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Kill The Sun

Album: ''Kill The Sun'' (2001 EP)
1. Mermaids (Child Of The Blue)
2. Kill The Sun
3. She´s Nirvana
4. Casablanca
5. So You Disappear


Album: ''Eversleeping'' (2004 Single)
1. Eversleeping (Single Version)
2. Drown in Me
3. Pure *
4. So Sweet
5. Eversleeping (Album Version)
6. Eversleeping (Videotrack) *


Album: ''Ravenheart'' (2004 Single)
1. Ravenheart
2. Too Close To Breath
3. Ravenheart (Orchestral Version)


Album: ''India'' (2005)
1. India
2. Now and Forever
3. In Love With The Darkness
4. Fight Me
5. Black & Silver
6. Like A Rose On The Grave Of Love
7. Widescreen
8. The End Of Every Story
9. Who We Are
10. Dancer
11. Winterhearted
12. Return To India

In Love With The Darkness

Album: ''In Love With The Darkness'' (2005 Single)
1. In Love With The Darkness
2. Widescreen

Salomé - The Seventh Veil

Album: ''Salomé - The Seventh Veil'' (2007)
1. Save My Life
2. Vampire
3. Beware
4. Emotional Man
5. Salomé
6. Only For The Stars In Your Eyes
7. Firestorm
8. A New Age
9. The Wind And The Ocean
10. Sisters Of The Light
11. Sleeping Dogs Lie
12. On My Way

Album: ''Save My Life'' (2007 Single)
1. Save My Life
2. Vampire



Xandria is a band, founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in 2000. The band's music combines elements of doom metal and symphonic metal.

2003: Kill The Sun
2004: Ravenheart
2005: India
2007: Salomé - The Seventh Veil

Lisa, Marco, Gerit, Philip and Nils unify modern rock with mystic soundscapes into a soundtrack of a different, really characteristic world. In Xandria's world, everyone is allowed to be as vulnerable as strong, to show feelings and to live all beautiful dreams which seem forbidden in the cold reality. "We want to give our audience courage - on their way back to everyday-life - to manage to also there stand for their feelings and to be strong enough to get through all pains and obstacles."

After various demos and great success on different MP3 portals, they released their first album in 2003, entitled Kill the Sun, which reached #98 on the German music charts. The follow-up album, Ravenheart (2004), stayed on the charts for 7 weeks, reaching #36. In 2005 they released their third album India, which is more oriented to the symphonic metal.

Starting December 14th, 2006 Xandria began recording their fourth album, Salomé - The Seventh Veil, which was released on May 25th, 2007.

The female vocalist and pianist is Lisa Middelhauve.

Marco Heubaum - Guitar, Keyboard
Gerit - Drums
Philip Restemeier - Guitar
Nils Middelhauve - Bass Guitar

Gothic Metal

Inner struggles, deep feelings

Germany (Bielefeld), formed in 2000

Drakkar Productions


Marco Heubaum: vocals, guitar, keys
Lisa Schaphaus-Middelhauve: vocals
Philip Restermeier: guitars
Nils Middelhauve: bass (Mind Masque, Avelon)
Gerit Lamm: drums

Roland Krueger: Bass (January 1999 - January 2004)
Andreas Maske: Guitar (September 2000 - November 2001)


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