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1987 Demo

Album: ''1987 Demo'' (1987 Demo)
1. Human Genocide
2. Embalmed
3. Stillborn
4. Mauled to Death

Critical Madness

Album: ''Critical Madness'' (1988 Demo)
1. Charred Remains
2. Ridden With Disease
3. Critical Madness

Severed Survival

Album: ''Severed Survival'' (1989)
1. Charred Remains
2. Service for a Vacant Coffin
3. Disembowel
4. Gasping for Air
5. Ridden With Disease
6. Pagan Saviour
7. Impending Dread
8. Severed Survival
9. Critical Madness
10. Embalmed
11. Stillborn

Mental Funeral

Album: ''Mental Funeral'' (1991)
1. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
2. In the Grip of Winter
3. Fleshcrawl
4. Torn From the Womb
5. Slaughterday
6. Dead
7. Robbing the Grave
8. Hole in the Head
9. Destined to Fester
10. Bonesaw
11. Dark Crusade
12. Mental Funeral

Retribution for the Dead

Album: ''Retribution for the Dead'' (1991 EP)
1. Retribution for the Dead
2. Destined to Fester
3. In the Grip of Winter

Acts of the Unspeakable

Album: ''Acts of the Unspeakable'' (1992)
1. Meat
2. Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium
3. Your Rotting Face
4. Blackness Within
5. An Act of the Unspeakable
6. Frozen With Fear
7. Spinal Extractions
8. Death Twitch
9. Skullptures
10. Pus / Rot
11. Battery Acid Enema
12. Lobotomized
13. Funereality
14. Tortured Moans of Agony
15. Ugliness and Secretions
16. Orgy in Excrements
17. Voices
18. Walls of the Coffin

Fiend for Blood

Album: ''Fiend for Blood'' (1992 EP)
1. Fiend for Blood
2. Keeper of Decay
3. Squeal Like a Pig
4. Ravenous Freaks
5. A Different Kind of Mindfuck
6. Dead Hole


Album: ''Shitfun'' (1995)
1. Deathmask
2. Humiliate Your Corpse
3. Fuckdog
4. Praise the Children
5. The Birthing
6. Shiteater
7. Formaldehigh
8. I Sodomize Your Corpse
9. Geek
10. Brain Damage
11. Blood Orgy
12. No More Hate
13. Grave Violators
14. Maim Rape Kill Rape
15. I Shit on Your Grave
16. An End to the Misery
17. The 24 Public Mutilations
18. Bathe in Fire
19. Bowel Ripper
20. Burnt to a Fuck
21. Excremental Ecstasy

Tortured Moans of Agony

Album: ''Tortured Moans of Agony'' (1998 Live album)
1. Slaughterday
2. Fiend for Blood
3. Fleshcrawl
4. Torn From the Womb
5. Shiteater

Ridden with Disease

Album: ''Ridden with Disease'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. Human Genocide
2. Embalmed
3. Stillborn
4. Mauled to Death
5. Charred Remains
6. Ridden With Disease
7. Critical Madness
8. Severed Survival (live)
9. Service for a Vacant Coffin (live)

Torn from the Grave

Album: ''Torn from the Grave'' (2001 Best of/Compilation)
1. Charred Remains
2. Disembowl
3. Gasping for Air
4. Severed Survival
5. Ridden With Disease
6. Service for a Vacant Coffin
7. Retribution for the Dead
8. Robbing the Grave
9. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
10. Fleshcrawl
11. Torn From the Womb
12. Slaughterday
13. Dark Crusade
14. Mental Funeral
15. Fiend for Blood
16. Squeal Like a Pig
17. Funereality
18. An Act of the Unspeakable
19. Frozen With Fear
20. Spinal Extractions
21. Death Twitch
22. Walls of the Coffin
23. Shiteater
24. Humiliate Your Corpse
25. Blood Drainage
26. Blood Orgy
27. Bowel Ripper

Dead as Fuck

Album: ''Dead as Fuck'' (2004 Live album)
1. Dead
2. Fiend for Blood
3. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
4. Deathtwitch
5. Slaughterday
6. Fleshcrawl / Torn From the Womb
7. Charred Remains
8. Shit Eater
9. Pus / Rot
10. Gasping for Air
11. Severed Survival
12. Hole in the Head
13. Torn From the Womb
14. Fiend for Blood
15. Service for a Vacant Coffin
16. Embalmed
17. Destined to Fester
18. Robbing the Grave
19. Charred Remains



Autopsy was an influential death metal band, founded in 1987 in the United States by Chris Reifert after leaving Death.

Beginning their career with the Severed Survival LP, Autopsy took on a sound similar to that of Scream Bloody Gore era Death, but soon moved on to a doom metal influenced sound for the Retribution for the Dead EP. The next full-length, Mental Funeral, would expand on Autopsy's "death doom" style of metal, and was met with great critical acclaim. Having completed a successful European tour soon after Mental Funeral, the band reentered the studio to record the Fiend for Blood EP, which was followed by their third full-length, Acts of the Unspeakable. Autopsy's last album, 1994's Shitfun, was heavily influenced by hardcore punk and would prepare fans for Abscess, Danny Coralles and Chris Reifert's project after Autopsy's demise in 1995.

Autopsy was featured in the 2005 music documentary Metal: A Headbanger's Journey when the films narrator and star read aloud a verse from the bands song "Charred Remains".

Death Metal

Gore, Death, Horror, Zombies

United States of America (San Francisco, CA.), formed in 1987

Peaceville Records


Danny Coralles - Guitar (1989-1995) (Abscess (US), The Ravenous, EatMyFuk, Doomed (US))
Eric Cutler - Guitar, Vocals (1987-1995) (Dark Hall, Funeral (US), ex-Doomed (US))
Freeway Migliore - Bass (1994-1995) (ex-Abscess (US), Immortal Fate, ex-Doomed (US))
Chris Reifert - Drums, Vocals (1987-1995) (Abscess (US), ex-Death, The Ravenous, Burnt Offering, EatMyFuk, Doomed (US), ex-Murder Squad)

Eric Eigard (1987-1988)
Ken Sorvari (1988-1990)
Josh Barohn (1992) (ex-Suffocation (US), ex-Doomed (US), ex-The Henchmen, ex-Iron Lung)
Steve Cutler
Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Sebastian Bach & Friends, Artension, ex-Death, Sadus, Suicide Shift, Iced Earth, ex-Control Denied, Vintersorg, Dragonlord, Dark Hall, James Murphy, Quo Vadis (Can))

Doug Bohn (ex-Welt, ex-Suffocation (US), ex-Iron Lung, ex-Social Disease)


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