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Wizard of Black Winds

Album: ''Wizard of Black Winds'' (2001 Demo)
1. The return of ancient warriors ( intro )
2. Battle against humanity
3. Reborn through the spheres of chaos
4. Prophecy of Armageddon
5. Wizard of black winds
6. Transilvanian hunger (Darkthrone Cover)

Cold Inside

Album: ''Cold Inside'' (2004)
1. Join the Legions
2. Moonfields
3. Wizard of Black Winds
4. To the Cold Void of Time
5. Led by Blazing Eyes
6. In his Name, for his Glory
7. Cold Inside


Wolfthorn was founded by Thurlokh ( bass, vocals and drum programming ) in the year of bastard 2001. Some time later Lord Istraphagor ( Wintergate / Eternal Blasphemy ) joined on session guitars. The first piece of black hate namely "Wizard of black winds" saw the Darkness of this world in September 2001. During winter 2001 / 2002 Wolfthorn unleashed its second curse as a split demo with Istraphagors band Wintergate. In February of the y.o.b. 2002 Lord Istraphagor was moved from the "band" and Thurlokh continued alone playing everything himself. Later the same year Wolfthorn recorded its debut MLP called "Spiritual Supremacy". 3 Tracks of this recording have been used for a very limited promo tape, which summoned forth an unholy Union with German N:C:U and later also with Iberian Arcane Throne Productions. "Spiritual Supremacy" has finally seen the Darkness of this world in the year of bastard 2003 as a limited tape ( N:C:U ) and a MCD ( Arcane Throne Prod.). After that Total Holocaust Records from Sweden re-issued the first Wolfthorn demo together with the material from the Split with Wintergate under the titel "Battle against humanity". This tape was limited to 150 handnumbered copies only and sold out very quickly. The following year has become a nightmare for Wolfthorn and the result of it was a horrible beast called "Cold Inside". The unclean N:C:U showed interest to release this piece of life negation as a limited tape edition again and so the pact was renewed. The tape came out in Summer 2004. Short time after that Thurlokh signed a contract to the Italian Label Behemoth Productions for the release of the CD version of "Cold Inside" which comes with 3 Bonustracks taken from previously unreleased rehearsal tape recorded in September 2002.

Black Metal

Darkness, Misanthropy, Satanism

Germany (Nuremberg), formed in 2001

Behemoth Productions


Thurlokh - Vocals
Lord Istraphagor - Guitar (Wintergate, Freitod (Ger))
Aer - Bass
L'Hiver - Drums


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