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Album: ''Vehemence'' (1998 Demo)
1. Death of Me
2. Banished to Infinity
3. No One Wins
4. Whore, Cunt, Die
5. Crusade of Hypocrisy
6. Mota Para Mi
7. Her Beautiful Eyes

The Thoughts From Which I Hide

Album: ''The Thoughts From Which I Hide'' (2000)
1. I Take Your Life
2. Saying Goodbye
3. Whore Cunt Die
4. What You've Become
5. No One Wins
6. Nameless Faces, Scattered Remnants
7. Devour the Rotten Flesh
8. Reconditioning the Flock

Metal Blade Demos

Album: ''Metal Blade Demos'' (2001 Demo)
1. Fantasy From Pain
2. The Last Fantasy of Christ
3. She Never Noticed Me

God Was Created

Album: ''God Was Created'' (2002)
1. Made for Her Jesus
2. She Never Noticed Me
3. Fantasy From Pain
4. Christ I Fucking Hate You!
5. Lusting for Affection
6. The Last Fantasy of Christ
7. I Didn't Kill Her
8. God Was Created
9. I Must Not Live
10. The Lord's Work

Helping The World To See

Album: ''Helping The World To See'' (2004)
1. By Your Bedside
2. Kill for God
3. Trinity Broadcasting (Know Your Enemy)
4. To the Taste
5. You Don't Have to Be Afraid Anymore
6. Alone in Your Presence
7. Spirit of the Soldier
8. Darkness Is Comfort
9. What Could Go Wrong?
10. We Are All Dying
11. Her Beautiful Eyes



Vehemence was a death metal band from Phoenix, Arizona.

Long-time vocalist Nathan Gearheart left the line-up in 2005 and was replaced by former From a Second Story Window singer Sean Vandegrift, a change that put the band into a more Hardcore-fused direction. Sean Vandegrift and Vehemence parted ways later that year and Adam Cody from Glass Casket would fill the spot.

The band split up in October 2005, and then on February 25, 2006 they announced that they are back together, and writing again to an ecstatic crowd at Phoenix's Metal Devastation. Despite their reunion, the members have stated that they will stay a local band, because of their new projects.

* Nathan Gearhart - Vocals (also in He Who Binds Himself)
* Mark Kozuback - Bass guitar, Backing vocals (also in The Symmetry In Chaos, Reign of Vengeance, ex-Abigail Williams)
* Bjorn Dannov - Guitar (also in The Symmetry In Chaos, Abigail Williams)
* John Chavez - Guitars (also in The Vanity Light, Medic Droid)
* Andy Schroeder - Drums( also in The Symmetry In Chaos, He Who Binds Himself, ex-Abigail Williams)

Former members

* Scott Wiegand - Guitar
* Jason Keesecker - Keyboards


* The Thoughts from Which I Hide (1999)
* God Was Created (2002)
* Helping the World to See (2004)

Death Metal

Death, Sadism, Misanthropy

United States of America (Phoenix, Arizona), formed in 1995

Metal Blade Records


Nathan Gearhart - Vocals (He Who Binds Himself)
John Chavez - Guitar (Deprecated, ex-Brides of Christ, The Vanity Light)
Bjorn Dannov - Guitar (Abigail Williams, ex-Your Mom)
Mark Kozuback - Bass (Reign of Vengeance, ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Revolution, ex-Mistaken Identity)
Andy Schroeder - Drums (ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Revolution, ex-Mistaken Identity, He Who Binds Himself, The Symmetry in Chaos)

Adam Cody - Vocals (Glass Casket, Das War (Guest))
Jason Keesecker - Synth
Scott Wiegand - Guitar
Sean Vandegrift - Vocals (ex-From a Second Story Window)


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