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The New Elite

Album: ''The New Elite'' (2003)
1. __
2. Ignorance Through Learning
3. Endless Decay
4. 21st Century Christ
5. Cynide Savior
6. Helisher
7. Can't Steal Your Mind
8. The Soul Within
9. Engineers of Disinformation



Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Baghead is said to be "metal so good its scary". Since forming in 2001 they have dominated the underground scene with their unique brand of metal precision. Fusing influence from metal greats such as Pantera, Slayer, Opeth, Nevermore, Meshuggah, and Death with a combination of classical, funk, and blues they have created a sound all their own.

DaVe Palmer (lead guitar/vox), Josh Palmer (Drums), Mike Vaday (rhythm guitar/vox), and Tim Mitelman (Bass) make up the neck-wrecking quartet.

After releasing their debut album "The New Elite" (2003) they played from Worcester, MA to Milwaukee, WI. Playing upwards of ninety shows by the end of 2004 they had established a solid following in their regional area of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio before heading back into the studio. In the summer/fall of 2005, Baghead delivered their sophomore release "Betrayal" and headed back into the touring circuit. In 2006 alone, they have already performed over 120 shows in 8 states.

Baghead has shared the stage with Lamb of God, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad, Mushroomhead, Byzantine, Gizmachi, Hypocracy, Decapitated, Goat Whore, Overkill, Dope, Vital Remains, Soulfly and more. They have also played annual events such as The Milwaukee Metalfest, Cleveland Music Festival, The Emergenza Music Festival, and a date on Warped Tour 2005. In October 2005 Baghead made the cover of Pittsburgh's Music Underground Magazine. Their music has been featured on 93.7 K-Rock's "15 Minutes of Fame" they have also been awarded "Track of the Day" on on numerous occasions.

Baghead's music is featured on radio stations in PA, OH, WV, MD, NY, MI, MA, CT, NJ, and VA as well as other west coast states and is also featured on multiple internet stations (i.e. MySpace, Garage Band, Pure Volume, AudioStreet, etc). The Baghead name is on over 250,000 demos, albums, compilations, t-shirts, hats, hoodies, thongs, bumper stickers, lighters, posters, and other miscellaneous items.

Baghead is set to hit the studio to begin production on their next full length album, after which they will be touring nationally and will be looking for national management and distribution.

Thrash Metal

Apocalypse, Agony, Fear, etc.

United States of America (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), formed in 2001

B-Headed Records


Dave Palmer - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Josh Palmer - Drums
Mike Vaday - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals
Tim Mitelman - Bass

Michael ``Skip`` Cromer - Vocals, Guitar (Byzantine, The Burt Reynolds Death Metal Experiment))
George Parfitt - Drums, Backing Vocals (Threat Signal)
Wes South - Rhythm Guitar/Vocals (Hollowpoint)
Brett Ciamarra - Drums
Cosimo Liberto - Vocals


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