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Between Visions And Reality

Album: ''Between Visions And Reality'' (2003)
1. Visions
2. Lost
3. Decay
4. Demons
5. Deaths Embrace
6. Lies
7. Revelation
8. Hope

Before The Final Journey

Album: ''Before The Final Journey'' (2006)
1. Signs (Intro)
2. Broken Resistance
3. Fatal Escape
4. Valahia
5. God Of Rain
6. Asteroid (God's Punishment)
7. Das Gesicht Der Wahrheit
8. Stupid Puppets
9. Waiting...



AMATRIS have devoted themselves to a blend of Gothic Rock and Goth Metal. Bittersweet keyboard melodies meet hard guitar riffs and female as well as male vocals. The songs often slide into melancholic bridges, eventually to explode in a powerful opus. The lyrics tell a tale of dull mankind ruining itself in a swamp of lies, intrigue and violence, a tale of end-time visions, death, despair - but also hope.

AMATRIS have regularly played concerts in various clubs since 2002. In summer 2003 they presented their debut CD "Between Visions And Reality". At the same time the band participated in the "Adlunam" band contest and the "Schwarze Seiten" contest. In both cases they qualified for the final round. This fact led to their participation in the "Herbst-Zeitlos-Festival" in September 2003, where they played their first festival show. Since then they have supported / shared the stage with top bands such as THE CRÜXSHADOWS, ELIS, FUNHOUSE and SCHELMISH. In summer 2004 the group played their first international concert at the "Rock La Mures-Festival" in Romania to an audience of roughly 3000 people. Various magazines and webzines have featured AMATRIS, and their music has been included in several CD compilations.
The band played 2005 at the Rock La Mures-Festval too and in Bukarest. A few weeks before the tour singer Helge and bass-player Holger had make the decicion to play only with guest-musicans in the future, because in this time was to many different opinions about the future in the band. They played the tour with german guest-musicans.

After the tour Holger and Helge founded romanian guest-musicans for the production of the second CD "Before The Final Journey". The CD was produced in the Neo Sonix-Studio Timisoara / Romania in October/Novembre 2005.

Since 2006, after the last Amatris-Tour, there was a new completely Lineup.

Gothic metal

Germany (Kiel), formed in 2001



Helge Barth - Vocals
Janett Baade - Vocals
Uwe Hein - Guitar
Holger Warschkow - Bass
Lars Woldt - Guitar
Wolfgang Schwarz - Guitar

Sven Hams - Guitar, Keyboards
Eva Treder - Vocals
Bent Maczewski - Guitar
Thomas Schink - Drums


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