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Tenth Night

Album: ''Tenth Night'' (2005 Demo)
1. Madness Reveals (Intro)
2. Death Won't Do Them Part
3. Dear Mortality
4. Describing Sanity
5. Tenth Night

The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail

Album: ''The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail'' (2007 EP)
1. The Heir
2. Tenth Night
3. Death Won't Do Them Part
4. Once Upon A Full Moon
5. Describing Sanity



Genre: Symphonic power metal
Lyrical theme: Fantasy
Origin: Israel

The band was formed at June 17st, 2004 under the name "Vipera" by Adir Colonna And Shiri Burah.

It was a summer night when they started to talk about their wills of a serious musical career.
Adir that came from a background of a death melody band named Kna'an, and Shiri that came from a background of choirs.
They set next to the peer and talked about how they grow farther from music and how they miss that and they want to start something new.
Shiri suggest to form a band inspired by Sonata Arctica and Adir, who wasn't and expert about the genre, decided that it will be a good challenge.

The preparation started immediately, Shiri wrote a few songs and Adir composed them. it seemed that the first material was not typical for a power metal band but more to a Goth. but at the future the method got sharpen and it became more intense and clearer that it is a power metal band.
They looked for musicians that will be part of the new concept of "Vipera", Adir turned to his friend Maoz (who worked with him at Kna'an) and asked him to join, though Maoz said he won't have enough time to dedicate to the band.
after that an oral agreement was formed between Adir Colonna to a band named Epidemic, that Adir will play with them and Epidemic's drummer and bass player will play with Vipera. The line-up was complete.

At the time, there wasn't a keyboarder though they wanted. Adir had to play both the guitar and keyboards, a thing that was very difficult. so they started to look for a keyboarder. after a few months of looking they found Ella. though at the time the band bumped into difficulties. lack of rehearsing and some personal conflicts. the work with Ella was only personal, not in full line-up. it seemed that the situation won't be solved and Adir got into an argument with Epidemic, the other band which he played with and had an agreement. the drummer and the bass player left Vipera after they broke the agreement. The remaining members didn't give up and started to look for new members.
then the Keyboarder announced that she won't be able to continue and play with the band cause she doesn't have the time.

They decided on a fresh start. changed the band's name to "ALTHARYA" and wrote a legend around the name.
a few weeks later Maoz left the band, a thing which was predictable.

At the time they continue alone. looked for new musicians. at the same time they worked and they refine the songs and music.
Shiri & Adir decided not to wait and at May 15th, 2005 they released their first DEMO - "Tenth Night".
It was a tiny lift-up which was enough to put Altharya on the map.
due to that, a guitar player named Boris Siper turned to them and joined the band as a bass player. everything started to spread like fire, Boris joined his friend Roe as a Drummer and Eli as a guitar player. still they needed a keyboarder so Adir & Shiri asked Shiraz Weis for help, but it didn't work so they were looking for someone else.
they didn't need to go that far cause under their nose was Jolly Roger's amazing keyboarder, Galia. they believed it was a complete line-up again but Roe announced that he can't play due to lack of time. again they looked for a drummer. and they ran into Winterhorde's drummer, Lior. the connection started after he purchased their DEMO.
He became more interested with the band, so they asked him if he wants to join. after a few talks, he joined. the line-up was finally perfected and complete.
the DEMO rolled over and recognized world wide. and that's just the beginning...

Symphonic Power Metal


Israel (Nahariya), formed in 2004



Shiri Burah - Vocals
Adir Colonna - Guitar & Vocals (ex-Kna'an)
Eli Charmoshniuk - Guitar
Boris Siper - Bass
Galia Ben-Sadon - Keyboards
Hesperus - Drums (Winterhorde)

Shiraz Vice - Keyboards
Roee Rotfeld - Drums


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