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Album: ''Days Of Thunder'' (1987 Demo)
1. Hell's Gates
2. Candy From A Madman
3. Climbin' The Walls
4. Days Of The Thunder


Album: ''Climbin' The Walls'' (1989)
1. Climbin' The Walls
2. Hell's Gates
3. No Deposit, No Return
4. Hernia
5. London After Midnight
6. Candy From A Madman
7. Silent Darkness (Smothered Life)
8. Time (Pink Floyd Cover)
9. Day Of The Thunder


Album: ''Demo'' (1989 Demo)
1. Climin' the Walls
2. Candy from a Madman


Album: ''3-D'' (1991)
1. 3-D Man
2. Spy
3. Gentleman Death
4. Forever Alone
5. Draintime
6. Surrounded By Idiots
7. Desert Grins
8. What's Your Pleasure?
9. Prego
10. Another Nameless Face
11. //
12. I Ain't Drunk, I'm Just Drinkin' (Bonus track)

wrathchild america


The band was formed in Baltimore, Maryland in (March 1983).

If you ever start a band that builds up a huge reputation based on local live shows and constant touring, let Wrathchild America be a lesson for you. The band was legendary in the mid to late 80's in the Maryland area when they were known simply as Wrathchild. After years of touring, playing gigs, and hard work, the band finally was signed to a major label with all the goodies (y'know, getting your record into smaller markets). However, some British glam band with the same name sued and forced the delay of the debut release. Though the band amended their name by adding America, it was their first huge mistake. They should have just found another moniker and gotten their product out in '88 when the genre was much stronger and could have used an album such as this to kick in the proverbial behind. By the time W.A. had this out, the entire thrash genre was falling to its eventual demise and they had missed the boat. Their subsequent release was far too late and was widely ignored. Even after the band changed their name to Souls at Zero and revamped their stylistic approach, the day had passed on an immensely talented and popular band who should have taken the world by storm.

Oh, about this album. It's pretty cheesy lyrically, but the music is exceptional throughout. "Silent Darkness (Smothered Life)" is creepy, their cover of Pink Floyd's "Time" is very good, and "No Deposit, No Return" contains enough energy to satisfy any fan. A worthwhile album to check out if you're into the late 80's thrash scene.

Jay Abenne: According to a posting on Tartarean Desire, former TOXIK drummer Tad Leger has launched a brand new project called LUCERTOLA (Italian for "lizard"). The group's musical style is said to be a blend of Leger's biggest influences: doom, old VOIVOD and Italian horror soundtracks (Goblin, Fabio Frizzi). Tad started out recording both guitar and drums himself, but was joined by his old BLACKENED SKY bandmate Andy Abbene and his brother Jay Abbene (WRATHCHILD AMERICA, SOULS AT ZERO) in early December 2005.

Terry Carter: [1]

Drummer Shannon Larkin has also played with Black Sabbath, Amen, Ugly Kid Joe, and Godsmack. Shannon also play in Kiddie Porn with Jay Abenne.

Thrash, Heavy Metal

United States of America (Baltimore, MD.), formed in 1985


Changed name

Brad Divens - Vocals, Bass (Kix)
Jay Abbene - Guitars (Souls At Zero, ex-Crowbar)
Terry Carter - Guitar, Vocals
Shannon Larkin - Drums, Vocals (ex-Black Sabbath, ex-Souls at Zero, Ugly Kid Joe, Amen, Godsmack, ex-Glenn Tipton)


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