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Kill Their Religion

"Kill Their Religion" (1998)

1. Inhumanity
2. Hard Hearted
3. In a Nunnery
4. Sansara's Wheel
5. Icefire
6. Anchorite
7. The Rain and the Pain (the song of hate)
8. E.S.T (Envy Strangles Them)
9. Kill Their Relgion

1. Inhumanity

i run away, they are like stopes
they don't believe in my words
they can take aback my brain
but better - i am going mad
they too hard don't believe in everything
even in it, but its real thing
bloody scars are in my heart
they are never healing wounds
i run avay to nobody is
only in my own world
no one like man tells so many lies
you can't see him in dark disguise
inhumanity runs through my soul
its the blackest war and its the paramout goal
inhumanity never takes me back
i have said to it that i'll fight'til death
deny this Inhumanity
deny the human lies
make hast to save your wounded soul
look at the world by own eyes

2. Hard Hearted

Time has come, iam looking for you
nomore disguise in vision
your poisoned blood is runnig away
i will kill your religion
you lurket in shade, the hypocrite
told i lies for many years
side by side i revealed the truth
no salts are in my tears

*iam still alive, iam coming to you
do you have a bravery too
are you ready?
you live only own domination
the money is key to your fabrication
its a gray reality

**hard hearted...

solo : Wolf

unwanted life saws seeds of pain
you'll leave a hiding place
to save your soul you'll try to lie
with a reliance in your face
i know you'll fall in solitude
your gods are oof and fame
delivering the unseen forse
i will win in this game

3. In a Nunnery

how do i run out from its nunnery
when my hopes are broken by conspirasy
human life is way of suffering and pain
witch no people's trying, the forment and the hate
the hate!
what is the washing blood on their hands
the religious conmen underrate by tests
nothing will block up to believe ehores words
desfortion of the nuns, no spirit and no god

**in a nunnery, no chance to flee
eternal fight, the freethinking mind
in a nunnary
in the beginning they are good to you
until your persuation differs whatr they do
to fight them, its an enpty thing
decouse the low is on the side of king

4. Sansara's Wheel

Storm of madness around I'm going down
bonfire of life dies out
i'm not of this world, world has no plot
depression is coming right now
i want to stop it and to break the peace
i'll lose this battle, i know!
i can't impress progressive regress
one of the hardest of all

*here is no way out, here is no way in,
between the pole's, sansara's wheel
how many time we will to live
nobody knows, nobody speaks
shocks of my thoughts, they change very strong
the storyfeller told me
that I was a deaf, I broke myself
the ways of trust - perfectly
he told about world where humankind borned
i understand all, my life went on
my way become... loyality

since recently I understand
that oldman was right
nobody digs graves for us
exeptus, it's all our life
afterwards how we have borned
we fell the fear of our death
day by day we wait for instant
when will do the breath

5. Icefire

Get the fuck avay from me!
i fell the pain of memory
my soul covers by an ice
when you came up to my eyes
i remember the past of my life
and fear drows hear my mind
its head embraced my sick soul
i don't forget, don't forget it all
and i run out of control


his face was covered in the dark
my scream was drowned in the park
...and i, i had no place to run
the forces left me, i went down
forewer wound's in my soul
the man did that to be unknown
he killed in me all love to people
squrellike I'm in the wheel
my heart thrills with fear

6. Anchorite

on the past where you are now?
fell on way, their names in mud
principle they, always preached
nobody needs of their art
who surived thinks other
other aspire to the throne
in the end of clownery
they'll get nothing!
*here are longer stones
here are deepest hollows
among the snow-while clouds
could you tell me about
some day every man
will stay on this land
will be alone here
ancient wisdom is near

**anchorite, tell me way?

night comes to here I
close my eyes to see the world
from there spirits walk
my teacher talks me: "Live and learn"
i feel his soul in every thing
he glaves me power and the might
and I beleive in his words
my teacher's cosmos

repeat *
repeat **

7. The Rain and the Pain (the song of hate)

Pain comes to here, rain seeds the fear
it kills through the time, you can survive

*look at the eye's of death, you' ren't afraid
do you fear to die, do you stream my mind?

**slavery, inhumanity, leashery, unlegality,
immoratily, imbecility, isanity and infinity

***you all hunted by pain
pray before it's too late
we're fed up with your trick
get your deserved kicks
waves of firestorm swallow and to ashes burn
thunder cracks the walls, you won't save you


solo: Wolf/Nick


we are raining the Earth
get what you deserve
no one of yours will survive
you always will die!

8. E.S.T (Envy Strangles Them)

Hard hearted men and black souls
the offsprings of the harm
they are wicked they abouse
and irrilate to the bound
scoundrels in world of spite
growing white with anger
they found and fixed one's eyes
on the place you will go

*so beware an evil plans
witch they made to prevent from you
turn your head, not to be dead
it's only way to see the truth
manjac beasts with their keys
took the doors on the monster man
gloathingly, cupidify
did one's beast, envy stangers them
they round an you everywhere
they rout your, your hiding place
piktograms' language
speaks the truth in face
envy is evilness
and the envy is weak
killing kind technology
is the way to the sleep

9. Kill Their Relgion

All they are your enemies
kill their religion, kill their religion
they reproach with your act
kill their religion, kill their religion
who are they to teach like a priest
kill their religion, kill their religion
keep them quet, fight it back
kill their religion, kill their religion

in your mind

they don't understand I've own life
kill their religion, kill their religion
they try to do everybody like them
kill their religion, kill their religion
nobody musn't show to try
kill their religion, kill their religion
no any a dvice-will, to the end
kill their religion, kill their religion

in your mind


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