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Kill Their Religion

Album: ''Kill Their Religion'' (1998)
1. Inhumanity
2. Hard Hearted
3. In a Nunnery
4. Sansara's Wheel
5. Icefire
6. Anchorite
7. The Rain and the Pain (the song of hate)
8. E.S.T (Envy Strangles Them)
9. Kill Their Relgion

Voice of the Dead

Album: ''Voice of the Dead'' (2004)
1. Against The World
2. Voice of The Dead
3. Peacemakers' Mission
4. Under Fire
5. The Arabian Dance
6. Gorgons Burn
7. Recreation
8. No Fate!
9. The Cloven Hoof
10. The Powderkeg



ARBITRATOR was formed on the 16th of January, 1994 as a artistic alliance of Lonewolf (guitar, vocal) and Tormentor (drums) with Axel (bass). In March, Lice (vocals) came to the band and all together they begun to prepare their starting songs. On the 16th of December, 1994 the band came on local stage for the first time.

Tormentor left the band in February, 1995. In a few days he was replaced by Blacksmith. Several gigs were played from summer to fall and ARBITRATOR recorded the first demo tape. At present it’s not available because of bad quality.

In summer 1996 Axel and Lice left the band because of the personal reasons. They didn’t get enough for themselves from music, but were interested in other things. The line-up was formed as Lonewolf (vocals, guitar), Blacksmith (drums) and Nick (bass). ARBITRATOR started again and followed German thrashing traditions. In the end of December, 1996 Blacksmith was dropped. He had a big alcohol problem. Andrew took over and brought the new musical ideas.

In August, 1998 Wolf and crew locked themselves in the “Rocka-Rolla” studio to cut and mix their debut KILL THEIR RELIGION which was released as MC by BLACKSMITH production and had many good reviews. In September the band did a stop of this recording session to do gig on DEATH PANORAMA fest. # 6 in Perm with GRENOUER and GALGEN.

Again ARBITRATOR changed as Andrew and Nick defected the line in 1999. The drummer decided to play alternative music in his own band which was called THE ABC & THE DEVILS. Both were replaced by Alex (drums) and Den (bass). ARBITRATOR thundered again! Through the spring, summer and autumn, 2000 they had several great gigs. On the 6th of April they did it with MASTER, Russian legendary thrash band.

On the 23rd of May, 2001 the band went into the studio again to record their second album, VOICE OF THE DEAD. This time they worked at the “Profy Line” studio. The underlying themes of the album were wars and terrorism of our time.

In April, 2002 Alex and Den left band due to other musical activities. The new band members were Johann (bass) and Igor (drums). VOICE OF THE DEAD was released by METALISM/SOYUZ/METALAGEN labels on the 31st of July 2004. ARBITRATOR took part in THRRRASH ATTACK!!! Fest in Moscow with MANIC DEPPRESSION, BLACK OBELISK,TRIZNA and DIVERSIA.

On the 29th of January, 2005 the band had the last performance of that line-up. On the 18th of June Wolf started recording session of a new album. The main theme of this album was the tragedy of Hiroshima and the terrifying consequences of the use of the atomic bomb. In general, the album dwells upon the nuclear danger and threat for all the world. The stuff was recorded in their own studio and the “Moscow Gates” studio in St. Petersburg. Igor has recorded his parties and then he has left the band for DIVERSIA. Johann left it due to personal reasons and Wolf recorded the bass for this album himself. Igor was replaced by Dimah. Johann joined the band again in December 2006.

On the 28th of April, 2007 ARBITRATOR came back on stage! The band made appearance with HATE during METAL SPIRIT RESURRECTION TOUR in Kirov. On the 8th of May CHILDREN OF APOCALYPSE was released by METALISM Records.

----Taken from the Myspace of Arbitrator(fan site).


Russia (Kirov), formed in 1994

Metalism Records


Lonewolf - guitars, vocals
Johann - bass
Igor - drums

Lice (1994-96) (ex-Gangrena)

Axel (R.I.P. 2001) (1994-96) (ex-XWZ)
Nick (1996-99) (ex-Ressentiment)
Den (1999-2002) (ex-Brain O'Power, ex-Fashion Shit, Metareason)

Tormentor (1994-95) (ex-Burglar, ex-Hysteria, ex-Satan Church)
Blacksmith (1995-96) (ex-Abscess, ex-Faytremor, ex-Îáìîðîê Ãèëëàíà, Xe-None)
Andrew (1997-99) (Ìîëü, ex-Kill's Band, ex-The ABC & The Devils)
Alex (1999-2002) (ex-Brain O'Power, ex-Propaganda)


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