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The Final Experiment

Album: ''The Final Experiment'' (1995)
1. Prologue
2. The Awareness
3. Eyes Of Time
4. The Banishment
5. Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
6. Sail Away To Avalon
7. Nature's Dance
8. Computer-Reign (Game Over)
9. Waracle
10. Listen To The Waves
11. Magic Ride
12. Merlin's Will
13. The Charm Of The Seer
14. Swan Song
15. Ayreon's Fate

Sail Away To Avalon

Album: ''Sail Away To Avalon'' (1995 Single)
1. Sail Away To Avalon (radio edit)
2. The Charm Of The Seer
3. Nature's Dance
4. Eyes Of Time

Actual Fantasy

Album: ''Actual Fantasy'' (1996)
1. Actual Fantasy
2. Abbey of Synn
3. The Stranger from Within
4. Computer Eyes
5. Beyond the Last Horizon
6. Farside of the World
7. Back on Planet Earth
8. Forevermore

The Stranger From Within

Album: ''The Stranger From Within'' (1996 Single)
1. The Stranger From Within (single version)
2. The Dawn Of Man
3. The Stranger From Within (long version)

Into the Electric Castle

Album: ''Into the Electric Castle'' (1998)
1. Welcome to the New Dimension
2. Isis and Osiris (Let the Journey Begin - The Hall of Isis & Osiris - Strange Constellations - Reprise)
3. Amazing Flight (Amazing Flight in Space - Stardance - Flying Colours)
4. Time Beyond Time
5. The Decision Tree (We're Alive)
6. Tunnel of Light
7. Across The Rainbow Bridge
8. The Two Gates
9. ''Forever'' of the Stars
10. Another Time, Another Space

The Universal Migrator Part I: The Dream Sequencer

Album: ''The Universal Migrator Part I: The Dream Sequencer'' (2000)
1. The Dream Sequencer
2. My House on Mars
3. 2084
4. One Small Step
5. The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B. Cocq
6. Dragon on the Sea
7. Temple of the Cat
8. Carried by the Wind
9. And the Druids Turn to Stone
10. The First Man on Earth
11. The Dream Sequencer Reprise

The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator

Album: ''The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator'' (2000)
1. Chaos
2. Dawn of a Million Souls
3. Journey on the Waves of Time
4. To the Quasar (The Taurus Pulsar - Quasar 3C273)
5. Into the Black Hole (The Eye of the Universe - Halo of Darkness - The Final Door)
6. Through the Wormhole
7. Out of the White Hole (M31 - Planet Y - The Search Continues)
8. To the Solar System (Planet of Blue - System Alert)
9. The New Migrator (Metamorphosis - Sleeper Awake)

Ayreonauts Only

Album: ''Ayreonauts Only'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Into the Black Hole
2. Out of the White Hole
3. Through the Wormhole
4. Carpe Diem (Chaos) (demo)
5. Temple of the Cat (acoustic version)
6. Original Hippie's Amazing Trip (medley)
7. Beyond the Last Horizon
8. The Charm of the Seer (demo)
9. Eyes of Time
10. Nature's Dance (demo)
11. Cold Metal (performed by Ambeon)

Temple Of The Cat

Album: ''Temple Of The Cat'' (2000 Single)
1. Temple Of The Cat (single version)
2. Temple Of The Cat (unreleased version)
3. My House On Mars
4. Valley of the Queens

Temple Of The Cat (Acoustic Version)

Album: ''Temple Of The Cat (Acoustic Version)'' (2000 Single)
1. Temple of the Cat (Acoustic Version)
2. Temple of the Cat (Single Version)
3. Nature's Dance

The Human Equation

Album: ''The Human Equation'' (2004)
1. Day One: Vigil
2. Day Two: Isolation
3. Day Three: Pain
4. Day Four: Mystery
5. Day Five: Voices
6. Day Six: Childhood
7. Day Seven: Hope
8. Day Eight: School
9. Day Nine: Playground
10. Day Ten: Memories
11. Day Eleven: Love

Day Eleven - Love

Album: ''Day Eleven - Love'' (2004 Single)
1. Day Eleven: Love (radio edit)
2. Day Two: Isolation (album version)
3. No Quarter
4. Space Oddity


Album: ''Loser'' (2004 Single)
1. Loser (Star One Version)
2. How You Gonna See Me Now (Alice Cooper cover)
3. Into the Black Hole
4. Castle Hall (acustic version)

Come Back to Me

Album: ''Come Back to Me'' (2005 Single)
1. Day 7: Hope
2. August Fire
3. When I'm Sixty-Four
4. Back 2 Me



Ayreon is the brainchild of Arjen Anthony Lucassen, a dutch musician who writes and records virtually all of his music himself, employing only a drummer and several vocalists for his albums. Ayreon releases are almost always rock-operas with a science fiction style storyline, although there have been exceptions in the form of Actual Fantasy (not a rock opera) and The Human Equation (not science fiction)

Though many believe the name "Ayreon" came from Arjen's own name, it's purely coincidental: originally the ministrel from the first album was called Aries, but when it didn't fit the meters for the songs (Arjen himself mispronounced it A-ri-es (Note: This is how the Dutch do pronounce it)), it was changed into Ayreon to sound both old-fashioned (Ay) and futuristic (On).

Progressive Metal/Rock

Science Fiction and the Past (together), Emotions

Netherlands (Waalwijk), formed in 1994

InsideOut Music


Arjen Anthony Lucassen - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards (Within Temptation (Guest), ex-Ambeon, Bodine, Erik Norlander, Freak Neil Inc., guest for Galexia, Ian Parry, Star One, Stream of Passion, ex-Vengeance (Hol), Space Mirrors (Guest))

See albums for guest musicians


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