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Live Fast Die Fast

Album: ''Live Fast Die Fast'' (1989)
1. Manhunt
2. Shakin`
3. Killing Machine
4. Fell Out Of Heaven
5. Money To Burn
6. Greasy
7. I Like It Hot
8. All Or Nothing
9. Tears From A Fool
10. Pretty Baby


Album: ''Shakin''' (1989 EP)
1. Shakin`
2. Brando
3. Angel
4. Money To Burn

Wolfsbane (promo)

Album: ''Wolfsbane (promo)'' (1989 Single)
1. Money to Burn
2. Shakin'
3. Killing Machine

All Hell

Album: ''All Hell's Breaking Loose Down at Little Kathy Wilson's Place'' (1990 EP)
1. Steel
2. Paint The Town Red
3. Loco
4. Hey Babe
5. Totally Nude
6. Kathy Wilson

Down Fall the Good Guys

Album: ''Down Fall the Good Guys'' (1991)
1. Smashed And Blind
2. You Load Me Down
3. Ezy
4. Black Lagoon
5. Broken Doll
6. Twice As Mean
7. Cathode Ray Clinic
8. The Loveless
9. After Midnight
10. Temple Of Rock
11. Moonlight
12. Dead At Last


Album: ''Ezy'' (1991 EP)
1. Ezy
2. Black Lagoon
3. Load Me Down
4. Dead At Last

I Like It Hot

Album: ''I Like It Hot'' (1991 EP)
1. I Like It Hot
2. Limousine (live)
3. Loco (live)
4. Manhunt (live)

After Midnight

Album: ''After Midnight'' (1992 EP)
1. After Midnight
2. Idol
3. Win Or Lose
4. Hey Babe (Acoustic)

Massive Noise Injection

Album: ''Massive Noise Injection'' (1993 Live album)
1. Protect And Survive
2. You Load Me Down
3. Black Lagoon
4. Rope And Ride
5. Kathy Wilson
6. Loco
7. End Of The Century
8. Steel
9. Temple Of Rock
10. Manhunt
11. Money To Burn
12. Paint The Town Red
13. Wild Thing



Cult Tamworth, UK rockers. Before the release of their first album they were highly regarded live performers, but their first album saw little commerical success, oft-attributed to the very flat production. Their later albums saw more favourable press, with their live album Massive Noise Injection being well received. They split up when their singer Blaze Bayley left to join Iron Maiden.

Traditional Metal

Sex and rock

United Kingdom (Tamworth), formed in 1984

Bronze Records


"Blaze" Bayley Cook - Vocals (Blaze (UK), ex-Iron Maiden)
Jase Edwards - Guitars
Jeff Hately - Bass
Steve "Danger" Elliott - Drums


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