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The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator

"The Universal Migrator Part II: Flight of the Migrator" (2000)

1. Chaos
2. Dawn of a Million Souls
3. Journey on the Waves of Time
4. To the Quasar (The Taurus Pulsar - Quasar 3C273)
5. Into the Black Hole (The Eye of the Universe - Halo of Darkness - The Final Door)
6. Through the Wormhole
7. Out of the White Hole (M31 - Planet Y - The Search Continues)
8. To the Solar System (Planet of Blue - System Alert)
9. The New Migrator (Metamorphosis - Sleeper Awake)

1. Chaos

Dream Sequencer system online

I will now take you back to the time before the big bang and the birth of the
very first
Soul called the Universal Migrator. However, system protocols require
confirmation of
Risk factor. No user has ever preincarnated back this far before.

Are you sure you want to continue?

"The Big Bang has created one soul, the Universal Migrator. The Universal
Migrator divides itself, and each Migrator flies off independently in search
of a habitable planet in order to breathe life into it. I follow the
migrator that will eventually reach our planet Earth."

2. Dawn of a Million Souls

At the birth of time, the beginning of beginnings
One cosmic soul was created
A bringer of life, a universal migrator
Born to sow its seeds in all the galaxies

Like a cell dividing, it spreads in all directions
Creating life among the stars
I'm struck with awe as I join the great migrator
Now it takes flight to the brightest star of all

On a quest for life, through the sable skies
What a show! behold!
The dawn of a million souls

On a bold crusade, in the realm of shade
What a show! behold!
The dawn of a million souls

Through the glowing mist, like a fog of radiation
I can see the forming of new planets
I've been struck by thunder as I witness all the splendor
And I realize how small we really are

Ooh, I can see forever
On the wings of dreams I fly
Is this real or is it just a fantasy?
What awaits me now at the end of this ride?

"I join the Migrator on its long journey through time and space in search of
the planet Earth. On my journey I encounter many fantastic astronomical

3. Journey on the Waves of Time

Fly me across the sky
Fly me to the edges of space
Show me the wond'rous sensations
And mysteries of aeons gone by

Guide me through a maze of stars
Guide me to the birth of my race
Give me the answers to questions
Reveal to me secrets of life
Journey on the waves of time

Lead me through the centuries
Lead me to places unknown
Sail me away on the x-rays
Of quasars that died long-ago

Carry me through the universe
Carry me back to my home
In search of the gateway
That leads us into the black hole
Journey on the waves of time

Our quest for life has now begun
The die is cast
Our voyage leads us to the sun
Out of the past

"We are on our way to the quasar, an object as bright as a galaxy. Our hope
is that the quasar may contain an unfathomable source of power and peril at
its center... a black hole."

4. To the Quasar (The Taurus Pulsar - Quasar 3C273)

"On our journey, we receive the radio emissions of a pulsar -- an imploded
neutron star."

The Taurus Pulsar

Within a distant nebula in the Taurus zodiac
I hear the wailing of a star, the weak pulse of a fading sun
All its fuel is burning out and its light will fade to black
I can't ignore its hopeless shout as it fires its death cry out in space

A star in Taurus lights up and outshines the galaxy
A fleeting moment of glory in time and space
A supernova resounds, a desperate symphony
Leaving behind a beacon fallen from grace

Lift your head up to the sky
And hear the faraway cry of a dying star

I heard its message from afar
A frequent surge of sight and sound
We approach the fallen neutron star
Spinning round and round and round

We attend this cosmic mass and we hear its sad lament
But even stars and planets pass in this cold and everlasting place

Lift your head up to the sky and hear the cry...

"We have encountered a quasar in the constellation Virgo. But does it really
contain a black hole, the portal to our final destination?"

Quasar 3C273

Heading off into the core of a newborn galaxy
We have reached a brilliant star-like source of energy
This cosmic spectacle of radiance was formed
Fifteen billion years ago when the universe was born

To the quasar
Beyond the milky way
The red shift is high, a bright light in the sky

To the dark star
Beyond the light of day
The gravity's high, a black sun in the sky

As we approach the sea of light I'm forced to close my eyes
I can feel the vibrant waves of centuries go by
Then the pull of an unseen force is tearing us away
Could it be we found the entrance to our passageway?

"We have reached our first destination: the black hole in the Virgo cluster
of galaxies. But what will we find inside? Its power is immeasurable. Our
hopes and fears intermingle as we stand at the event horizon. Will its
doorway transport us to our faraway planet Earth, or will its fury
mercilessly tear us apart?"

5. Into the Black Hole (The Eye of the Universe - Halo of Darkness - The Final Door)

The Eye Of The Universe

A dark sphere surrounds us
In the center of the galaxy
A hidden force has found us
At the boundary of eternity

Nothing escapes, not even light
Beyond the mystical horizon
We surrender to its might
Gazing into the eye of the universe

A deep roar is sounding
As if the universe were crying
My heart is pounding
My every nerve is dying

Halo Of Darkness

I hear screams of fallen souls, sad cries of agony
Within the void of this evil hole, deep inside the black

Could it be my imagination, the mirror of my fantasy?
A fear-induced hallucination
Or is there no way back from the halo of darkness?

Spirits - apparitions - misery - suffering
Horrid dreams and dire visions rising up from the black

Look away in disbelief, this cannot be happening
The end has come, I bow in grief
There is no way back from the halo of darkness

The Final Door

Now silence devours us
The calm before the storm
Gravity overpowers us
And leads us through the final door

Feed me light, I'm the halo of darkness
Feel my might, I'm the eye of the universe

"As we continue on our journey, we dive into a black hole -- a spiraling
wormhole. As it sucks us in, time slows and images become distorted. Reality
itself twists and bends. We leave the galaxy where our journey began, headed
for the unknown. Where will it take us?"

6. Through the Wormhole

Hold on tight, we've reached the gate that leads us to the mystic zone
What a sight! I cannot wait to cross the bridge to the unknown
Defy the laws of relativity, gravity will be our guide
Surrender to the sea of energy that drives us to the other side

Faster than light, we're traveling time through the wormhole
But of the night, into a vortex of fire
Time slips away as we plunge into unknown dimensions
A brilliant display, quenching my deepest desires

Will it take us where we want to be?
Will it show us what we want to see?

Through the wormhole

We're crashing down to our goal
That lies beyond this cosmic gate
Spinning round this spiral hole
Towards a cold and lonely fate

"We come out of the white hole into the M31 galaxy, which is also known as
Andromeda. We see a planet that looks much like Earth. Could it sustain
life? And if, who lives there?"

7. Out of the White Hole (M31 - Planet Y - The Search Continues)


And out of nowhere we materialize
From a blaze of fire to a world of ice
We folded space to a distant sun
Inside the heart of M31

On a steady course to the planet Y
Circling round a star in Sirrah's eye
The search for life has now begun
In the constellation M31

Light years away, beyond our Galaxy
I see a planet like our own
A golden sun is shining down on me
Could it be that we are not alone?

We're passing Sirrah in Alpha Pegasi
Into the atmosphere of planet Y
What will we find? Chances almost none..
Will there be life in M31?

Planet Y

We're diving through the nebulae
And arrive on planet Y
A hundred thousand hollow eyes
Are gazing at the sky

There seems to be no motion,
No pleasure and no pain
No symptoms of emotion,
No loss and no gain

Solar screens and cold machines
Are covering up the ground
Crystal covered fields of green
And oceans underground

Countless different entities
But they all look the same
But then one of the entities
Is crying out its name:
Forever... remember Forever...

The Search Continues

It's time to leave and carry out our quest
Miles to go and things to see before we rest
We came in vain, our search is not yet done
For there's some kind of life in M31!

"Finally we are approaching our own familiar solar system. But there is
something wrong. Reality begins to break through the illusion. I have an
unsettling premonition that even here inside my virtual journey I will never
reach the Earth..."

8. To the Solar System (Planet of Blue - System Alert)

Planet Of Blue

I can feel the sun burning on my skin
I can feel the sun from deep within
I can hear the earth calling out my name
I can hear the earth crying out in pain

I'm coming home to the planet of blue
Our own sun is coming into view
I'm reaching out to the planet of blue
Can you see me fly?
Can you feel me die?

I can almost touch the glorious rings of Saturn
But then I feel them slip away
I can almost see the yellow clouds of Venus
But then the sequence slowly fades

I'm coming home to the planet of blue
Is this the end, can it be true?
I'm reaching out to the planet of blue
Can you see me try?
Can you feel me die?

System Alert

Dream Sequencer system alert
Warning - core processor buffer overload
Please abort Universal Migrator sequence
System failure imminent
Return to consciousness, return to consciousness, return to consciousness...

9. The New Migrator (Metamorphosis - Sleeper Awake)


"For the first time during my journey, the Migrator communicates with me. He
speaks to me directly, but without words. The Migrator tells me that my
corporeal body inside the Dream Sequencer has died. While my body will now
sleep forever, my consciousness must awake to eternity that lays before
me... for I am the new Migrator!"

Sleeper Awake

Atomically into existence
A creator of life was born
This universal migrator
In his celestial form

Astronomical segmentation
A division from which I came
To go forth with a task bestowed me
And seek out new worlds for all

Fly up into the skies
A sea of blue has crossed thine eyes
A quest to save mankind is made
Just one earthly being his soul shall remain

My power of thought calls you
Sleeper...sleeper awake, oh you sleeper
Open your mind hear me sleeper
Sleeper awake, come alive
Our spirits they can never die

Sleeper...sleeper awake, oh you sleeper
Dormant inside, hear me sleeper
Sleeper awake, come alive
Your body is dead not your mind

A cataclysmic end for many
Annihilated Earth to the core
But one soul survives in stasis
A colonists spirit the source

You're the one not I, the chosen
With visions, a bright new dawn
To cross the starlit systems
A place where new planets are born

Rise up, you must awake
The here and now shall separate
The body frees the soul and mind
Your spirit will join me in time

Sleeper awake there's a world waiting for you to find!


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