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Album: ''Awakening of the Knights'' (1993 Demo)
1. The Waters of Egura Stir
2. Summoning of the Warriors (Ascending the Unlit Chambers)
3. Flight to Ashariludu
4. The Sixth Gate Shines No More


Album: ''Shakugu's Genesis'' (1994 Demo)
1. Of Blood & Stone...
2. Gathering the Serpentines of Gid
3. Akakharu

Album: ''Ishkur Egishnugal'' (1995 Demo)
1. Enki Adu En I: Invocat Rectificando
2. I. Ishkur Egishnugal Harsag Zalazalag
3. II. Ishkur Egishnugal Ashariludu

Shurpu Asaru

Album: ''Shurpu Asaru'' (2000 Best of/Compilation)
1. The Waters of Egura Stir
2. Summoning of the Warriors (Ascending the Unlit Chambers)
3. Flight to Ashariludu
4. The Sixth Gate Shines No More
5. Of Blood and Stone...
6. Gathering the Serpentines of Gid
7. Akakharu
8. Enki Adu En I, Invokat Rectificando
9. I. Ishkur Egishnugal Harsag Zalazalag
10. II. Ishkur Egishnugal Ashariludu
11. Apsu: Gitmalu Sinnu Nagiru Suluppu Ma Nanna
12. Maklu Ina Shi Abnu, Asaru: Eribu, Ningishzidda
13. Ina Margidda: Ningishzidda Sanu Ina Mu Mummu Absu
14. Soul Satan *



Yamatu was conceived beneath the wings of Tliamat at no specific location in the course of events. Its manifestation acts as a tool utilized by its creator, Michael Riddick (Dalkhu Zilittu). The title, 'yamatu,' was adopted in the year MCMLXCV proceeding the establishment of its first awakening. Following this becoming, the title remained by standards imposed naturally within the underground music network (of dark-occult-black metal).

Yamatu is a manifestation and dedication to the coming into being of Dalkhu Zilittu. The musical spells of fire and blood are scripted under the powers of this being. The conjurings of Yamatu are an artful and creative communication focused on the emotions and experiences of Dalkhu Zilittu. In turn, these spells are offered up to human and non-human minds so as to externally influence and inculcate Yamatu's personal spiritual atmospheres upon those who desire a taste of immortal blood. The music is a congregation of effects, notes, and sounds weaved together in a ritual of complexities (consisting of thoughts, dreams, journeys, and emotional climates) focused upon thy citadel of serpentines. The music is a ritual of power that recognizes and shapes one's being in manners that are not commonplace to experience. Its spell effects, in similar ways, those who can ascribe and relate to the themes therein. The lyrical aspect of Yamatu is a creative process and completion that inspires, directs, and communicates the powers invested in Yamatu by the bloodstone: Asaru (a stone that is not a stone -- an eye, opening and closing upon the infinite throne of chaos). Penning in grand lyrical flight allows Dalkhu Zilittu to become lord over Yamatu's own aesthetic conception and design.

Yamatu compromises an intersting blend between Egyptian and Sumer-Akkadian mythic images, concepts, and pantheons (in accordance with additional occult concepts and systems). This entails the creation of a rather obscure symbolic structure that becomes quite complex and esoteric. The imagery and systems involved with Yamatu are utilized only as a conglomerative essence for Dalkhu Zilittu alone. Others may fall privy to such systems, but it should be realized that there is no adamant 'religious' overtone to the work herein. These creations are meaningful to only to Dalkhu Zilittu. Thus. the system involved varies and evolves as the progression of time persits.

Due to the sanctity of Yamatu to its creator, Yamatu has only been introduced to selected listeners. This passion shall continue, but hopefully under the medium and format of mini-Cds. This musical format will allow greater ease of listening and higher quality packaging; hence, permitting greater artistic atmospheres to be invoked. Yamatu will always be focused on personal gratification by way of the creative process, shunning any and all political and/or monetary motifs. Yamatu shall always stand as an uninhibited reflection of Dalkhu Zilittu.

Black Metal

Sumerian mythology

United States of America (Herndon, Virginia), formed in 1993

Baphomet Records


Michael "Dalkhu Zilittu" Riddick all instruments & vocals (The Soil Bleeds Black, Equimanthorn (US) , Excrescent, Moonroot, Repugnant (US), Unearthed, Hexentanz, Delights of Dionysus, Dawn Desiree, Endpoint, Dragowynd)


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