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Album: ''Demo'' (1990 Demo)
1. Intro
2. My Angel
3. Untitled
4. Morax
5. Outro

Promo 90

Album: ''Promo 90'' (1990 Demo)
1. Intro
2. My Angel

My Angel

Album: ''My Angel'' (1991 EP)
1. My Angel
2. Morax


Album: ''Constellation'' (1994 EP)
1. Rodt og svart
2. Icebound Streams and Vapours Grey
3. Naar kulda tar (Frostnettens prolog)
4. Du nordavind

Aspera Hiems Symfonia

Album: ''Aspera Hiems Symfonia'' (1996)
1. To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night
2. Wintry Grey
3. Whence & Wither Goest the Wind
4. Raudt og Svart
5. The Bodkin & the Quietus ( Reach the Stars)
6. Du Nordavind
7. Fall of Man
8. Naar Kulda Tar (Frostnettenes Prolog)

La Masquerade Infernale

Album: ''La Masquerade Infernale'' (1997)
1. Master of Disguise
2. Ad Astra
3. The Chaos Path
4. La Masquerade Infernale (Instrumental)
5. Alone
6. The Throne of Tragedy
7. Painting my Horror
8. Of Nails and Sinners

Disguised Masters

Album: ''Disguised Masters'' (1999 Best of/Compilation)
1. White Tie Black Noise (Designed by When)
2. Deception Genesis
3. Du Nordavind (1998 Re-recording)
4. Alone (Intellecto / Valle Darktrip)
5. The Throne of Tragedy (Phantom FX Jungle Remix)
6. La Masquerade Infernale (Valle / Hellhammer Reconstruction)
7. Master of Disguise (Phantom FX Remix with Gangstafications by S.C.N.)
8. Painting My Horror (G. Wolf Levitation Mix)
9. Ad Astra (The Magenta Experience)
10. Ad Astra (Ensemble Version)

The Sham Mirrors

Album: ''The Sham Mirrors'' (2002)
1. Kinetic
2. Nightmare Heaven
3. Ad Absurdum
4. Collapse Generation
5. Star-crossed
6. Radical Cut
7. For To End Yet Again

Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel

Album: ''Aspera Hiems Symfonia/Constellation/My Angel'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. To Thou Who Dwellest in the Night
2. Wintry Grey
3. Whence and Whither Goest The Wind
4. Raudt Og Svart
5. The Bodkin and The Quietus
6. Du Nordavind
7. Fall of Man
8. Naar Kulda Tar

Sideshow Symphonies

Album: ''Sideshow Symphonies'' (2005)
1. Hibernation Sickness Complete
2. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
3. Demon Painter
4. Nocturnal Vision Revisited
5. Evacuation Code Deciphered
6. Moonshine Delirium
7. White Noise Monster
8. Reflections
9. Hufsa

Shipwrecked in Oslo

Album: ''Shipwrecked in Oslo'' (2006 DVD)
1. La Masquerade Infernale
2. Ad Absurdum
3. Nightmare Heaven
4. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer
5. Alone
6. Deception Genesis
7. The Chaos Path
8. Deamonpainter
9. Nocturnal Vision Revisited
10. Painting My Horror
11. Hufsa
12. Master of Disguise
13. White Noise Monster
14. Reflections
15. Raudt og Svart



There are at least two bands sharing this name :

1. Arcturus was an avant-garde metal band from Norway. Their earlier works were black metal with symphonic overtones, but with recent releases they have adopted a new 'post-black' style with mainly clean vocals.

Arcturus was formed in 1987 as death metal act Mortem. They released an EP and a demo under this name. In 1990, they changed their name to Arcturus, which is the name of a star and means "Guardian of Bears".

In 1995, Arcturus released Aspera Hiems Symfonia (latin form of Harsh Winter Symphony), acclaimed like one of the most innovative black metal album ever. That line-up was:
Garm - Vocals
Hellhammer - Drums
Sverd - Synths
August - Guitar
Skoll - Bass (not assigned on album credits)
Aspera Hiems Symfonia is a mix of early 90s norwegian black metal, classical melodies, waltz and refined touch of nordic coldness. Lyrics talk mainly about winter and darkness of the night.

"All music & words on Aspera Hiems Symfonia emanated from our souls profoundly". This phrase represents it perfectly.

In 1997 Arcturus released the much acclaimed "La Masquerade Infernale" album, which is still considered their masterpiece. The theatrical, almost carnivalesque, style built around Sverd's keyboard was brought by the large vocals range of Garm (and guest Simen Hestnæs) and is now their trademark.

After a remix album "Disguised Masters", Arcturus offered their third major effort with "The Sham Mirrors", whose keyboards' dynamic melodies also received good reviews.

In 2004, their original vocalist Kristoffer Rygg (aka Garm of Ulver) was replaced by Simen Hestnæs (aka ICS Vortex) of Dimmu Borgir.

With "Sideshow Symphonies" (2005), Arcturus moved towards more progressive tones and a strong lunar sound, leant on a space trip concept narrated by Simen's ethereal voice.
A DVD, "Shipwrecked in Oslo" was released in June 2006.

The band split up after the successful tour of Australia in March 2007.

2. Arcturus was also a psytrance / goa project by Joti Sidhu and Paul Jackson. They made a short appareance on cult Dragonfly Records' Order Odonata Vol. 1 compilation, with the track 1000 planets, in 1994

Avant-garde, Atmospheric Black (early)

Astronomy, Supernatural, Literature

Norway (Oslo), formed in 1987

Season of Mist


Simen Hestnæs "ICS Vortex" - Vocals (2005-) (ex-Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Lamented Souls, Code)
Knut Magne Valle - Guitars (1997-) (Ulver)
Tore Moren - Guitars (Carnivora, Jørn)
Hugh Stephen James Mingay (Skoll) - Bass (1996-) (Ved Buens Ende, Ulver, Fimbulwinter)
Jan Axel Von Blomberg (Hellhammer) - Drums (1987-) (Antestor, Carnivora, Covenant (Nor), Jørn, Mayhem (Nor), Dimmu Borgir, Mezzerschmitt, Mortem (Nor), ex-Shining (Swe), The Kovenant, Thorns (Nor), Troll, Vidsyn, Winds (Nor), Tritonus, Age of Silence)
Steinar Sverd Johnsen - Keyboards (1987-) (Covenant (Nor), Mortem (Nor), Satyricon)

Kristoffer Rygg (Garm) (1993-2003) (Ulver, Borknagar, Head Control System)
Øyvind Hægeland (2003-2005) (Spiral Architect, Manitou (Nor), Lunaris)

Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen (Samoth) (1993-1995) (Emperor, Zyklon, Zyklon-B (Nor), ex-Gorgoroth, ex-session for Burzum, Thou Shalt Suffer, Ildjarn, Satyricon, Scum (Nor), Xerasia)
Carl August Tidemann (1996) (Tritonus, Winds (Nor))

Marius Vold (along with vocals) (1987-1991) (Mortem (Nor), Thorns (Nor), Stigma Diabolicum (Nor))
Dag F. Gravem (2002) (Euroboys)


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