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Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine / Is This Earths Last Century

Album: ''Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine / Is This Earths Last Century'' (1999 Split)
1. The
2. Under Pressure
3. Industrial Poem Of Next Millenium
4. Metal Of Alien Nations
5. Abnormal Idea Get Of Myself
6. Autogrind
7. Big God / Raped Souls (Fear Factory cover)
8. Corporeal Jigsore Guandary (Carcass Cover)
9. Cartoon Violence
10. Shit Heil!
11. Animal As A Present
12. Grind Core God
13. Bad Core
14. Friendly Indolence
15. Industrial Intelect
16. Paradox
17. Instant Girls
18. Razor Sharp Daggers (Agathocles Cover)
19. Net - Shit
20. Boss Felatio
21. Fuck The Nato!
22. Nature Warning / Human Extinction
23. We're Missing A Liberty
24. Animal Abuse
25. Why Animal Rights?
26. Blast Of Euphory

Genunethical / Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine

Album: ''Genunethical / Veneration Of Biological Killing Machine'' (2000 Split)
1. Overture
2. Motherkillers
3. One Of a Millions
4. Looking For The Substance
5. The Black Hole
6. Promitive Form
7. The
8. Under Pressure
9. Industrial Poem of Next Millennium
10. Metal of Alien Nations
11. Abnormal Idea Get Off Myself
12. Autogrind
13. Corporeal Jigsore Quandary (carcass)
14. Big God / Raped Souls (Fear Factory)

The Restricted Cerebral Capacity / Missed Ex-pulsion

Album: ''The Restricted Cerebral Capacity / Missed Ex-pulsion'' (2001 Split)
1. The Restricted Cerebral Capacity
2. Blind Alley
3. TV Digger (remixed version)
4. Underground
5. Copyright
6. The Fright
7. N.S.C.

Ball Spouter

Album: ''Ball Spouter'' (2002)
1. The Restricted Cerebral Capacity
2. Screw
3. Psychogenes
4. Crossed Out From The List Of The Dead
5. Children Of South
6. The Scathing Feeling Inside Of Me
7. Blind Alley
8. One Of Infinity
9. Instru - Mental
10. Apocalyptic Vision Of The Future

Four Years...Time Full Of Brutality

Album: ''Four Years...Time Full Of Brutality'' (2004 Best of/Compilation)
1. The
2. Under Pressure
3. Industrial Poem of Next Millenium
4. Metal of Alien Nations
5. Abnormal Idea Get of Myself
6. Autogrind
7. Big God/Raped Souls (cover od FEAR FACTORY)
8. Corporal Jigsore Quandary (cover of CARCASS)
9. The Restricted Cerebral Capacity
10. Blind Alley
11. TV Digger (Remix)
12. Crossed Out From the List of the Dead
13. The Scathing Feeling Inside of Me
14. One of Infinity


Album: ''Psychopathicolorspectrum'' (2005)
1. A Yellow Symbol
2. Erase Head
3. No Way out
4. Mass Rapes Hammer
5. Neurotic
6. Wreck
7. Psychopathicolorspectrum
8. Excellent

alienation mental


The beginning of the ALIENATION MENTAL is dated in January 1997 when Pavel and Michal had founded this band. Later Jarda from the breaking trash/death metal MORT LAKE band joined us. The band MORT LAKE had this arrangements: Michal R. (guitar, vox), Jarda (drums), Michal K. (bass) and Honza (guitar). Nevertheless Jarda didn’t like their musical approach so he started to play with the idea of joining ALIENATION MENTAL. These two bands existed for a short while at the same time and even played together one concert. ALIENATION MENTAL had originally only two members: Pavel (guitar, vox) and Michal (drums). Jarda joined ALIENATION MENTAL in October 1997 on probation. MORT LAKE’s direction was totally different from what he and Michal wanted to play. Later on, Jarda became their drummer. Eventually MORT LAKE died. That time members of ALIENATION MENTAL were forced to solve a question of the singer. They published several ads asking for a reliable singer for a core – death – grind band. Unfortunately nobody was interested and the band started looking among friends. Pavel, the guitarist, the founder and the leading brain of the band, met with Beherit whom he knew from various events and concerts in a pub. He told him he was looking for a singer for his band and Milan „Beherit“ promised to come. After one rehearsal it was clear that Milan was the right one. Our first demo KOPFERKINGEL was born. It was olny first step to the underworld. Second step was in the 1999 when we recorded split CD with MALIGNANT TUMOR called VENERATION OF THE BIOLOGICAL KILLING MACHINE ALIENATION MENTAL was playing in this arrangement for 2 years. The new bass-guitarist in the band became an old friend Michal K. (ex-MORT LAKE). After a few rehearsals recorded AM 7” EP THE RESTRICTED CEREBRAL CAPACITY (split with INHUMATE). This split is in the way of fast and brutal grind. One year later Michal K. went to Ireland to find a job. New member is Mirek (POPPY SEED GRINDER). First full length CD BALL SPOUTER was born. The reviews are very good. Some ziners said that this material is the most brutal and the fastest in our country ever. We were on the 3 weeks euro tour with CEREBRAL TURBULENCY to support our CD BALL SPOUTER.

07/2002 was re-released first demo KOPFERKINGEL on the CD format (BURNING DOGMA RECORDS - usa). On this CD is also a bonus (the whole material THE RESTRICTED CEREBRAL CAPACITY)

Beginning of the year 2003, Michal left the band. He can accept the AM music direction any more. During the 2004 was released in USA our older materials and three live songs on one CD called FOUR YEARS... ...TIME FULL OF BRUTALITY. in the end of 2004 was released our second full lenght CD. 7 brand new songs are pure death grind with strong nu metal influences. PSYCHOPATHICOLORSPECTRUM was released in the middle of January 2005. In the end of January 2005 Pavel left the band. Petr Velecky joined AM after month. He was Followed in short time with Yarda Dohnal (guitarist of POPPY SEED GRINDER). In May we toured whole europe. During 17 days we abused Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. Yarda Dohnal left the band after short time. AM compose new material for new stuff...

Death/Grind, Mallcore


Czech Republic (Prague), formed in 1998

Khaaranus Productions


Jarda - Drums (ex-Mort Lake, ex-Yaga)
Milan - Vocals (M.A.C. of Mad, Uprise, Finder Of Tumour, Pure)
Mirek - Bass (Ahumado Granujo, ex-Poppy Seed Grinder)
Petr - Guitar

Yarda Dohnal - Guitar (Poppy Seed Grinder)
Michal - Guitar (ex-Mort Lake)
Pavel - Guitar (Ahumado Granujo)
Michal - Bass


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