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Course to Arsoning

Album: ''Course to Arsoning'' (2002)
1. Cosmo Chaos Supremacy
2. Uncaning Pleasures
3. Black Angels
4. Uncommon Sense of Divinity
5. Shiver
6. Anthems of Coronation
7. Death travels on Me
8. The Inner Revelation



Melodic black metal from Mexico. The band was formed in 1995 as a doom/death metal outfit but evolved to atmospherics and melodic black metal. The band is still active and have recorded two albums, "Uncommon Sense Of Divinity" and "Course To Arsoning" (the later under the mexican label American Line Recordings), with a heavy influence from Arcturus, Ulver, Bathory, Emperor and Pink Floyd. Keyboard player A.Garma is also a member from psychedelic sludge/doom outfit Kavra (as guitar and vocals though).

Official Site Bio
"LACRIMAE's born on a cold tenth month night anno 1995 after Mortis Causa disintegration. Magoz (guitars) and Anwar (keyboards) wish to continue their search for eternal and obscure matters and in complicity with Pawel (bass) gave birth to LACRIMAE. In the process, drummer Enrique (former Gagola band member) and Nix (howls) join the band in the definition of their idiosyncrasyc sound, strongly influenced by occultism and humanistic flowing. After a period of concerts in the band's home town and other cities in south of Mexico, besides recording a first demo tape (LACRIMAE), Enrique decides to go another way and his place is take it by Black (former Aura Violeta and Mitnal's band member). In 1998 the band line is solidificate due to enter of the last deranged member (Glassmoon, guitars) who provides some cold precision in Lacrimae's performance. In 1998 LACRIMAE records it first official demo tape on independent label. Demo's title "A Sad Dream" reflects the band morbid tribute to the anemic situation of them selves. The demo tape gets good reviews on underground zines through all Mexico and stimulates the band to return into the studio in 1999's fifth month and record their debut album titled " Uncommon Sense of Divinity" which includes nine tracks that defies world-wide spiritual dogmas and polish the band's music and lyrics.
In year 2000 they start a series of concerts after going through some changes in the band's line, with the departure of Pawel and Glassmoon and entering of J.L. on bass. The series of concerts reach it zenith on Mexico City with prestigious Brutal Fest appearance, which also includes the cities of Guadalajara and Queretaro. After more movement in the band's alignment (Pawel back on bass and Sanguino in Magoz's place) LACRIMAE shows in Brutal Fest 2001 and close the year with recording of new album "Course to Arsoning" which sees the light on 2002 under the label "American Line Productions". With new album and a much powerful sound, Nix, A.G., Pawel, Black, and Sanguino start their 2002 "Drugathon" tour, which seizes the cities of Merida, Cancun, Mexico, Morelia, Salamanca, Barcelona and Wermelskirschen (Germany). At the present time, LACRIMAE has grown from a matter less yuppie death metal band to a contraculturistic non profit organization, involve in anti catholic propaganda and communication of Pro substances abuse ideology*, positivism, mythology and more...

Nevertheless, entrance to studio recordings is not yet schedule but eight new tracks are ready to blow your fucking brain off, along with a new improved "Uncommon Sense Of Divinity".

*The band wants to notice that Pro substances abuse ideology refers to a systematic and rational procedure for consciousness phenomena experimentation."

**(Broken english courtesy of the band)

Melodic Black Metal

Death, Nature Strange Forces, Mankind and Wisdom

Mexico (Merida, Yucatan), formed in 1995

American Line Productions


Sanguino - guitars (My Last Identity, Trono de Huesos)

Ag Pecatore - keyboards, vocals (Kavra)
Pawel - bass
Darko - drums
Nix - vocals

Lino - Guitars
Enrique - Drums (Kavra)


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