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Weapon of Ascension

Album: ''Weapon of Ascension'' (2005)
1. Evolution to Supremacy
2. Forever Unconquerable
3. Flight into Exile
4. Hail! Tyrants of War
5. Storm Assault
6. Through Ages Wrought
7. Invictus
8. Of Man and Valour
9. Blood and Soil
10. In the Face of Nobility
11. Progeny of Vengeance
12. Path of Glory



Allfather was birthed during the early stages in 1996, in Victoria, BC, Canada. At first, a three piece made up by Justin Hagberg playing guitar, Craig Stewart on drums and Paul Jacobsen doing vocals. This collection created an unreleased demo entitled “Render to the Unlight” (1996). After a while this era faded and Paul Jacobsen took up the duty of playing drums. With the addition of Cam Pipes on bass, Allfather began a new epoch and formed their first independently released recording entitled “Wrath of the Bloodthirsty” (1998); an exploratory six song collection that combined visionary philosophy and raw brutality.

The need to unleash Allfather to the masses soon came and an independent vocalist was needed to do so, allowing kinsman Chad Klassen to take up the post. After playing a number of shows, another recording was completed to encourage label support. A five song promotional MCD (1999) was prepared and again independently released. Focus on ascension and war, dominated the theme of this new release. Another campaign of shows was unchained, to further Allfathers cause.

It was during this effort that a new bass player was introduced: Adam Angus, a strong comrade that would prove very worthy to join the ranks. Soon after this addition, another recording was created (recorded 2001) and Allfather agreed to be in the company of three other cults on a split CD released by Realms of Darkness Productions and Dark Horizon Records. Allfather contributed five songs to this compilation CD entitled “Lead us to War and Final Glory” (2002).

Soon after this recording Allfather parted ways with Realms of Darkness/Dark Horizon Records and began seeking new label support. It was during this time that Invictus Productions took interest in the Allfather horde. Allfather then proceeded to create another recording to be released on Invictus. Entitled “Weapon of Ascension” (2004), this is Allfathers first full length and it promises to be the best Allfather material to date. “Weapon of Ascention” is scheduled to be out in January on Invictus Productions.

Currently Allfather is writing new material and has incorporated a second guitarist into the fold, Jasper van der Veen (formerly of Fluisterwoud). The addition of another guitar player adds a whole new creative dimension to Allfather, and will prove a valuable asset for future song writing and touring.

Black Metal


Canada (Victoria, BC), formed in 1996

Invictus Productions

On hold

Justin Hagberg - Guitar (3 Inches of Blood)
Paul Jacobsen - Drums (Adnoctum)
Adam Angus - Bass (Adnoctum)
Jasper ``Havoque`` van der Veen - Guitar (ex-Fluisterwoud, ex-Iskra, Black Lotus, ex-In Grace Adorned, Rune (Hol), D.R.E.P., ex-Winterkou (Guest), ex-Heidenland)

Cam Pipes - Bass (3 Inches of Blood)
Craig Stewart - Drums (Goatwar, Black Lotus,Nomad Conqueror)
Chad Klassen - Vocals (Horde of Anachron)


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