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Perpetual Black Force

Album: ''Perpetual Black Force'' (2003)
1. Echoes In Eternity
2. Reverence To Myself
3. Vulgus Necare
4. Cosmic Black
5. Mass Execution
6. My Pandemonium
7. Way of the Creator
8. Dynasty of the Eternal Ones
9. Of Destroyers and Despisers


Album: ''Contempt'' (2005 EP)
1. Slave Morality
2. Become Eternal
3. Master Morality
4. Of Serpents And Swords

In Hora Mortis

Album: ''In Hora Mortis'' (2006)
1. Periculum Mortis
2. Souls Ejaculation
3. Embrace Your Insanity
4. Salvation from Being
5. Crown of Creation
6. Odem
7. Towards Perdition



The Beginning
Zarathustra was formed in summer 1996 to celebrate pure traditional Black Metal. The bandname goes back to F. Nietzsche, author of "Antichrist" & "Thus spake Zarathustra". The past founder members were Alastor (vocals), Mersus (drums), Manox (lead guitar) and Disruptor (guitar).
F.T. joined the ranks on bass in autumn 1997. Shortly after, the first demo "Black perverted aggression" was recorded. In November 1998 the second demo "Heroic Zarathustrian Heresy" was unleashed and in 2000 the first album "Dogma Antichrist" followed.

The Rebound
After several line-up changes, in January 2003 Zarathustra was in the studio to record three new songs, whereof two were released on the 7" EP "Nihilistic Terror", which among other things contains a cover-song from the Australian legend Hobbs Angel of Death.
End of 2003 the second full-length album "Perpetual Black Force" was recorded and marked a new era for the band.
After F.T.´s discharge out of the band in the end of 2004, Desecrator joined the position on bass. Shortly after, beg. of 2005, 5 new songs (incl. a cover-version of German Black Metal veterans Poison) of dark, atmospheric and traditional Black Metal were perpetuated in the unholy chambers of Necromorbus Studio in Sweden for the latest release of the mini-album "Contempt" plus two additional tracks for an upcoming 7" EP.

The Pact
Since March 2006 Zarathustra made a pact with the devil in the form of Agonia Records for two albums. The third full-length album is going to be recorded in May 2006 in Necromorbus Studio.

Black Metal

Anti-Christianity, Nihilism

Germany (Solingen), formed in 1996

Agonia Records


Mersus - Drums (also in Deströyer 666, Homicide (Ger), ex-Old (Ger))
Kerberos - Lead Guitars
Hurricane (Dennis Freiberger) - Vocals (from 2001)

Manox - Lead Guitars
Mentor - Session Guitars (also in Homicide (Ger), ex-Dark Before Dawn)
Alastor - Vocals (left in 2000)
Disruptor - Guitars (left in 2001)
F.T. - Bass (Goat of Mendes)
Desecrator - Bass (Homicide (Ger), Wahn)
Massacre Ghoul - Guitars (2002-2006)


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