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God Was Created

"God Was Created" (2002)

1. Made for Her Jesus
2. She Never Noticed Me
3. Fantasy From Pain
4. Christ I Fucking Hate You!
5. Lusting for Affection
6. The Last Fantasy of Christ
7. I Didn't Kill Her
8. God Was Created
9. I Must Not Live
10. The Lord's Work

1. Made for Her Jesus

JESUS! Sacred and ancient her images of what he was
enshrined upon her bedroom wall
A picture of beauty and perfection
Halo vividly backing a man of such flawlessness
Lusting eyes easily attracting the whore

Laying in her bed, mind drifting to her own self-consumed fantasy
What has he done to deserve her, not even daddy can take her here
Glassy slitted eyes wander across the fading wallpaper
Absorbing visions of a large wooden crucifix and the picture of her lord
She loves the picture of her lord...

"This cross took his life," she thinks in perverted passion
her fingers caress the swollen pink lips that were made for her Jesus...

She feels a wrath
that is so comforting
feeling of childhood
memories that she cannot forget

Bedsprings creak as
raise to her feet
holding her crotch
stumble forward

Blindly reaches
Forward dimly lit
Comforting haven
This sickening spectacle

Virgin scraping
at her clit grab
the cross from the
wall her secretions flow

As the twinkling
Diamond doorknob
Turns and the light
Shines in the old man

Stands with little girl
His silhouette cast
Across the dark wall
Changing so slightly

She feels a warmth that is so comforting...
A feeling of childhood memories that she cannot forget...

Sacred and ancient her images of what he was
Enshrined upon her bedroom wall

She feels a warmth that is so comforting
A feeling of childhood memories that she cannot forget
Bed springs creak as she raises to her feet
Holding her crotch stumbling forward blindly, she reaches forward

Grabbing the cross from the wall, her secretions flow
as the twinkling diamond doorknob turns and the light shines in
The old man stands watching his little girl, his silhouette cast
across the dark wall changing so slightly
His hardness foreshadows what is to come
He whispers out the name of their savior and walks up to her...

2. She Never Noticed Me

"Sitting alone, staring blankly at the floor, my thoughts turn to her...."

What to say? (she is so beautiful, she'd never want me)
Who is she? (she says nothing to no one perpetually)

-Back of the room, her face in a book, her skirt riding high on her thigh
Number one student, top of the class, she exists to no one but me....

What to say? (she is so beautiful, she'd never want me)
Who is she? (she says nothing to no one perpetually)
What to say? (she is so beautiful, she'd never want me)
Who is she? (she says nothing to no one perpetually)

I sometimes notice the bruise on her face, or the swollen lip
And most often I gaze at the cross which hangs between her breasts....

'So soft and beautiful..."

I dream of her....Playing out scenes in my mind...
I dream of her....Kissing me gently, caressing...
I must kill her....She doesn't want me, she'll die...
I must kill her....She can have no one but me! (Here I come!!)

Venturing into the street....
I know where she lives....
I know where her bedroom is....
I know everything about her...

She'll see- I'll show her
She'll see- I'll show her

-Her light is off, but her bedroom door is open, I can see her...
Legs spread, I can hear her moans through the window....

"But there's something wrong," ....she gazes at a picture of Jesus....
Watching her in that room, I am in love with her....

3. Fantasy From Pain

Night breeze stiffens my muscles, trees bend in the street light
Leaves rustle by ominously, a chill quakes through my mind
Though tear drenched eye I witness, this innocents demise
The heavy hand of her father, her virginal flesh defiled

My hand moves to my scrotum, not wanting to enjoy
But the pulsating heat of my passion, I can feel on my inner thigh
Peering through the bushes, to the dimly lit room inside
Desecration of a young girl, makes me wish she was my bride
Now I must venture further, into this shrine of pain
To satisfy my suffering, and end this creatures demise.

Now its my turn, I make my way into
this foul environment
His dick slips out, in utter dismay
his gaze meets with mine
My actions swift, as I push him to the floor
this man will have to die
His daughter panting, crouched in terror
they both await my next move....

Reflecting on my actions, I understand what must now happen
Concentrating my weight into my knee, I drop upon his face
My erection is persistent, so I turn and peer downwards
Laying in a pool of vaginal fluid, I approach my victim

Regret! Sorrow!
Sadness! Aching for my death....

The pulsing flesh under me, I can't fulfill my urges
Stepping out of myself and letting the hate control
Quivering in such ecstasy, my thoughts now wander

Into a void, another plane, a heightened state of mind
Driven into this negativity and exploring

Surprisingly she cannot feel my hands around her neck, or my death sinking into her....


Her Jesus embraces touching, her breast tenderly
with a light push he enters, her swollen lips

But looming in the back of her mind
the knowledge that her Jesus is dead

4. Christ I Fucking Hate You!

Her father lies bleeding, his blood on my hands
Gratitude apparent, her sobs turn to signs of relief

Touching her tear-stained cheek, gazing deeply into her eyes
she worships me as a god
We embrace passionately on the floor, spreading her legs
My fantasy fleshed forever....

I shove myself gently into her, gasping she smiles and cries
Her blood streams from the vagina, she used to be a virgin whore
(Fucking her, this is my Fantasy!)
Father knew better than to take that away
His dick only went in her mouth and her ass
I am the one whom she'll remember always
As he who made her tremble with first orgasm

My body now growing numb I don't know why
I can feel my insides changing into...a god
(What is wrong? Who am I becoming?)
I become her Jesus in the flesh
Blood on my hands pouring from gaping holes

She gets to fuck me! The Son of God!
A fantasy she has for pain I inflict
My hands slide up her breasts so slowly
And constrict around her neck tightly...

Cartilage and veins popping, her expression is delight
As I climax, my thorny crown drops upon her bloated face

Suddenly her Christ is gone and so is she
He took away my only passion in life
And now all I have is a pile of broken flesh
His possession has robbed me, and all I feel is hate...


5. Lusting for Affection

He was a young man, his life just begun
but never felt young
His parents hurt him, and stole his childhood
beat it out of his young mind
Dad was a veteran and alcoholic
and so violent
Mother just sat there watching the TV
her only words hate
she paid no notice to him
he couldn't love her
if she died he wouldn't care
So now he's so cold with no emotion
And no one matters
All that he can feel, merely physical
he thinks that is emotion

(He feels nothing)

Day to day lusting after flesh
Feeling satisfied with penetration

All the girls in his mind
Fantasy merely postpones his wrath
Acting out, soon follows
Walking dead women waiting to die

Fingernails embedded deep into flesh
Straddling his body gyrating slowly
Soft hair flows over ripe breasts swaying gently
Her screams of ecstasy, not fear this time

Digging through her garbage, searching for something
Picking through remnants of her daily patterns

Discarded tampon, telephone bill stub, last night's dinner
His heart growing fonder with every load he takes

Dreaming of what is to come for this girl
Her broken ripped flesh, swollen on his penis

Upon his discovery of her depressive state of existence....her sorrow
His attention to her growing stronger, more obsessive....she's his

His collection now nearing completion
He knows everything
His parents are blamed, his misperception
They created his problems
His mind is feeble, like a rape-machine
Sex is what drives him
His first is special, and so beautiful
She doesn't know what's coming...........

6. The Last Fantasy of Christ

His head drops gently upon simple rolled cloth
His meek conditions depress
Reflecting upon the days events
How much time he's lost

Healing the sick, Raising the dead, Being a savior
His words create belief

Through a vast wasteland to spread belief
"when will they understand?"
From city to city to spread God's word
A man can live only so long....

He sighs drifting off into sleep
So many to touch deeply,
In his mind he is right....chosen one!

His dream foretells of his kingdom-die!
His picture on walls of bedrooms-almighty Christ!
He will be martyred in their eyes-he smiles!
People will die forever in-his name!

"Even if you did exist, you'll never know what happened to us, you died before it even began..."

But next he sees what will send him into sadness
Depressed, angered, insane....this young girl with a lust
for his blood and his cock, gazing sexually at him
He knows his point is lost on whores and on the rest
No need for him to live, maybe death would even help....

7. I Didn't Kill Her

The sunlight fading as air cools from blistering day
Stars appear in the dusken sky, invoking urgent senses
The breeze wafts fragrance of passion and winter forgotten

Moving forward through rusted iron gates
rediscovering distant lost memories
Minutes flying by as the scene darkens
Scurrying across dew soaked greenery
Unearthing freshly planted arrangements

Beads of sweat stream into my wildly rolling eyes, burning
Causing my vision to take on kaleidoscopic characteristics
The view is so inspiring as my target is now in blurred sight
Her name written so eloquently, I cannot bear the suspense

As I open the earth.....
Tearing though the ground.....

As I penetrate:the earth
My skin is soiled and raw...digging
Fingernails snap off from misuse
The blood flows early tonight...

Through The Earth
Six Feet Down
Fresh Young Corpse
I Grow Aroused

My shaking bloodied hand scrapes the finished wood
As I punch furiously on her box,
I first see a crack, then it starts to widen
Smashing through the cheap coffin, I drag her body up...

Laying her across the dirt, her crucifix glimmers
Upon her silky breasts, cold and hard from the cruel earth
Laying myself on top of her, to try and warm the flesh
Feeling her tight ass, my hands probe between her legs
Forcing my fingers into her, I kiss her blue lips
Remembering how she felt when alive, now even better!!!

Her father, an evil man, he wanted to destroy her
Constantly fucking her, and warping her mind
My love for her the strongest she'd felt
Right under the love for her Jesus...

But now we see what-Jesus did for her
Her body is mine-He can have her soul
Such short time alive-Short to her was good

As distant voices start closing in, I hasten the procedure
Her body replaced into the ground, to be saved for later
Earth filled in hastily as I flee form the graveyard
But the fact that makes this all right, I didn't kill her....

8. God Was Created

From beyond the grave to awaken your mind
I must teach you a lesson that I never learned
But without a god, could you carry on?
If the answer is "no", then just stop right there

I used to hate her Jesus, but jesus is her.....

God was created by human minds
Her mind was feeble so she loved god
God was created by human minds
Her god is dead, because she died
God was created by human minds
I fucking hate god, so I hate her

What I thought to be possession of my own mortal shell
Turned out to be my subconscious allowing my mind to be tricked

God was created by human minds
A ghost to scare you, make you succumb
God was created by human minds
Pathetic liar, I'm not afraid!

Her jesus was not to blame for taking her life she died by my hand
My hands around her neck, my cock deep in her cunt

Open your mind and understand [Repeat]

My hate comes from my mind, violence in my past
I fixate and connect, obsess and destroy
Her need for a god, created by her past
Fear and ostracization, she wanted it this way
This abuse created demons, one violent one demure
In the name of their god, I denounce the name of Christ

I am my own savior

From beyond the grave to awaken your mind
I must teach you a lesson that I never learned
But without a god, could you carry on?
If the answer is "no", then just stop right there

I ammyowngod

9. I Must Not Live

My wretched flesh stings just adding to my pain
I must not live, I am a curse. What have I done?
She was the only one, my life now meaningless. Merely wasting flesh
I hate myself.

Her Flesh Since Rotten Away

I hate you jesus I blame you
You fucking bastard you stole her
You made me worthless to myself
The only revenge

It suddenly is so clear
Sobbing through a smile....

When you've lost everything there is nothing more to lose, now my Revelation
unfolds before me
Back to School but with intent to spill the blood of christs' sheep
on my flesh

Christ, they will pay for your sins
Everyone guilty in my eyes
My blade warm in my moist hand
Who will be the first?

Quickly venturing into the bathroom, class is in session
I find a young girl in a stall, I am in love again
I want to take as many as I can
This little whore gutted on the toilet
My dick stiffens staring at her vagina
Warm wet pool spreads across the tile

This is not a replacement

Like a spider web no escape
This girls come in but never leave
I start to lose count of my victims
Blood to my ankles vindicates

They are on to me

I pierce my wrist
This part is easy....

Blood pours form my arm, I cannot let them take me
I give myself to satan, I will not let jesus have me

10. The Lord's Work

The lords work [2x]

My head begins to swim
With visions of my life

So much blood [2x]

And for nothing more than a man-made dream
My family is dead because they made me
Lusting for Affection in gods name
Their blood merely a drop in oceans I created

I am doing....the lords work [2x]

Watching her in that room as she ignores me
I feel so alone, she never noticed me
Jealous of her god she did it to herself
I couldn't bear to see her love anyone

Slipping away
My only escape
My blood drains
Death I embrace

My body grows numb for the last time
Looking around at the innocent victims
I must not live to see another day
This bathroom is where I take my last breath

The Lords Work [2x]
So Much Pain [2x]
The Lords Work [2x]
Is bullshit [2x]

This story is the last fantasy of christ
Magical power that never existed
He was a man just like any other
His story was blown out of proportion

I did kill her
He Never did a thing
Christ, I Fucking Hate You!

The Lords Work [4x]

God Was Created [4x]

Don't believe all their lies
The Lords Work [2x]


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