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The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail

"The Oasis Fib, A Cosmic Sail" (2007 EP)

1. The Heir
2. Tenth Night
3. Death Won't Do Them Part
4. Once Upon A Full Moon
5. Describing Sanity

1. The Heir

Darkness falls all over earth
Sound of screams cuts the sky As our queen give birth
Wizard who brought her Sits on an ancient tree
Smiles as he plans how our future will be

When i'm looking at the night sky above
i remember, the story that's been told
oh, i wish only once to go back in time
revenge, is the only legacy that's left for me

Call up the elders
Every ghost from Nuphearder
Ask them to start from the beginning
Please bring us back -
Where the queen gave my body fresh air
She was the birthing god and Im the heir

Since our queen's death covered all
Solitude is my best-friend
Day light is perfect
To conjured enemies through solar lens

From the fire, from the ground
Into the night, melt their loams
Thallions doom, it is near
Torture his soul and disappear
Make him grovel for his life
Cut him deep and hang him at light

No one will ever hear the story about Synadrills fear

2. Tenth Night

Lighting mirror
Standing out there
Waiting for someone's reflection
At the midnight hour
I will float in the air

Listen to that young girl
Heart prays
Seeking closely for tomorrow
Fearing from the night
That's falling on again

[Pre chorus]
Oh, how delightful life could be
If I had told it all to thee
The story of a young girl from than
At the tenth night she will walk the land

Sweetly and sore
What love worth for?
Give me the key to be honest
Fight all the sins
Pull out the ring
Teach me to be free from thee

Longing for you
Breathing for you
At sea I'll reach my dead end
Blindly I'll fall
The world looks so small
Down from paradise

Darkness falls
Upon the black frost
'Causing chaos and destruction All will be gloom when the
Midnight clock will ring

[Pre chorus]


Angel wings rests
On her young head
Caressing her beautiful face
Secrets lay beneath the surface
Blood stains on her dress

Siren song's cut through
The peace skies
Young girl walking in the fields and sand
Looking for her very next prey
At the tenth night you all be dead!

[Pre chorus]


3. Death Won't Do Them Part

In a tragedy
where two young souls dies
you can't blame them constantly
for their willing not to hide

Embracing the night
with a shadow of a star
where they'll always be
is where ever they're

They died for their love
vow each other in trust
say they never leave
and be together even in death
Praying for acheaving what
life did not give them
the wish of a silent sound
that they never had inside them
forever will be bound

The cry for their wisdom
has gone for all time
for they had to leave us
for a future they'd not found

Pretending to keep
their memory alive
can't see the real truth
that hides behind the scars

4. Once Upon A Full Moon

Leaves are falling down as the blue shade of the sky
Brings a mighty shadow on the cold ground
Fantasy of a dark light flys above sea
Once upon a full moon night, awakes my ancient agony

A road of emptiness and grief
There I've lost my power to believe
Through a teary eye I see the world
As the moon gone Ill stay cold

Hanger man on the earth of time
Can you help me seek my long lost rhyme?
devil's mind is still awake
choking my thoughts, leaving me blank

My burning night of desire
Birthing a dawn with stars fire
Inside my heart will always be
The greatest gift of god
My love, it's your key

tales of shapes like me
wandering beneath the ground
living in the dead's creed
loadly screaming with no sound

grab thee iced heart
close it to your soul and pray
say my name, tell my flawless tale
conjure me and than you'll see
the truth indeed will blind thee

5. Describing Sanity

somewhere far away
an angel sits and prays
for eternal human souls
that never stopped to prey
one day they past alone
since than they hadn't seen the dawn
heart creeps, they still do wrong
their time to vanish has past so long

slaying demon
wrapped in a veil
blend of feelings
and a scratching nail
a compound of all things bad
creak of a door and a choking brad

the arcane flame still rising
upon the night of doom
the secrets that's around us
are sealed by every limb in a tomb

encore for loneliness
and other one for fear
the aura lost in sadness
a bitter sea of despair
the blood is leaking
all pure skin turned to ash
and each of those memories
lost somewhere in the gash

the choir voice sores
and so is the rain-
that's dripping on numbness
and flow through their veins
a pinch of integrity
a grain of gratitude
a dose of fairness
and a palm of good

the arcane flame still rising
upon the night of doom
the secrets that's around us
are sealed by every limb in a tomb


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