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The Return of the Northern Moon

Album: ''The Return of the Northern Moon'' (1992 Demo)
1. ...of My Worship (Intro)
2. Summoning of the Ancient Gods
3. Dark Triumph
4. Monumentum (Intro)
5. Rise of the Blackstorm of Evil
6. Aggressor (Hellhammer cover)
7. Outro

...From the Pagan Vastlands

Album: ''...From the Pagan Vastlands'' (1993 Demo)
1. From Hornedlands to Lindesfarne

...From the Pagan Vastlands

Album: ''...From the Pagan Vastlands'' (1993 Demo)
1. From Hornedlands to Lindesfarne
2. Thy Winter Kingdom
3. Summoning (Of the Ancient Ones)
4. The Dance of the Pagan Flames
5. Blackvisions of the Almighty
6. Fields of Haar-Meggido
7. Deathcrush (Mayhem cover)

Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)

Album: ''Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)'' (1995)
1. Chant of the Eastern Lands
2. The Touch of Nya
3. From the Pagan Vastlands
4. Hidden in a Fog
5. Ancient
6. Entering the Faustian Soul
7. Forgotten Cult of Aldaron
8. Wolves Guard My Coffin
9. Hell Dwells in Ice
10. Transylvanian Forest

And the Forests Dream Eternally

Album: ''And the Forests Dream Eternally'' (1995 EP)
1. Transylvanian Forest
2. Moonspell Rites
3. Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic) ('94 version)
4. Pure Evil and Hate
5. Forgotten Empire of Dark Witchcraft


Album: ''Grom'' (1996)
1. Intro
2. The Dark Forest (Cast Me Your Spell)
3. Spellcraft and Heathendom
4. Dragon's Lair (Cosmic Flames and Four Barbaric Seasons)
5. Lasy Pomorza
6. Rising Proudly Towards the Sky
7. Thou Shalt Forever Win
8. Grom

Bewitching the Pomerania

Album: ''Bewitching the Pomerania'' (1997 EP)
1. With Spell of Inferno (Mefisto)
2. Hidden in the Fog
3. Sventevith (Storming Near the Baltic)

Pandemonic Incantations

Album: ''Pandemonic Incantations'' (1998)
1. Diableria (The Great Introduction)
2. The Thousand Plagues I Witness
3. Satan's Sword (I Have Become)
4. In Thy Pandemaeternum
5. Driven by the Five-Winged Star
6. The Past Is Like a Funeral
7. The Entrance to the Spheres of Mars
8. Chwa³a Mordercom Wojciecha (997-1997 Dziesiêæ Wieków Hañby)
9. Outro


Album: ''Satanica'' (1999)
1. Decade of Therion
2. LAM
3. Ceremony of Shiva
4. Of Sephirotic Transformation and Carnality
5. The Sermon to the Hypocrites
6. Starspawn
7. The Alchemist's Dream
8. Chant for Eschaton 2000


Album: ''Thelema.6'' (2000)
1. Antichristian Phenomenon
2. The Act of Rebellion
3. Inflamed With Rage
4. Pan Satyros
5. Natural Born Philosopher
6. Christians to the Lions
7. Inauguration of Scorpio Dome
8. In the Garden of Dispersion
9. The Universe Illumination (Say "Hello" to My Demons)
10. Vinvm Sabbati
11. 23 (The Youth Manifesto)
12. The End

Live Eschaton

Album: ''Live Eschaton'' (2000 Video/VHS)
1. Decade of Therion
2. LAM
3. Satan's Sword
4. From the Pagan Vastlands
5. Driven by the Five Winged Star
6. The Entrance to the Spheres of Mars
7. Starspawn
8. Carnage (Mayhem cover)
9. Chant for Eschaton 2000
10. Pure Evil & Hate
11. Decade of Therion (video clip)
12. Chant for Eschaton 2000 (video clip)

Antichristian Phenomenon

Album: ''Antichristian Phenomenon'' (2001 EP)
1. Antichristian Phenomenon
2. Malice
3. From the Pagan Vastlands 2000
4. Sathanas (Sarcófago cover)
5. Hello Spaceboy (David Bowie cover)
6. Day of Suffering (Morbid Angel cover)
7. Carnage (Mayhem cover)
8. Christians to the Lions (MPEG video)

Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)

Album: ''Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)'' (2002)
1. Horns ov Baphomet
2. Modern Iconoclasts
3. Here and Beyond (Titanic Turn of Time)
4. As Above So Below
5. Blackest ov the Black
6. Hekau 718
7. The Harlot ov the Saints
8. No Sympathy for Fools
9. Zos Kia Cultus
10. Fornicatus Benefictus
11. Typhonian Soul Zodiack
12. Heru Ra Ha: Let There Be Might


Album: ''Conjuration'' (2003 EP)
1. Conjuration ov Sleep Daemons
2. Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover)
3. Welcome to Hell (Venom cover)
4. Christians to the Lions (live)
5. Decade of Therion (live)
6. Antichristian Phenomenon (live)
7. Chant for Eschaton 2000 (live)


Album: ''Demigod'' (2004)
1. Sculpting the Throne ov Seth
2. Demigod
3. Conquer All
4. The Nephilim Rising
5. Towards Babylon
6. Before the Æons Came
7. Mysterium Coniunctionis (Hermanubis)
8. XUL
9. Slaves Shall Serve
10. The Reign ov Shemsu-Hor

Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem for Generation Armageddon

Album: ''Crush.Fukk.Create: Requiem for Generation Armageddon'' (2004 DVD)
1. Antichristian Phenomenon
2. From the Pagan Vastlands
3. Heru Ra Ha (Let There Be Might)
4. Christians to the Lions
5. Hekau 718
6. No Sympathy for Fools
7. Decade ov Therion
8. As Above So Below
9. Chant for Eskhaton 2000
10. Pure Evil and Hate
11. Christians to the Lions
12. Decade ov Therion
13. From the Pagan Vastlands
14. Antichristian Phenomenon
15. LAM
16. Satan's Sword
17. Chant for Eskhaton
18. As Above So Below (video)
19. Christians to the Lions (video)
20. Interview and introduction to selected episodes by Nergal
21. The past is like a funeral...
22. X-Mass festivals
23. Italian affair
24. First headlining experience
25. Poland
26. Barbarossa east tour
27. Mexican episode
28. European crusade
29. Album production and studio scenes
30. Conquering US and other stuff...

Slaves Shall Serve

Album: ''Slaves Shall Serve'' (2005 EP)
1. Slaves Shall Serve (album version)
2. Entering the Pylon ov Light (non-album track)
3. Penetration (The Nefilim cover)
4. Until You Call on the Dark (Danzig cover)
5. Demigod (live at Sweden Rock Festival 2005)
6. Slaves Shall Serve (live at Sweden Rock Festival 2005)


Album: ''Demonica'' (2006 Best of/Compilation)
1. Of My Worship (Intro)
2. Summoning of the Ancient Gods
3. The Arrival (Instrumental)
4. Dark Triumph
5. Monumentum (Instrumental)
6. Rise of the Blackstorm of Evil
7. Aggressor
8. Goat With a Thousand Young (Instrumental)
9. Bless Thee for Granting Me Pain
10. Cursed Angel of Doom
11. Transylvanian Forest
12. Spellcraft & Heathendom

The Apostasy

Album: ''The Apostasy'' (2007)
1. Rome 64 C.E.
2. Slaying the Prophets ov Isa
3. Prometherion
4. At the Left Hand ov God
5. Kriegsphilosophie
6. Be Without Fear
7. Arcana Hereticae
8. Libertheme
9. Inner Sanctum
10. Pazuzu
11. Christgrinding Avenue



Behemoth is an influential Polish death metal band. They are considered to have played one of the most important roles in establishing the Polish extreme metal underground, alongside Vader and Sacrilegium. Until the early 2000's, the band played rather classic black metal with heathen lyrical content, but soon changed to occult and thelemic themes written by their leader, Nergal and the occultist and poet Krzysztof Azarewicz, first seen on their 1999 album, "Satanica," regarded by some fans as a classic blackened death metal album

This coincided with an increase in musical craftsmanship that allowed them to move beyond the black metal underground and made them gain international recognition. With the 2004 release of Demigod, they had fully embraced modern death metal while retaining their own signature style characterized by the staggering drumwork of Inferno, multi-layered vocals and Nile-style middle-eastern influence.

Their transition from black to death metal has made them "traitors," and "sell-outs" in the eyes of some of their old fans, but they have become popular of the modern death metal scene; Behemoth is often likened to other rising stars, such as Nile (with whom they have collaborated and toured with).

Current Line-up:
Nergal: Vocals, Guitars
Orion: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Inferno: Drums
Seth: Studio/Session Guitars

Black Metal (early) - Black/Death Metal (now)

Paganism, Thelemic, Ancient Cultures

Poland (Gdañsk), formed in 1991

Regain Records


Adam "Nergal" Darski: Vocals, Guitars (session drums for Mastiphal, ex-Damnation (Pol), Wolverine, Vocal and Bass session for Hermh)
Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Prominski: Drums, Percussion (Azarath, ex- Witchmaster (Pol), ex-Damnation (Pol))
Tomasz "Orion" Wroblewski: Bass (Vesania (Pol), Neolithic)

Patryk Dominik "Seth" Sztyber: Session Guitar (Nomad (Pol), ex-Vesania (Pol))

Guitars, Bass:
Leszek "L.Kaos" Dziegielewski (Damnation (Pol), Hell-Born)
Adam "Desecrator" Malinowski

Rafa³ "Frost / Browar" Brauer (Immemorial, ex-Blindead)
Marcin "Novy" Nowak (Vader, Dies Irae (Pol), ex-Devilyn, Spinal Cord, Crucified Mortals)

Mateusz "Havok" Śmierzchalski (Blindead)

Adam "Baal Ravenlock (aka Raven)" Muraszko (Hell-Born, Damnation (Pol))

Session keyboards :
Piotr Weltrowski (December's Fire, ex-Hefeystos, The 4th Is Eligor)
Maciej Niedzielski

Guests :
Warrel Dane - vocals on <i>The Apostasy</i> (Nevermore, Sanctuary (US), ex-Serpent's Knight)
Leszek Mozdzer - piano on <i>The Apostasy</i>
Karl Sanders - solo guitar on <i>Demigod</i> (Nile)


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