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Downfall of the Ascendancy of Man

"Downfall of the Ascendancy of Man" (1997 EP)

1. Blood Ritual
2. Suffering of the Masses
3. The Descending Path
4. Forced Into Extinction
5. Abhorrent Traditions

1. Blood Ritual

blood drips on the cold cement floor
as you slice their flesh with precision
dead bodies once full of life
hang motionless stripped of their skin
as the blood secretes from the throats of your victims
and collects in barrels,
you feel no guilt
your hands are stained with the blood of the innocent
your cold heart cares not for the lives which you have taken
blinded to the horrors which surround you daily
murderer of the innocent
demon without heart
with your tools, you hollow out their bodies
slicing and saving the bits and pieces of organs vital to life
the bone, flesh, and blood
a virtual nightmare in which you partake
this is an altar of sacrifice which has been built
to self-proclaimed gods
these sacrifices fuel their madness
these sacrifices fuel their insanity

2. Suffering of the Masses

i see past your disguise
greed lies within your heart
to control the minds of others with your poisons
rotting lungs
victims die slowly
suffering all for your blood money

3. The Descending Path

downfall of the earth and all life which exists
suffering from greed filled parasites
a disease released upon the earth
a plague of selfish beings
without remorse, without regret
they spill her blood, they rape her corpse
polluting the blood which runs in her veins
tearing pieces of flesh from her broken body
her beauty stripped away by the feasting of maggots
her body lies motionless, her life torn away
the blood drips from the incision
a gaping wound across her neck
by slicing her throat, we are slicing our own
we are drowning in the waves of retribution

4. Forced Into Extinction

the balance has been tipped too far
we are falling into an abyss of chaos and self-destruction
losing our grip on life
as we regress from nature, our ties to life are broken
rise, rebuild, rise, return
rise, begin anew
rebuild, deny their lies
rise, a new day dawns
return to what once was

5. Abhorrent Traditions

preying on the innocent
a false predator
proclaiming to balance nature,
only to disrupt
tradition passed on through generations
displaying the carcass as a trophy
are you really proud of the blood which you have shed?
killing is not a measure of manhood
killing is not a sport
i abhor this sadistic act
the slaughter of millions every year
this is something we cannot ignore
an open season of holocaust
we cannot let this go on


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