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The Shed

Album: ''The Shed'' (2000 EP)
1. Intro
2. The Shed
3. Boiling Flesh
4. Prime Meat
5. Bile
6. Defleshing Of Bones
7. Gutted
8. Smashed And Battered
9. Bloodsoaked
10. S.C.E.X. Or The Saw

Camp Blood

Album: ''Camp Blood'' (2005)
1. Camp Blood
2. Widespread Bloodshed
3. Resurrected
4. Boot Cracked Cranium
5. Axe Wielding Killer
6. Death Curse
7. Bludgeoned and Beaten
8. Dredging the Lake
9. Crazed Stalker
10. Blood Rorschach
11. Bled Dry
12. Deranged Facial Stabbing
13. The Final Chapter



BILE has been pumping the dance floors of Hell since 1992. Considered pioneering forerunners of the new crop of industrial-metal hybrid acts that appeared in the late '90's and 2000's, BILE has always maintained their own style. Based in New York, the band has a floating line-up, but most of the musical duties are handled by Krztoff. Originally featuring nine members on the first two albums, Bile trimmed the fat before recording Sex Reflex. This album features their most popular song to date, "In League." When performing live, Bile usually consists of Krztoff (vocals, guitar)and R.H. Bear (bass, effects), and typically a second guitarist and/or drummer. The live act generally consists of a fog machine, extreme lighting and occasional stage props. Krztoff is also currently an active member of Pigface and Black From the Dead (with Charles Levi of My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult). Bile is currentaly working on their new cd Hate Radio.

There is another band named Bile, based out of The Netherlands. Formed in 1998, they play ultra downtuned sludge drenched groovy goregrind. Featuring members of Inhume. Bile is now known as Skullhog.

Brutal Death Grind

Texas Chainsaw Massacre & Friday the 13th

Netherlands, formed in 1998

No Escape Records

Changed name

Loek Sawyer (Cannibalistic Chainsaw Butcher) - Bass (ex-Mangled (Hol), Inhume, Drowning Tears, Martyrium, Clan of Cannibals)
Rob Sawyer (Bloodsoaked Hacksaw Butcher) - Vocals/Drums
Ben Sawyer (Pulverizing Bonesaw Butcher) - Vocals/Guitars (Inhume, Malignant)


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