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This Day All Gods Die

Album: ''This Day All Gods Die'' (1999 EP)
1. Intro
2. This Day All Gods Die
3. Lay This Life Down
4. Fire of Life
5. When the Heavens Shed Tears
6. For Liberation

The Whispered Lies Of Angels

Album: ''The Whispered Lies Of Angels'' (2000)
1. Echoes
2. Tears Seven Times Salt
3. The Company Of Storms
4. Fallen Grace
5. The Coming Dark Age
6. Born Again
7. A Desert In The Heart
8. Formal Absences Of Precious Things
9. Of Masks And Martyrs

Album: ''Demo 2002'' (2002 Demo)
1. As Above
2. Reckoning

At History

Album: ''At History's End'' (2003)
1. Reckoning
2. Lament
3. Teratisms
4. By Turns
5. As Above
6. Arrangement For Invisible Voices
7. For The Dying
8. The Age of Grace



Formed in 1998, in the then unlikely locale of North Carolina, Undying’s blend of fast-paced euro-metal and dramatic guitar melody, mixed with crushing breakdowns and furious and scathing vocals have become as much a trademark as the band’s poetic lyrics, politics, and activism. Skilled musicianship and an emphasis on songwriting allow the band to deliver music and message that blur the lines between hardcore and metal, owing as much to At the Gates and My Dying Bride, as to Catharsis and Earth Crisis.

Formed and comprised of ex-members of such acts as Day of Suffering, Prayer for Cleansing, and Catharsis, Undying’s hard-earned reputation as one of the hardest working bands in the underground scene (with nothing but a demo in hand) landed them a deal with fledgling Fifth Column Conspiracy, who released the band’s debut EP This Day All Gods Die, which went on to sell out two pressings before the label folded. Garnering the attention of Belgium’s Goodlife Recordings, the band’s first full-length, The Whispered Lies of Angels followed, cementing their position as one of the genre’s most emotionally charged and powerful acts

In a turning point for the band, original vocalist Timothy Roy began suffering severe vocal problems and chose to leave the band. However, after long and careful deliberation, the band decided that they wanted nothing more than to push on and announced that they were in search of someone to fill the vacant slot.

Undying re-emerged with vocalist Logan White, an (at the time) eighteen-year-old female whose brutal scream and commanding presence left little doubt that the band was better than ever. One Day Savior Recordings, who re-released the band’s debut, This Day… expressed interest in a new release, and the band entered Mars Recording Studio with Bill Korecky (Terror, Integrity, Keelhaul, Mushroomhead, Catharsis, Incantation…) to record their next record. At History’s End continues the band’s story, yet incorporates more concise songwriting, heavier breaks, passionate and intelligent lyrics, interwoven with a signature sense of melody and harmony. Logan’s vocals leave little doubt that she is “one of the best singers in the underground metal scene today.”

- this was taken from Undying's official myspace page

Melodic Death Metal


United States of America (Raleigh, North Carolina), formed in 1997

One Day Savior


Logan White - vocals
Jimmy - guitars
Christopher Walker - guitars
Jonathan Raine - bass
Robert Roose - drums

Timothy Roy - vocals
Eric Wheeling - guitar
James Chang - guitar
Liam Caulfield - guitar
Paul Waggoner - guitar (Between the Buried and Me, Prayer for Cleansing)
Daniel Allen - drums
Christopher Gannon


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