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Course to Arsoning

"Course to Arsoning" (2002)

1. Cosmo Chaos Supremacy
2. Uncaning Pleasures
3. Black Angels
4. Uncommon Sense of Divinity
5. Shiver
6. Anthems of Coronation
7. Death travels on Me
8. The Inner Revelation

1. Cosmo Chaos Supremacy

Beyond redemption Sweet smell of the dark
Guide me through your eternal light In the name of satanas
there is no satanas. Conquer the ignorance
Buried their true with evil techniques - destroy our world
Death is just the beginning true a new "jouney" life
When your body is Forgotten by your
soul behind so behind
And in than moemnt, you will realize that it wasn't
also a jesus christ, and even a god in the sky.
There's nothing above the stars above the stars...
Holy nature holy nature
Mix in a cup 3 drops of nihilism essence
the language from dead poet soul Ghastly lament
from the lover, rush of clarity I am the devil himself.

2. Uncaning Pleasures

...And from the darkness I'll awake
I'll walk to you into your deepest fears
my hunger... my eyes are blind
I'm the chosen one Dreadful images of a tragic
existence to rescue from the oblivion, from the oblivion I
shall rise. In rapture agony I die Transform my flesh in dust The
immortal evil majesty Walk over this frozen fantasy From the
oblivion he shall rise From the oblivion we shall rise Glaring eyes.,
view of eternity. Starving eyes, mouth of an entity Which collide with
daylight Which defeat the inmense sculpture A fallen martyr drowned
on soil Eons from me, from my sacred sanity. May I find my path.
Path of betray and envy I herein on finish less night Dream on the
ehtereal slumber.

3. Black Angels

Anthems of sorrow that comes from below exalting
the courage against the children of god. Their genesis
ocurred upon wishes of god for those who had world
regiment dreams The cry of frustration upon missing
eternity Brought the anger to erradicated day. Down
bottom of sulfured lands Judas as a lider cry high
for all what men knows they don't exist in ground
christianity. And that's what it will make them loose by
their reckless ignorance of evil entities above their crowns
they shall battle till heaven miss it existence Black angels
will prevail until holy trinity becomes ravage thus divine light
grow dark. forever and ever from here to eternity.
Sinner's only sin is to feel regretful about his Acts

4. Uncommon Sense of Divinity

Today our night breath anger summoning blackhearted forces
ravenous ravens around your neck. God fall the celebration
close my eyes to your divinity ravenous eyes upon his sky soulless
the allegorical images dancing on the ethereal subhumanity.
Garden moon behold thy graves looking so perfectly macabre.
And our time will come again, a dimension of liquid humanity the
fight between the light and darkness. Burning beyond redemption
and seek for imagination the fight between life and sadness. The
wrathful betrays you, do not speak of loneliness.
prevent my fall again Who you think you are to defiance my
blackned soul? Bless me ancient ones, blessed we are

5. Shiver

I see before me, the change for an
Underground magic
For a perfect color spell.
It seems to me that such a change.
It blows a shivery fine beauty,
That some art reveals itself
An art so divine
So diabolically divine
That it will drive me into a fruitless search
Through the ages.
And in the end...
I remember, that I'm already dead

6. Anthems of Coronation

So I can hear your call Father of dark nature In roars of the
shore and howls of the winds. My will on fire rise above the
infamy With horror and panic I behold thou betray Oh You
fool buried on sins of glory and redemption Yet, I'm not made by
the flesh and the blood. Against you I broke idols to avenge
everyman I'm darker than before and colder than ever...
Unleashed my strength... embrace me Walk with me... embrace
me Now I can feel you Father of dark nature In roars of the
shore howls of the winds In the Anthem of Coronation

7. Death travels on Me

She's the voice of the silence Sonorous whispers of doom
every candle feel her shineless breath She walks beside me
a moment of forgetfulness. I wish I could speak through
your soul.

You'll say the sound of nothingness
Figures in black are gone
Phantasma textures in everyone
Million lights, chaos within Solar
horizons in complete isolation

I think the malevolous, nonsense reality. Entrance of the
furious fire. There's no god without pain There's no chaos
without hope There's no evil without pleasures There's no
chaos without sense.

8. The Inner Revelation

Soon to be known the truth of the inner light revelation,
omen the god of disguise. Painting my soul with the color
of doubt Opus phantasmagoria Lost in a labyrinth of roses
and tears I'll be running alone with the thorns at my feet
rising the innocence drop to drop fleshless to ashes blood to
blood. Fade in temptation ...the impure ignorance A
blasphemous chant glows in the dark. As a
pure body I grew up in this sea of suffer and
lies. On focus my knowledge and soul in perfect harmony
Fade and Devotion thus far the hypocrisy. The search
of vanity tracing the spirituality. I feel cold and alone in
this hily chamber of thoughts. I was created by the sun
and the moon My soul performs as puppet lead by a
nameless god.


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