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From Over Yonder

Album: ''From Over Yonder'' (1988)
1. The Spell From Over Yonder
2. The Flying Dutchman
3. Zed Yago
4. Queen And Priest
5. Revenge
6. United Pirate Kingdom
7. Stay The Course
8. Rebel Ladies
9. Rockin' For The Nation


Album: ''Pilgrimage'' (1989)
1. Pilgrim's Choir
2. Pilgrimage
3. The Fear of Death
4. Pioneer of the Storm
5. Black Bone Song
6. Rose of Martyrdom
7. The Man Who Stole the Holy Fire
8. Achilles Heel
9. The Pale Man
10. Omega Child
11. Fallen Angel

Black Bone Song

Album: ''Black Bone Song'' (1989 EP)
1. Black Bone Song
2. Zed Yago
3. Rocking for the Nation

Album: ''Black Bone Song / Zed Yago'' (1989 Single)
1. Black Bone Song (Nautical Edit)
2. Zed Yago

...From The Twilight Zone

Album: ''...From The Twilight Zone'' (2002 Best of/Compilation)
1. Zed Yago (Live)
2. Merlin
3. Black Bone Song
4. King Arthur
5. United Pirate Kingdom
6. Fear Of Death
7. The Pale Man
8. Waiting For The Wind (demo)
9. Pioneer Of The Storm
10. Stay The Course - Part II (drum solo)
11. Rebel Ladies - Part II (Live)
12. Black Bone Song (video track)

The Invisible Guide

Album: ''The Invisible Guide'' (2005)
1. Warrior of Fantasy
2. If I Close my Eyes Forever
3. The Invisible Guide
4. Custer
5. The Fear in your Eyes
6. Heaven or Hell
7. You can't Bring me Down
8. Seven Seas
9. To the Top of the Mountain
10. Sir Francis
11. Fire

Live - The 20th anniversary of Zed Yago

Album: ''Live - The 20th anniversary of Zed Yago'' (2006 Live album)
1. End Of The World
2. Merlin
3. Valley Of The King
4. Stay The Course
5. Warrior Of Fantasy
6. Black Bone Song
7. Fear Of Death
8. Custer
9. Sir Francis
10. If I Close My Eyes Forever

zed yago


Zed Yago is a german metal-band which has been founded in 1985. Jutta Weinhold debuted as Vocalist in 1988 on the album "From Over Yonder".

Besides Worlock they have been the first heavy-metal-band with a female singer. Their first album was top album of the month in the music magazine "Metal Hammer".

After their second album "Pilgrimage" Zed Yago disbanded in 1989 due to being unsuccessfull.

Jutta Weinhold started the Band "Velvet Viper" and later on had her own solo-album in 1993.

In 1997 Jimmy Dumand (Guitar) revived the band together with his wife Yvonne Durand and Bubi Reinholdt (Drums), so they could play on Wacken 1997.

The new formation put out their first album "The Invisible Guide" in 2005.

Heavy Metal

Germany (Hamburg), formed in 1985

SPV / Steamhammer


Yvonne Durand - Vocals
Jimmy Durand - Guitars
Carsten "C. Shark" Meyer - Bass (Crystal Shark)
Jörg Cassel - Drums
Hansi Kecker - Keyboards

Jutta Weinhold - Vocals (Breslau, Velvet Viper, guest in Metalium (Ger))
Gunnar - Guitars
Tach - Bass
Bubi The Schmied (Claus Reinholdt) - Drums (Velvet Viper)
Uwe Seeman - Bass


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