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Weapon of Ascension

"Weapon of Ascension" (2005)

1. Evolution to Supremacy
2. Forever Unconquerable
3. Flight into Exile
4. Hail! Tyrants of War
5. Storm Assault
6. Through Ages Wrought
7. Invictus
8. Of Man and Valour
9. Blood and Soil
10. In the Face of Nobility
11. Progeny of Vengeance
12. Path of Glory

1. Evolution to Supremacy

"A living thing seeks to discharge its strength - life itself is will to power self - preservation is only one of the indirect and most frequent results." - Friedrich Nietzsche "Beyond Good and Evil".

All living beasts share the same primary instinct, with either intellect great or minute
From the mightiest man to the lowest insect, each grow, honoring the same desire
The desire to bestow to its contemporaries what it has to offer, what it is here to bear
Forged by eons of predecessors, by millennia of toil and yearning
Longing for something greater, an evolution to supremacy

Selfishness and egoism, the secular right of all species
It is immoral to take what is needed at a time of need?
Progression dictates it is essential for the advancement of all life
Every organism is innately drawn to pursue the task to spread itself into the world
Taking what appeals to it, what is essential for its survival and success
At times with the result of the destruction of another lesser being
Yet always justified through growth by chronicles of generations past

Behond an era when power and vigor govern all existence
When all that is weak and feeble hold no place amongst the mighty
Natural law commands supreme, and all that is inherent is cherished
Not shunned and rejected, where it is devoid of prominence and distinction
Where the decadent throes of equality are lost and are replaced by resilient individuality, to an epoch in which progress and discovery reign, forever wondrous.

2. Forever Unconquerable

In the distance the sound of the horns blaze
Carries upon through the mountains and rain
I see the enemy with pole axe raised high
War mad high spirited either to conquer or die

Strength with honour by valour and arms
To be the victor with honour gained
Either a king or nothing
Reprisal noble warrior, forever unconquerable

Strength with honour by valour and arms
To be the victor with honour gained
An iron shield raise high, a steel sword raised high, either a king or nothing

Forward to greater glory with sure stroke divide and rule
Banner held high by this sign we will conquer
And so the divine law is to be slain alas it is for father, for his country, for ones land that we would die

Blood shed battalions sent forth
Full of vengeance seeded with in

3. Flight into Exile

Such is the picture that is pained of humanity, show me things as they are
And with awe I ask what has guided me
Show me everything. The laws of the universe
The heavens above me. Ancient wisdom, hidden lore

Immutable word from word bestowed down from cataclysms abyss
Learned in hidden lore, flooded in flames
From beyond solar infinity, Lucifer's hammer, cleanched fist

Death reins in fire, I have seen this all in darkness abyssal
Hail the twilight of our pre-existence
Reborn from solar wills...

Prophetic destruction
Unparalled horror wrought
Fading humanity
Chaos infinite genocidal saviours superceding annihilations
Epochal sorrow

4. Hail! Tyrants of War

Only he would know his might, know his goals
To not tolerate what should not be
To accomplish that which should be, evolution
The power of the past
Behold, might is master
Great race supreme and unlimitless
Hail, Tyrants of war
Hail beast of man
The right of nature is to overcome
He would do so to out strip his rivals
A swath cut through natural order
Pale faced warriors, harken
Kinglings attack
Undisputable might conquest unparallel mighty ones prevail
Completing the circle, we are sons born from triumph
Trumpeters resound through thunder bolts of steel
Primal hordes reviled
Atop morning vapor sacrificed armies
Teutonic might reviled
An iron will for an iron age
An iron people for an iron kingdom
Hail, Tyrants of War

5. Storm Assault

Attack....Follow this battle call
Uttering warfare cries unmercy, unholy creed
Terrorize global penalty paroxysm decreed
Disorder unleashed
Unholy strife power of hell
Uncerimonial force
Victory at hand, holocaust
Pillaging loathsome
Desire of war
Desecration of flesh destroyer of life
Baptism of fire, boiling blood
Bestial desire, heretic pulverizers wicked terror
Fire at will
Barbaric list, blood for blood, blow for blood, man of might, sworded
Warrior, king of men
Usurper go forth destroyer of life, day of judgement
Cosmic vengeance

6. Through Ages Wrought

Heritage; as it ages brings strength
Wrought ever stronger through the instrument of progression
Each life lived passes knowledge to the next
Wisdom and experience of the past allows a new link to begin
An inexorable advancement that only grows mightier as the years pass

Life is a never ending struggle for understanding and skill
As a life passes, this struggle is passed to the next
The responsibility becomes that of the heir
Only when this is realized and honoured
Can one's lineage becomes greater

Ancestry becomes naught if nothing can be gained from it
Or shunned through cowardice and weakness
Only a fool would deny his line
Ignore the inherent gifts it brings

The true man seeks to embrace his forefathers and revere their wisdom
When his past is respected, he can then gain strength and ambition
The true man holds the will of all his ancestors within
By this can he fortify himself and
Consent his kind to a life of pride and honour

7. Invictus

Unconquerable spirit, true to the power of the mind
No one can oppose your will
Like eagles proudly we soar, with superfluous perception
Only then may we be our own creators
Angry at all lamb souls, with lightening speed, straight at aim we wage war
Take your prey

I shall show you the consummating death
To die before enlightenment which surely be the sword thrust of a hundred enemies
Better to die in battle then squander a great soul
Thus the cold conscience of the true higher man
We would seem as madmen leaving the smoking fires that consume our sacrifices
But then our enemies should choke on the ashes of their own
Defiant and considering, bold and unconquerable

8. Of Man and Valour

Bloodshed before me thousands have laid to waste
Shores of blood, death hand raised
Our honour shall be restored
Iron is the will of man and valour
Glorify away that which is mine
Vanquish those who would oppose my will
And with mist mighty furor would I purify our ilk

Blood strong, flesh iron

Bound by will of might endowed with battle-fed hunger
Before me my conquering path
I am the scourge that strength of will
The spirit of men shall live with proud, joyful hearts....

Sharpe as untainted steel, we will swath away through the rabble that spoils our volk
And so with the truimph of steel and a truimph of will
Joyful revenge will call us to happiness

9. Blood and Soil

With ever step we walk in the footsteps of our folk
Upholding ages past with every stride
Worth and nobility born innate, to be passed onto the next birth
Ever seeking enhancement, honour, a legacy demanding ascension
A life becomes worthless if a man defies this instinctive ideal
Generations lost, merely to appease the arrogance of one

Birth and ancestry never to be called our own
For we do not choose who we are or from whence we came
Only through life can we sustain and strenghen the chain
Seizing what is given and using it as a means to flourish
Capturing with an iron fist and wielding to advantage
Rising to a greater echelon, carving a path to heretical honour

Pursuit of fortune, pride and power, a means to an end
The means: will of one manipulated through oneself
And through oneself it becomes the will of generations
The end: self empowerment and ancestral progression
A testament to existence where worth is solely for the strong

10. In the Face of Nobility

He shows the folk essence of strength
In the face of bestial contempt
Bravery and courage define him
The great beast shall be tamed
Chained and bound with fetter from which it could not escape
He placed his hand in the creatures jaws a pledge for man
Strongest among our fathers, the bravest among our kin
A warrior prevails, eyes glow in the face if nobility
Beheld an inevitable glory blending in bloody strife
To lose a hand to the beast as penalty
The war god obeyed within our spirits as ode to the one who's wrist is held high
My Sword imbibed with your power
With your rune make my spear, my arrow true

11. Progeny of Vengeance

Behold the portent of oblivion that which will waste away the feted scourge of man
The fiery wheel of Capricorn and of Taurus spins inexorable onward toward annihilation
Global penalty, typhoons of blood, the fire of purity burns all life away
Disaster, mass unbalance
The eternal star of Venus fortold this
Hammer of the gods, praise be the fall

Death of humanness cleansing inferno to bathe the world, genocide
Great judgement, streams of fire purifies the race of man
The shadow of death descends upon the sin that is man
Discountenance cast aside no longer in favor
Hail and fire, ashes to the wind mingled with blood
The aboral voice of lightening is the harbringer of the apocalypse of man
The blazing star eclipsed in darkness my kingdom gone ecliptic serpent unwound

12. Path of Glory

Today is the day I shall return and our time of reign will come
Fires will burn and ashes will ride on the winds, our aggressors will burn on pikes
Our hearts will pound like drums ready for war

Great zeal proud man your eyes shine as steel, your blood burns as fire
Behold a man who would overcome that which has befallen him
Behold a man with vision of will and determination

Forged as hardest steel, tough as burnished leather
Does he not passes courage, summon your desire
Onward to a path of glory....


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