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World ov Worms

Album: ''World ov Worms'' (2001)
1. Hammer Revelation
2. Deduced to Overkill
3. Chaos Deathcult
4. Storm Detonation
5. Zycloned
6. Terrordrome
7. Worm World
8. Transcendental War: Battle Between Gods


Album: ''Aeon'' (2003)
1. Psyklon Aeon
2. Core Solution
3. Subtle Manipulation
4. Two Thousand Years
5. No Names Above the Names
6. The Prophetic Method
7. Specimen Eruption
8. Electric Current
9. An Eclectic Manner

Zyklon/Red Harvest

Album: ''Zyklon/Red Harvest'' (2003 Split)
1. Storm Detonation
2. Re-Hammer-Mix


Album: ''Disintegrate'' (2006)
1. In Hindsight
2. Disintegrate
3. Ways of the World
4. Subversive Faith
5. Cold Grave
6. Vile Ritual
7. Underdog
8. Wrenched
9. Vulture
10. Skinned and Endangered

Storm Detonation Live

Album: ''Storm Detonation Live'' (2006 DVD)
1. Psyklon Aeon (Music Video)
2. Core Solution (Music Video)
3. Core Solution (Live)
4. Worm World (Live)
5. Subtle Manipulation (Live)
6. Transcendental War (Live)
7. Psyklon Aeon (Live)
8. Two Thousand Years (Live)
9. Deduced To Overkill (Live)
10. The Prophetic Method (Live)
11. Hammer Revelation (Live)



Zyklon is a Norwegian industrial death metal/blackened death metal band formed in 1998 by members of Norwegian black metal band Emperor (Samoth and Trym), and today have members of Myrkskog (Secthdamon and Destructhor) as well. The band was created in order to make up for the fact that Emperor were no longer playing live.

Despite Samoth being in a previous project called Zyklon-B, the two are not related; while Zyklon-B is the cyanide based gas notoriously used by the Nazi's in WW2 to kill more than 1 million people in concentration camps throughout Germany, Zyklon is, according to Samoth, a play on the word "cyclone".

All of the band's lyrics are written by ex-Emperor drummer Faust who is currently a member of Casey Chaos's (Amen) side project Scum and Italian industrial black metal band Aborym. Most of the lyrics revolve around themes like anti-religion, misanthropy and philosophy.

Zyklon's debut album, entitled World ov Worms, was quite similar to that of Destructhor's band Myrkskog's album Deathmachine. The album is made up of extremely fast riffing and blast beats aided by the vocals of Daemon and lyrics written by Faust. However, after this release, Zyklon changed. Secthdamon was brought to replace Cosmocrator, and Daemon was replaced by Secthdamon, even though Secthdamon had been drumming for Myrkskog. At this point the official line-up was Samoth, Trym Torson, Destructhor, and Secthdamon.

Zyklon's second album, Aeon, exposed the band to more media attention. The production is much more clear, with the possible exception of An Eclectic Manner, which was produced with the cloudy and visualizing effect that is reminiscent of Emperor, in order to create a more melodic yet insidious atmosphere. Videos were made for two tracks, Core Solution and Psyklon Aeon.

The band's third effort, Disintegrate, was released on May 15, 2006 to great critical acclaim. Clocking at 45:06, Disintegrate is Zyklon's longest album, and was recorded in November - December 2005 at the "Akkerhaugen Lydstudio", in Norway.

* Secthdamon - Vocals, Bass - (Myrkskog, Odium, Emperor (Live Bass))
* Samoth - Guitar - (Emperor, Zyklon-B, ex-Arcturus, ex-Satyricon (Session bass), ex-Gorgoroth (Session bass), ex-Thou Shalt Suffer, ex-Burzum (Session), ex-Ildjarn (session), Scum)
* Destructhor - Guitar - (Myrkskog)
* Trym - Drums - (Emperor, ex-Enslaved, ex-Imperium, ex-Tartaros, Shadow Season, Paganize)

* Faust - Lyrics - (ex-Emperor, ex-Thorns/Stigma diabolicum, Aborym, Scum, ex-Impostor/Death Fuck, Blood Tsunami)

Former members:
* Daemon - Vocals on World ov Worms - (Limbonic Art, Sarcoma Inc.)
* Cosmocrator - Live Bass - (MindGrinder, Source of Tide, ex-Windir (session clean vocals), Scum)


Studio releases:
2001 - World ov Worms
2003 - Aeon
2006 - Disintegrate

Split Releases:
2003 - Zyklon/Red Harvest (7" EP limited to 1000 copies)

2006 - Storm Detonation Live

Industrial Death/Black Metal

Anti-Religion, Misanthropy, Philosophy

Norway (Notodden), formed in 1998

Candlelight Records

On hold

Secthdamon ("Odd" Tony Ingebrigtsen) - Vocals/Bass (Myrkskog, Odium (Nor), Emperor (Live Bass), Kill All)
Samoth (Tomas Thormodsæter Haugen) - Guitars (Emperor, Zyklon-B (Nor), Arcturus (Nor), Satyricon, ex-Gorgoroth, Thou Shalt Suffer, Embryonic, ex-session for Burzum, Ildjarn, Scum (Nor), Xerasia)
Destructhor (Thor Anders Myhren) - Guitars (Myrkskog)
Trym Torson (Kai Johnny Mosaker) - Drums (Emperor, Tartaros (Nor), Enslaved (Nor), Imperium (Nor), Shadow Season, Paganize, Ceremony)

Daemon (Vidar Jensen) - Vocals up to 'World Ov Worms' (Limbonic Art, Sarcoma Inc.)
Cosmocrator - Live Bass (Mindgrinder, Source of Tide, Windir, Scum (Nor))


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