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"Demo 2002" (2002 Demo)

1. As Above
2. Reckoning

1. As Above

As she chokes on the lies of the fathers
And their lust to degrade and enslave

How long must we wait in the silence?
While these quiet atrocities build
Condemned by their faith to honor, obey
In this nightmare of dreams unfulfilled

To walk in the shadow of violence
Through the visions and words that surround

Taught by these lies that dehumanize
And debase and degrade as she drowns

And the words that we speak offer justice
While the crimes of the sons cast aside
Beneath the weights as she suffocates
In this curse of the flesh we divide

Devoured by eyes without mercy
Stripped of her worth by their fear

The rituals of hate and beauty betrayed
Surrendered to sorrow and tears

Each silent shame endured in disgrace does deliver us unto this hell
May the world be her witness, to hymns of the fathers she fell

(and the dance of the dead in this hell…)

Never to rise from the silence
So deliver us up from ourselves
The world be our witness
To a new day of freedom
The lies of this culture,
The bonds of oppression: revealed
The night falls fast so shut your eyes
In this reign of hearts enslaved…we die

We’re offered up body and soul
And nameless violations untold
In the hours adrift in despair
Your whispering cold embrace
As Eve crowned in sorrow laid bare
Breathes suffering like sacrifice

And each breath of shame
And each stare degrades
For every word borne in disgrace
In this culture of hate
When defiance is all that remains

2. Reckoning


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