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Gods Pantheon

Album: ''Gods Pantheon'' (1993 Demo)
1. Intro-Horde Of Hell
2. Kraujo Orgija Gize
3. Ozirio Teizmas
4. Susimastyk Ir Nusilenk
5. Menulio Paslaptis
6. Keista Ateitis
7. Tamsiausi Ritualai
8. Neprasiskverbs Ritualas, Ryto Sviesojie

Mastabo Dvelksmas

Album: ''Mastabo Dvelksmas'' (1994 Demo)
1. Intro (Bedugnes Balsai)
2. Ozirio Adventas
3. Sidabrinis Sauksmas
4. Kraujo Jura
5. Skausmingos Vizijos
6. Miske
7. Svaigumo Valdove

Kai pilnaties akis uzmerks Mirtis

Album: ''Kai pilnaties akis uzmerks Mirtis'' (1997)
1. Savo Kelyje
2. Kai Pilnaties Akis Uþmerks Mirtis
3. Mirtis
4. Kai Pilnaties Akis Uþmerks Mirtis II
5. Gyvenimo Kritimà Dovanosim Krankliui
6. Á Naujà Galybæ
7. Ir Saulë Neteko Savo Pusës Veido
8. Ozirio Adventas
9. Folklorinë Daina Apie Mirtá
10. Ið tuðtumos Á Akmens Tylà
11. Tarp Akmens Ir Veidrodþio


Album: ''God's Pantheon'' (2001 EP)
1. Intro - Horde Of Hell
2. Kraujo Orgija Gize (Blood Orgy In Gize)
3. Ozirio Teismas (Court Of Oziris)
4. Susimastyk Ir Nusilenk (Think Over And Obey)
5. Menulio Paslaptis (Mystery Of The Moon)
6. Keista Ateitis (Strange Future)
7. Tamsiausi Ritualai (Darkest Rituals)
8. Neprasiskverbs Ritualas, Ryto Sviesojie (Won't Penetrate Ritual In The Morning Light)



1) a lithuanian avantgarde/post-black metal band (from early '90s to 2002);
2) an italian rock'n'roll band recently born.

Band started playing in summer 1992, when guitarist Skro together with drummer Renofer began playing just at home and recorded more than ten minutes of psychedelic music. In 1993 vocalist Ptah (a.k.a. Lord Ominous; a.k.a. Martynas Meskauskas) joined the band and in a full moon of a March sky they recorded their first demo - "Gods Pantenon". The style of their music can be described as mystical (industry, occult, dark, doom, psycho, egyptian) black metal.

During next two weeks eight new pieces such as "Menulio paslaptis" (The Secret of the Moon), "Kraujo orgija Gize" (Blood Orgy Gize), "Tamsiausi ritualai" (Darkest Rituals) were recorded. ANUBI describes their music as an attempt to "impact the mind of the listener, to create the world which would be even darker than it is now."

The second demo, "Mastabos dvelksmas" ("The Mastaba's Blow"), released in 1994, consisted of dramatic, archaic and gothic styled pieces. It had more mysticism, more power of darkness, and even more dramatism than before. Lyrics of this demo was written by Lord Ominous. Most matured pieces were released later in "Mirties metafora" ("Metaphor Of Death), "Sutemus skambes" ("At Dusk will Chime"), and "Kai pilnaties akis uzmerks mirtis" ("When the death shalt close the eyes of the full-moon").

In September 2001, ANUBI lineup a bit changed. Skro was changed by Sadlave (guitars, bass, programming), and Lady Sleep was playing the keyboards. Last album recorded with this lineup is "Sielu Pirklys" ("Merchant Of The Souls") (EP). It consists of four tracks, and should have been released under "Danza Ipnotica" label (Italy). Still, it hasn't been released. A contract with another Italian label "Code 666" was signed, however, after tragic death of Lord Ominous it was cancelled.

Leader of the band Martynas Meskauskas (Lord Ominous) died in March 30, 2002. He never came back after going fishing with his cousin to lake Mitchigan.
Lord Ominuos was also famous for his paintings and graphics works (found here:

Anubi is a two-pieces-band born in March 2006 when F., already a fairly good singer, began to be an ignorant guitarist, and G., already a pretty good guitarist, believed that drumming is not so difficult at all.
So they created this character, named Anubi (a.k.a. the Marshal Dog), and started playing his "rough'n'roll", between powerpop, punk, rock'n'roll and some other things that they really don't know.
Anubi stopped writing tunes in summer; in winter 2006 he began recording his first self-produced ep.

Avant-Garde Black Metal

Death topics, Egyptian mythology

Lithuania (Kaunas), formed in 1992

Danza Ipnotica Rec.


Lord Ominous a.k.a. Ptah (Martynas Meškauskas) (R.I.P. 30 March 2002) - vocals (ex-Anapilis, Valefar)
Sadlave - guitar, bass, programming (Obtest, ex-Burying Place, Fanarai, Eyetofuk, Abhor (Ltu), Notanga, Agyria, Trolis & The Giberlingers, ex-Ruination, Mixcoatl)
Lady Sleep - keyboards

Thoth a.k.a. Liukas (Laurynas Jukonis) - guitar, bass, programming (Girnu Giesmes, ex-Notanga, Akys, Meskalito, Void (Ltu), Oro!Oro!, Nulis, Svaixt)
Skro - guitar
Renoferis - drums (Dissonance (Ltu), ex-Obtest, ex-Misopsychia)

On "Kai pilnaties akis užmerks mirtis":
Kimas - Eclipse Parafernalia
Arturas U. - Triumphfunder
Vytas - Sax (Nahash, Valefar)
Egidijus - Accordion
Lord Caduceus - Nature sounds


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