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Downfall of the Ascendancy of Man

Album: ''Downfall of the Ascendancy of Man'' (1997 EP)
1. Blood Ritual
2. Suffering of the Masses
3. The Descending Path
4. Forced Into Extinction
5. Abhorrent Traditions

Testimony To The Atrocities

Album: ''Testimony To The Atrocities'' (2000)
1. Laments of the Fallen Angel
2. The Fallacy of One
3. The Essence of Prophecy
4. Abomination of the Desolete
5. Through the Darkest Days of Tribulation
6. In The Shrouds of Darkness
7. Mourning the Sickness
8. Into the Gates of Eternal Suffering


Perhaps the only thing as uncompromising as the band Upheaval's pessimistic belief in the world's inevitable fiery, gory end and the continual worsening of human suffering and exploitation is the brutal death metal that they have chosen as the vehicle for their message. Often slow and plodding, sometimes blackened and furious, the band's songs are always performed with breakneck precision- hitting every hammer on, blast beat and throaty gasp with amazing clarity. Upheaval's sound easily draws comparisons to their fellow masters of sickness in Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation, while hinting however vaguely at the band members' extensive backgrounds in the hardcore/ punk scene via an incredible urgency and power.

The Indianapolis based death metal band was formed in 1997 around the core members of guitarist Ben Parrish, drummer Jeremy King and one-time Birthright six stringer Nathan Stambro, along with then vocalist James Ryan and bassist Brian Allen. The band meticulously constructed the five songs that later comprised their debut CD release, the now out-of-print Downfall Of The Ascendancy Of Man (Eulogy). Each song was a lyrical diatribe attacking various societal ills and sociopathic tendencies- from the tobacco industry to sport hunting- cloaked in blood-soaked imagery a la Carcass and backed by sheer brutality and chunk.

1999 saw the addition of Bryan and Drew Grimes- on bass and vocals, respectively- in the fine tradition of brothers in metal bands. The last year of the millennium also saw Upheaval produce an entirely new body of work, narrowing down and honing their metallic craft to near perfection.

The year 2000 found the band shaping, molding and refining their sound even further, spewing forth their masterwork, Testimony to the Atrocities. Upheaval's latest and greatest exposition of carnage couples the raw intensity of their past with a far more aggressive nod towards their future. The record is layered with their by now trademark grinding death metal while sprinkled with the fury of a near-Nordic atmosphere and a technicality matched possibly only by new label-mates Creation Is Crucifixion. The terrifying union of Upheaval with Willowtip Records- quickly becoming recognized as the vanguard of the burgeoning, deeply underground metal movement- will truly be an awe inspiring sight to behold as 2001 unfolds.

Band broke up in 2002

Upheaval was also the name of a soul group from Wisconsin consisting entirely of prisoners serving life-sentences. Upheaval cut one 45 (Paradise Lost b/w Now That You've Gone) of which 25 copies were pressed. 2 are known to have survived, between 6 and 7 are known to have been destroyed. The remaining copies are yet unaccounted for.

Brutal Death Metal


United States of America (Indianapolis, IN), formed in 1997



Bryan Grimes - bass, vocals (Amongst the Swarm)
Drew Grimes - vocals
Jeremy King - drums
Ben Parrish - guitar (Demiricous)
Nathan Stambro - guitar
John - session live vocals (also in Usurp Synapse)

Brian Allen - bass (1997-99)
James Ryan - vocals (1997-99)


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