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The New Elite

"The New Elite" (2003)

1. __
2. Ignorance Through Learning
3. Endless Decay
4. 21st Century Christ
5. Cynide Savior
6. Helisher
7. Can't Steal Your Mind
8. The Soul Within
9. Engineers of Disinformation

1. __

2. Ignorance Through Learning

Scorched earth, the end of the century
War turn, decay of a modern dynasty
Will you be the first to see your life become the past?
Don't look to faith here's the end it's coming fast

Fear of the masses
A war of social classes
What is real?
What you touch or what you feel

You martyr, belief that ends your life
Slaughter, by their hands on the knife
Teach you to fight now only the hate remains
All they want you to see... ignorance through learning

Look inside your mind
You may not like what you find
What is it they want?
What is it they need?
To see you suffer see you bleed

Ravage all that stand in the way
Progress into a pattern of scrutiny
To eliminate all the weak
The price for a perfect society

Come undone at the seams
Chaos from underground
To promote its apostasy
The chance to be reborn

3. Endless Decay

I look at the past and exhale its lies
I stare into the beast and heed to its cries
I see the flame it burns it burns out the skies
There's only one way to live I only have my life to give

Sacrificed for something
I'll never see
You're evolving into nothing

Hate, falling in rain
Shame reminds me of pain
Too late the end has come

How do you like, this perfect world
Can't you see your ignorance can't you realize?
All this world is shit, this world I despise
Endless decay a world where angels cry

Cancer, of the mind
Growing, everyday
Insignificant what you think
Insolent what you say


4. 21st Century Christ

Take what is god make it a man judge what is to define
Evolve into parasite puritist recall they say is a crime
Killing fields they pile to the sky justice is served it's a lie
Do not ignore must look at this murder fro freedom
Rot away politics expose the face

In the darkness the sea past me minds eye
The future history stood many that fell
From the ashes arose a man
A cure for the world
Twenty-first Century Christ

Your words spill out one more meaningless than the last
I am no ta name I am not a number
Not to live to follow your word
Will not shatter like stained glass window
Never surrender

I am the face of resistance
Of defiance
Your manufactured
Insolence, arrogance, ignorance
To the fact I think for me
Calculated, forumlated
Religion for the black at heart
No longer will you be what you can or cannot see renounce individuality

Legion of faceless a fear the name is less
Is it true only the slaves will survive?
is that what it is to be alive?

You are not what you see
You are what you believe
How things came to be
Free thought isn't heresy
I was born with a choice
To hear my own voice
Calling from within me
To question what's to be
You cannot take my dreams from me
I will fight for my choice to believe in me
Your fake you know it that's why you're moving fast
The walls are coming down fake power never lasts

Automating seasons of life
Cloning into the war
Make it a mold
Make it a man

5. Cynide Savior

I'm reborn through the ashes of time
Resolve to give up your life
Conform to lesser insight
A slave... till you realize there's nothing left

You're born to breed
You're nothing but a number
Tattooed unfit by unclear conscience
Defected rejected by unnatural selection
Reborn of rage to elimiate the system
Imprisoned raped by indecision
Detonate the messiah of broken dreams
Abandon your tolerance it's time to rise

Dead inside do you like being hollow
You live to see me die ignoring persistence
Only knowing resistance resistance
Salvation comes with a price

Descend as my own god
Lift me up to tear me down
In this dark empire fortitude is a virtue
Look above to the falling sky
If the sky opens up all rules are abandoned
No today no tomorrow only yesterday remains
A memory of sorrow
And hollow

The end of an hour the drop of a hammer, human self-destruction
I see the trial of man guilty verdict at hand, cut down and reflect
The anti-future plans all become part of the collective, sever the sinners
No individual's only machines the ends justify the means
I want to see, the world start to bleed

Cleansing of the whole race without a soul
Put back the pieces, of this unjust plan
This is the fucking end

6. Helisher

Now is the time
How far have you come
Strangle you with your own words, what's to be undone
You out our souls on production, use us till were through

You can't touch me by my intervention
Bleeding eyes sometimes hide a true intention
A killers hand is so unmanned from natural instinct
Will you be the one to kill the son fro the elite

What we need is a new revolution, to not burn out the past
You can't fucking control me, I'm going to take what's mine
I'll cut my wrists to see you bleed; it's my life on the line
All we need is a signal; your head will be the sign

Lies, you promote your lies
Truth isn't a choice, it's a way of life
Is it to be trusted, better than being a tool

You're going down; I'll take you with me
If I can't win, I'll make sure no one else can
I'll judge my competency by the marks on your neck
If your will is your life source, that's what I'm going to break

I won't be what you want me to
Be I see for myself can't
Allow you to govern my
Life is mine
Now you fall

I see the light it's laid before me; but not for me
Loop deep inside and see the darkest heart of all
Walk with me and you'll
You awoke from a dream and into a nightmare


7. Can't Steal Your Mind

8. The Soul Within

9. Engineers of Disinformation


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