon Foundation CD 2006 ISO666 Releases (IS 34)

Black metal

Satan, Anti-christian, Dreams/Hallucinations

Russia (St. Petersburg), formed in 1995

Drakkar Productions


Abysslooker - Guitar, Vocals (Cthulhu Biomechanical)
Para Bellum (Dmitriy Popov) - Bass (Cthulhu Biomechanical)

Ereth - Drums
Nightshadow - Vocals


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